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Innovation in Effective Compassion

Results and Outcomes Associated with the Faith-Based and Community Initiative

The FBCI signifies a shift in the way government works to address human needs, moving away from large, impersonal programs and toward innovative solutions built within local communities. These innovative programs aim to provide services that are personal, compassionate, and in the spirit of neighbor serving neighbor.  They are designed to enable Federal and State government to partner with faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs), capitalizing on their strengths and knowledge of their communities and clients and building their capacity to compassionately meet the needs of their communities.

This Web site serves as a clearinghouse for the results of the FBCI as well as research, evaluation, and replicable models resulting from the implementation of the FBCI across the Federal government and within communities.

The six sections comprising this site represent the interdependent parts of a strategy taking root at the local, State, Federal, and international levels. Together, they capture the innovations transforming government, strengthening faith-based and community nonprofits, and improving millions of lives across America and around the world.

Background of the FBCIpresidential speeches and actions, reports from FBCI Compassion in Action Roundtables, and other documents, including the regulations implemented by the FBCI.

Transforming Governmentactions taken to expand partnerships between government and grassroots nonprofit organizations, and the steps taken to secure a level playing field for FBCOs.

Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector—capacity-building efforts for FBCOs undertaken since 2001, such as capacity-building grant programs and innovative technology-based resources accessible to nonprofits worldwide.

Changing Lives—a comprehensive description of the impact of the FBCI on human lives, highlighting top programs and results that represent the FBCI vision at work across America and beyond.

Taking Root in States and Cities—examples of how state and city leadership throughout America are embracing the FBCI vision as a practical way to engage real-world problems.

Research and Resources—a searchable database of research and resources released since 2001, as well as evaluations that track the results of the FBCI, resources developed to aid nonprofits, and new research released at the 2008 Innovation in Effective Compassion Conference.

Visit http://www.fbci.gov for more information about Faith-Based and Community Initiative

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Targeting Human Needs

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