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  FDA Heart Health Online --  Your Source for FDA Information about Living with Cardiovascular Disease.

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Welcome to FDA's
Heart Health Online

This Web site gives you reliable information about the products used to prevent, diagnose, and treat cardiovascular disease. It includes full descriptions and patient instructions for many medications, medical devices, and diagnostic tests for cardiovascular disease.

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FDA Analysis Shows Cholesterol Lowering Medications Do Not Increase the Risk of "Lou Gehrig's Disease"
FDA Approves Use of Temporary Pump to Assist Heart's Right Side
FDA Licenses Drug to Prevent Joint Damage in Children with Hemophilia A
FDA Licenses for Marketing New Therapy for Rare Genetic Disease
FDA Issues Warning Letters to Bayer HealthCare for Illegally Marketing Two Unapproved Drugs
FDA Approves Drug that Boosts Stem Cell Yield for Bone Marrow Transplants
FDA Approves First Imaging Agent to Enhance Scans of Blood Flow
FDA Approves First Nucleic Acid Test to Screen for Additional Types of HIV in Donated Blood and Tissue
FDA Issues Update to Safety Review on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
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Updated January 14, 2009

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