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DopplerLite 1.3 available in the App Store

December 6th, 2008 by admin

As of now DopplerLite 1.3 is available in the iTunes App Store. DopplerLite is the little brother of Doppler. It is a bit limited in its functionality (you can only select 5 feeds out of your total Google Reader subscription list and it is ad supported) but you can get a feeling for the functionality of the ‘big’ Doppler.

DopplerLite is free and is available here (link opens iTunes)

SotoTimer 2.0 available

December 2nd, 2008 by admin

SotoTimer is a meditation timer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. SotoTimer is available free of charge from the iTunes App Store as of today! 

Get it here

Doppler 1.3 for the iPhone is out!

November 28th, 2008 by admin

Yesterday we released Doppler 1.3 for the iPhone. 

What’s new:

  • Implements a ’starred items’ feed
  • Allows you to star items without opening the post (enable this in the settings)
  • You can now cancel a refresh also when sending the post status
  • Doppler actively checks for a connection to Google. If no connection is available sync will be disabled.
  • You can set a maximum number of posts to retrieve per feed (maximum 500)
  • Several minor bugfixes and speed improvements.
  • Added a ’send mail for support’ option in the settings.
Get Doppler here (link opens iTunes)

Looking for beta testers with an iPhone

October 7th, 2008 by admin

I am looking for 5 (and only 5) beta testers with an iPhone or an iPod Touch to test releases of Doppler for the iPhone.

The requirements:

  • You must be serious, and not just interested in running an early version of Doppler ‘because you can’. I do require feedback.
  • Your device must be running version 2.0 or newer of the OS
  • Your device must -not- be jailbroken. I want to test Doppler on standard devices.
If you are interested, drop me an email at info [at] dopplerradio [dot] net. Please include in your mail
  • Your full name and phone number (I might want to call you in order to talk through issues you’ve encountered)
  • Your location in the world (I am located in Stockholm, Sweden, so time zone differences can apply)
  • What type of device you have (e.g. iPhone first generation, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch first generation or iPod Touch 2nd generation)
  • The unique device ID (you can find that by connecting your device to iTunes. Click on the device in the left menu, then go to the summary tab, and click on the serial number). I need the UDID in order to provide you with a correctly signed copy of Doppler.
  • How many feeds on average you subscribe to in Google Reader
Update: we have 5 testers. Thanks to all who responded!

Doppler for iPhone and iPod Touch now available on iPhone App Store

October 4th, 2008 by admin

As from today Doppler is available on the iTunes App Store. As I had to make quite some investments (I bought a MacBook among others) to realize this, Doppler for the iPhone will not be free. It is for sale at the lowest pricelevel available the App Store, which translates to 79 eurocents in Europe.

Please notice: Doppler for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a bit different from the other Doppler versions. Among others, it is -only- an RSS reader, and you -need- a Google Reader account. Doppler synchronize the feeds you subscribed to in Google Reader to the device. Every synchronization Doppler will mark the read posts as read in Google Reader too. That way you will never read the same posts twice.

Doppler also supports sharing posts using Google Reader (including sharing with note).

Click the image below to learn more.

The project is public now

October 8th, 2007 by admin

The Doppler project is now publicly available on CodePlex. If you want to join in and help me develop Doppler please reply on the discussion forum at the project site:

Doppler goes open source

October 6th, 2007 by admin

After a long period of no new releases we decided it was time for some action. It took too long to come up with bugfixes and rewrites so we decided to make Doppler open source and ask the community to help us to make Doppler even better.

We will host the source on CodePlex. I’ve created the project already and it will be available at, but until now it’s still not in a published state. Currently I’m in the progress if cleaning up things (there is a lot of unfinished code in there), the moment I’m done with that I will publish the project and people can join in and help us to make it a great tool!

The question I have for all you out there: what kind of license should we pick?

An update to what’s happening with Doppler 3.0

March 27th, 2007 by admin

If you got the impression that nothing is happening with Doppler anymore… well, that’s not true. Some things that are in the pipeline:

  1. Vista support (Vista is my main OS, I develop Doppler on Vista and obviously it also runs on Vista)
  2. More languages: French, Slovak, Polish besides the already existing English, Dutch and Swedish (thanks to Bercik, Marián, Pouts and Per!)
  3. Many many bugfixes and performance improvements.

Besides that, parallel on the Windows version of Doppler I’m also continueing on the mobile versions. I’m testing currently a build for Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0 (and Windows Mobile 6.0). Again, that version contains many improvements and bug fixes. Watch this space the coming weeks, new versions are on the way!

Call to Microsoft: is there a Zune developer program?

November 17th, 2006 by admin

Doppler has been downloaded over 1 million times now. I’m not kidding. It shocks us. We never expected that when we started with developing Doppler back in 2004.

Now that Microsoft released the Zune in the US without podcasting support we see a new ‘market’ on the horizon (I put market between quotes as we don’t sell Doppler and as a result make no money out of it). However, that market we cannot reach because the Zune is not available in Europe.

The Zune comes with it’s own software, a bit like Apple iTunes, but as the Zune is not available we cannot test whole experience with downloading a podcast, adding it to a playlist and syncing it to a Zune device.

So our call to Microsoft:

Is there a Zune developer program? Is there a known API (what I found on my computer after installing the Zune software did resemble the WMP API in a way)? And is there a possibility for us developers living in Europe to be able to get hold of a Zune device so we can develop software that supports it?

Please take into account that we are a non-profit team. We make no money out of it, so we cannot invest in big contracts or deals. We basically just want to get hold of a Zune device so we can modify Doppler so that it works smoothly with it.

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Doppler 3.0 CTP

November 7th, 2006 by admin

Well, it’s out there, our first CTP. Do not expect this build to be

1. Feature complete
2. Bug free

We’re running it ourselves on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (various builds). It requires, as the previous beta versions, the .NET Framework version 2.0.

Download it from

If you found a bug, please email it to us.