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Welcome to, the official website of the Federal Government's telework program.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA) have established this interagency website to provide easy access to information about telework in the Federal Government.

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You can navigate the site from the Main Page by audience group; with information and links highlighted especially for Federal employees, managers, and agency telework coordinators.

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You may also wish to go directly to Quick Links from the main page – FAQs, Telework Centers, Training, and Find My Coordinator.

The site design universal features include top navigation, a search function, and a footer which you'll find on all the pages:

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If you know exactly what you are looking for – perhaps the latest telework report, or information about legislation addressing telework in the Federal Government – you can access information directly through the Top Navigation and, on the secondary pages, through the Left Navigation as well.

Our FAQs are fully searchable and can also be sorted by audience. In addition, users who do not find the information they need can submit questions through a simple online form.

External Links

While viewing content on this site you will sometimes encounter links to pages and organizations. Please note that the presence of external hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by, its employees, or contractors, of such external websites or the information contained therein.

Since incorporates guidance from both OPM and GSA, some links may lead directly to the OPM or GSA website. To return to from those pages simply use the "back" button on your browser's toolbar.

Browser Specifications

This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 7+, Mozilla and/or Firefox. We have done our best to make sure the site looks the same in every browser but older browsers like Netscape 4+ may render differently. Even though the site may look different in Netscape 4+ and older browsers, it will contain the same information.

Viewing Our Pages

The website allows you to change the text size through standard browser settings. You may do so by selecting the "View" menu item on top of your browser:

  • Internet Explorer: View > Text Size > Larger
  • Firefox/Netscape: View > Text Size > Increase

This may not work on some older web pages with "hard-coded" or "absolute" text sizes. To override these settings in Internet Explorer go to:

  1. Menu items: Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select Accessibility button on the bottom
  3. Check the following:
    [/] Ignore colors specified on Web pages
    [/] Ignore font styles specified on Web pages
    [/] Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages

Firefox should still allow text resizing even if the web page is not coded for such flexibility.

Printing Our Pages

If you print web pages from our site you will notice that the printed page looks different than it did when you were viewing it in your browser. This is because we've optimized our site print function to:

  • ensure that no page content is clipped by the printer margins
  • provide the entire URL of the page in the event that the URL is longer than can be handled by your printer settings
  • maintain only the content of the page without images, backgrounds, and styles used for layout purposes.

NOTE: Netscape 4+ users will not see these changes and could potentially experience content clipping when printing.


Don’t hesitate to tell us how we are doing.  We rely on your feedback to help develop this site, so if you have any comments or suggestions for us, please let us know. We want to hear what we've done right and what else we need to do to better serve you.