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Put asthma treatment guidelines in the palm of your hand…

Image of a PDAA succinct and practical point-of-care reference to the full NAEPP Expert Panel Report 2: Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma is now available for download and use on Palm OS devices.

Contents include:

  • Initial Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Control of Contributing Factors
  • Pharmacologic Treatment
  • Treatment of Exacerbations
  • Medication Dosages
  • Patient Education

Last update: 8/00

Instructions for downloading:

Please note: Applications may be incompatible with the Tungsten T5.

  1. To read the NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines the TealInfo shareware reader software must be installed on your Palm OS device. The TealInfo reader is a "shareware" program. You may download a free 30-day demo version to view the Guidelines on your Palm OS device. The demo version expires after 30 days. You must pay the shareware price if you wish to continue using the program. You must have TealInfo to use the Guidelines on your PDA.

    Go to the TealInfo Reader download page to get the program if you do not have it. This page has complete information about acquiring the program. You are encouraged to register so you can receive updates and upgrades to the product. Scroll down to the download button, and follow the instructions for downloading, unzipping, and installing TealInfo on your Palm OS device. TealInfo's reader can be downloaded here.

  2. Download the NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines file here.
  3. Follow the instructions that came with your Palm OS device to install the file onto your handheld device.

"Beam" the NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines to a colleague. (The Beambox shareware program required. Download it here).

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We want your feedback. Let us know what you like and don't like about the NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines for Palm OS, and suggest other programs you'd like to see from the NHLBI. Email us.

The NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines for Palm OS is intended as a point-of-care reference to the full Expert Panel Report and the Practical Guide. Clinicians should be thoroughly familiar with these reports before using this reference tool in patient care.

The NHLBI/NAEPP Guidelines for Palm OS is in the public domain and may be freely reproduced and distributed. However, the Guidelines may not be altered in any way. Please credit the NHLBI whenever reproducing this program. Use of this program does not constitute endorsement of any commercial software products by the NHLBI or NIH.


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