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TSP Funds Monthly Returns

Every month, the TSP publishes the monthly returns for the individual TSP funds (G, F, C, S, and I) and the L Funds. We also publish the returns for the funds for the last 12 months and the annual returns for recent years.

Previous 5 Years

View returns of the individual TSP funds for the previous 5 calendar years.  Actual returns for the L Funds are not available for periods before August 1, 2005.

TSP Individual Funds

  View the last 12 months' returns for the:
  • Two fixed income funds (the G and F Funds)
  • Three stock funds (the C, S, and I Funds)
  • The indexes that they track
TSP Lifecycle (L) Funds
  View monthly returns for the:
  • Five lifecycle funds (L 2040, L 2030, L 2020, L 2010, L Income)

Monthly Fact Sheet

  View, the last 12 month's returns for the:
  • TSP's Individual Funds and Lifecycle (L) Funds

The monthly returns of the individual TSP funds and the L Funds are the percentage change in their respective share prices from the end of the prior month.  The changes in share prices reflect net earnings after accrued administrative expenses have been deducted, and, in the cases of the F, C, S, and I Funds, after trading costs and accrued investment management fees. There are no investment management fees that are specific to the L Funds; however, the performance of the L Funds is affected by administrative expenses, trading costs, and investment management fees charged to the individual TSP Funds that comprise each L Fund.

Future performance of the individual TSP funds and the L Funds will vary and may be significantly different from the returns shown above.  See the Summary of the Thrift Savings Plan or the Funds Information Sheets for detailed information about the funds and their investment risks.