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As of October 9, 2007

The TSP Is Now Using Account Numbers

Your TSP account number now replaces your Social Security number (SSN) as the TSP's primary means of identifying your account. You should have received your account number in a blue mailer or in a "Welcome to the TSP" letter. If you did not, click the "Mail Me My Account Number" button in Account Access.

You must now use your account number rather than your SSN to log into the Account Access section of the TSP Web site or the Account Menu of the ThriftLine. As usual, you will also need your Web password or ThriftLine Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your password and PIN are not affected by the switch to account numbers.

You will now also need to provide your account number on most TSP forms. However, when you talk with our Participant Service Representatives, they might still ask you for your SSN to further verify your identity in order to better protect your account information.

To the extent possible, we will stop using your SSN. However, we will still have to use your SSN in certain situations. For example, we will use it to accept contributions and loan payments from your agency or service and to report disbursements from the TSP to the Internal Revenue Service.

Although we know that moving to account numbers may be inconvenient for some participants, we hope you understand that this is just one more step in ensuring the security of your TSP account.

For more information, see Account Number Questions and Answers.