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Tips for Searching

  • When  you enter text in a search box on this Web site, the default search is for an exact match for the text you entered.  

  • Search results  are ranked in order of relevance.  Factors include the number of times the search term appears in the document, the number of words in the document, and, if you use the search methods listed below, how close the words are together.

  • To broaden your search, or if you want to enter queries using natural language, check the box that says Use Free Text Query  

    With free text queries, you can enter any text you want, from a proper question, to a string of words and phrases.  Note that when you're using free text queries, the regular query language features are disabled and keywords such as AND, OR, and NEAR are interpreted as normal words.

  • You can use AND, OR, NEAR, and AND NOT  to search for very specific combinations of words and phrases.  Put quotes around "search phrases" in combinations.

    For example:

    • cancer AND surgery

    • diabetes OR high blood pressure

    • "cancer treatment" NEAR chemotherapy

    • "heart disease" AND NOT "blood pressure"

  • You can also search for all forms of a word. For example, in the form type sink** to find sink, sinking, sank, and sunk.


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