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FEMA Disaster Medical Assistance Team members have set up a temporary emergency room outside of the the JFK Medical Center
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Next Joint DMIS/OPEN SIG Presentation:
Weds., January 21st @ 12:00 Noon EST Topic: National Incident Management System (NIMS) Supporting Technology Evaluation Program (STEP)

OPEN SIG Archive: Download the "Architectural Concept for Next Generation DMIS Tools and OPEN Web Services".

January 2009: OASIS Members Approve Emergency Data Exchange Standards

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DMIS Tools OPEN Web Services HazCollect

DMIS Tools is of interest to public safety managers and responders interested in available information technologies to share information and collaborate with other disciplines / jurisdictions to improve effectiveness before and during incident response / recovery operations.

Open Platform for Emergency Networks (OPEN) utilizes a common network to distribute OASIS standards-compliant messages for developers of government or commercial software products that support incident response and recovery.

HazCollect is a cooperative effort between the Disaster Management program and the National Weather Service to automate warning dissemination and of interest to government officials responsible for issuing public warnings.