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Videotapes of Partnerships for Health in the New Millennium: Launching Healthy People 2010 Conference

Washington, D.C., January 24-28, 2000
Videotapes are now available of the official launch of Healthy People 2010 and other selected conference sessions. You may order videotapes by mail or fax. All videotapes are VHS. The cost-recovery fee, which includes shipping and handling, is $12.50 per tape. Selected conference sessions are available online at

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PLENARY SESSIONS (60-120 minutes each)
Image of Checkbox B0076 Welcome Reception
Speakers: Randolph F. Wykoff, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health (Disease Prevention and Health Promotion), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); David Satcher, Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General, HHS; Bill Frist, Senator, Tennessee; Bill Cosby, Actor.
Image of Checkbox B0077 Opening Session: Launch of Healthy People 2010
Speakers: Randolph F. Wykoff, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health (Disease Prevention and Health Promotion), HHS; Donna Shalala, Secretary, HHS; Louis Sullivan, President, Morehouse School of Medicine and former Secretary, HHS; Julius Richmond, MacArthur Professor Emeritus of Health Policy, Harvard Medical School and former Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General, HHS; Michele French, Tiffany Milbrett, Saskia Webber (members of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team).
Image of Checkbox B0078 Congressional Initiatives to Improve Health
Congressional perspectives on legislative initiatives related to public health and health care
Speakers: Nicole Lurie (moderator), Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, HHS; Donna M. Christian-Christensen, Congresswoman, Virgin Islands; Jim McDermott, Congressman, Washington; Ciro D. Rodriguez, Congressman, Texas.
Image of Checkbox B0079 Aging of America (Dinner Keynote)
The aging of America and its implications for the Nation's health
Speakers: John Rowe, Author, Successful Aging; Philip R. Lee, Stanford University and former Assistant Secretary for Health.
Image of Checkbox B0080 Enhancing Access—Health, Technology, and the Digital Divide (Luncheon Keynote)
Methods for improving access to technology as a means for health and economic improvement
Speakers: E. Ratcliffe, Jr., Executive Vice President, American Medical Association; James Kaus, Director, AT&T Labs, Technology and Innovation.
Image of Checkbox B0081 Global Rock Challenge
Image of Checkbox B0082 Eliminating Health Disparities
Methods and policies for eliminating disparities
Speakers: Charles J. Olgetree, Jr. (moderator), Harvard Law School; H. Jack Geiger, University of New York Medical School of Biomedical Education; Vanessa N. Gamble, Vice President of Community and Minority Programs, Association of American Medical Colleges; Bonnie Erbe, Journalist, Columnist, Lawyer, Persephone Productions; Robert W. Jensen, Journalist, University of Texas; Theda J. McPheron-Keel, President, Wind Hollow Foundation.
Image of Checkbox B0083 Reception and Partnerships Technology Games Awards
Image of Checkbox B0084 Health and Information Technology—The Road Ahead
Current and future applications of information and communication technology for improving health and health care
Speakers: Tim Kieschnick, Manager, Kaiser Permanente; Charles Saunders, Chief Medical Officer, Healtheon/WebMD; Wendy Everett, Director, Institute for the Future; Victor Strecher, HealthMedia, Inc.
Image of Checkbox B0085 A Tale of Two Revolutions—Information Technology and Genetics (Luncheon Keynote)
Advances in information technology and genetics and associated opportunities and concerns for individuals and society
Speakers: Francis Collins, Director, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health; Steve McGeady, Vice President and Director, Internet Health Division, Intel. 
Image of Checkbox B0115 Healthy People in a Healthy World
Global health disparities and the need for transnational health initiatives
Speakers: David Satcher (moderator), Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General, HHS; Jimmy Carter, President, The Carter Center; Ismail Sallam, Minister of Health and Population, Egypt; Octavia Rivero Serrano, Secretary of General Board of Health, Ministry of Health, Mexico.
A Health Charge to the Nation
Speaker: David Satcher, Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General, HHS.
GENERAL SESSIONS (60-90 minutes each)
Image of Checkbox B0116 Evidence-Based Recommendations for Healthy People
Introducing the Guide to Community Preventive Services: An interactive exhibit and an innovative tool for achieving Healthy People 2010 goals
Speakers: Caswell A. Evans, Chair, Task Force on Community Preventive Services; David Satcher, Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon Genereal, HHS; Diana L. Kerr, Henry Ford Health System; Lawrence W. Green, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Jonathan Fielding, Los Angeles Health Official, UCLS Faculty and Member of Task Force on Community Preventive Services.
Image of Checkbox B0117 Leading Health Indicators
