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Transition to HSIN

In the Spring of 2007, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began transitioning the restricted portion of the (DHelp) web portal onto the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) website as part of a larger rationalization effort. The DisasterHelp Transition Team has continuously communicated developments regarding the move to DHelp users and administrators and we have greatly appreciated the positive responses and favorable interaction with the DHelp community.

As stated would happen in the latest announcements sent to DHelp administrators, the transition officially became effective October 1st, at which point the restricted portion of the ceased operating. In our Sept 9th email, we indicated that administrators who provided the requested information by August 24th would have their data transferred and their user communities would be invited to register with HSIN prior to October 1st. For most respondents, this has already occurred, or the transition is in its final stages. In keeping with our desire to retain services for those users interested, but who did not respond by August 24th, we will retain your content (until Feb 1st, 2008) and be ready to help you reestablish your community within the HSIN environment.

The HSIN Program Office welcomes its newest members and looks forward to helping them expand relationships with the disaster and emergency management communities accessible via HSIN. While this will be the final message sent to DHelp administrators regarding the transition, new DHelp/HSIN users should look forward to further communications from within HSIN, as users are integrated into their new environment.