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Moving Forward

Once the disaster is over, much of your life may have to be reconstructed. From dealing with your home to finding important documents, here are some resources to help you get started. consolidates information about federally funded government assistance to disaster victims. You can apply for FEMA individual assistance and Small Business Administration loans through a single online application.

From the Internal Revenue Service, Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief for Individuals and Businesses

Your Home. Is your home safe to enter? How do you get financial assistance? How do you salvage your possessions?

Your Children & Schools. Resources designed specifically for those who have or work with children.

Your Business or Farm. Resources to get financial help to get your business or farm up and running.

Your Finances & Job. Information on how to apply for aid and loans as well as banking and tax resources.

Your Health. Physical and mental health resources to help you recover from the disaster.

Your Official Documents. Links to get your documents replaced plus how to protect yourself from fraud.

You can also find community support in our local resources section including links to state and local resources as well as non-profits in your area.