The role and implementation of leading national indicators for health
Speakers: Susanne A. Stoiber (moderator), Executive Officer, Institute of Medicine; George J. Isham, Medical Director and Chief Health Officer, HealthPartners; Mark D. Smith, President and CEO, California HealthCare Foundation; Ron Goetzel, Vice President, Consulting and National Practice.
Image of Checkbox B0118 Corporate Partnerships for Health in the New Millennium
Lessons from sustainable corporate partnerships to improve health
Speakers: Lauren Leifer (moderator), Chief Executive Officer, Compdisk, and Chair, Healthy People Business Advisory Council; Sara Knab, Partnership for Prevention.
Image of Checkbox B0119 Translating Healthy People to State and Community Action
Considerations for designing and implementing health initiative on the State and local levels
Speakers: Mohammad N. Adhter (moderator), Executive Director, American Public Health Association; Patricia Nolan, President, Association of State and Territorial  Health Officials; Stephanie Bailey, President, National Association of County and City Health Officials; Harvey Wallace, President-elect, National Association of Local Boards of Health. 
Image of Checkbox B0120 Communicating Health Improvements
How to make health news and information more relevant to people's lives
Speakers: Drew Altman (moderator), President, Kaiser Family Foundation; Sally Squires, Medical and Health Writer, Washington Post; George Strait, Senior Counselor, IssueSphere; George Lundberg, Editor in Chief, Medscape; John Ford, President, Discovery Health Media, Inc.
Image of Checkbox B0092 A 21st Century Vision of Health Statistics
Data and surveillance issues related to Healthy People 2010
Speakers: Edward Sondik (moderator), Director, National Center for Health Statistics; Stephanie Pronk, Principal, National Leader for Health Management; Miron L. Straf, Deputy Director, Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Academy of Sciences; Mary L. Lerchen, Deputy Director for Science, CDC; Barbara Starfield, Professor, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions; Daniel J. Friedman, Assistant Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
Image of Checkbox B0093 Inspiring Healthy Living
Personal accounts of how individuals overcame health adversities
Speakers: Lee Haney (moderator), Chairman, President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports; Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999; Brigadier General Leif Hendrickson, Commanding General, Quantico Marine Corps; Loretta Claiborne, Special Olympics, Inc.; Grand Master Jhoon Rhee.
Image of Checkbox B0094 Federal Funding and Support for Healthy People
Mechanisms for Federal funding and support for Healthy People initiatives
Speakers: Margaret Hamburg (moderator), Assistant Secretary for Planning Health and Evaluation, HHS; Eric Gopelrud, Office of Program Policy and Coordination, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; Lisa Simpson, Deputy Administrator, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Kathy Cahill, Associate Director, CDC.
Image of Checkbox B0095 Using Healthy Communities to Mobilize Action
Methods and policies for mobilizing community resources for health
Speakers: Tyler Norris (moderator), President, Community Initiatives, Inc.; Chris Adams, President, Healthy Outcomes; Richard Iron Cloud, Director, Porcupine Clinic; Chris Vasquez, CEO, Memorial-Hermann Northwest Hospital; Cynthia Taueg, Vice President, Urban and Community Health, St. John Health System, Detroit, Michigan.
BREAKOUT SESSIONS (approximately 90 minutes each)
Image of Checkbox B0096 spacer Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Through Behavioral Health Risk Assessment and Change spacer Image of Checkbox B0103 spacer Strategic Planning for Health Improvement Among Diverse Populations
Image of Checkbox B0097   Health Education and Communication—Reaching Communities   Image of Checkbox B0104   Using Women's Report Cards to Eliminate Disparities
Image of Checkbox B0098   Technological Innovations for Women   Image of Checkbox B0105   Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Through Technology
Image of Checkbox B0099   Public/Private Community Partnership to Improve Community Health   Image of Checkbox B0106   Mobilizing Community Partners
Image of Checkbox B0100   Enhancing Children's Health—Issues and Innovations   Image of Checkbox B0107   Addressing Health Issues of Older Americans
Image of Checkbox B0101   Evidence-Based Approaches and Models for Health Promotions [and] Disease Prevention   Image of Checkbox B0108   Collaborating to Improve Adolescent Health Through Outreach, Education, and Technology
Image of Checkbox B0102   The Internet—Building Bridges Between Providers and Patients   Image of Checkbox B0109   Technology Tools for Enhancing Health Information

FOCUS AREA SESSIONS (approximately 2 hours each)
Image of Checkbox B0110   Access to Quality Health Services   Image of Checkbox B0113   Maternal, Infant, and Child Health
Image of Checkbox B0111   Health Communication   Image of Checkbox B0114   Public Health Infrastructure
Image of Checkbox B0112   Educational and Community-Based Programs        

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