CBER Scientific Expertise & Research

In order to provide effective regulatory review of biological products, the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research conducts active mission-related research programs. This research greatly expands our knowledge of fundamental biological processes and provides a strong scientific base for regulatory review.

A wide variety of changing technical and scientific issues related to the safety, potency, and efficacy of novel biological products requires knowledge of new developments and concepts of basic research in the relevant biological disciplines. Because of the rapid advancement in both conventional and new biotechnologies, the scope of research is both diverse and dynamic.

CBER's web site provides information for the public on research divisions and investigators, as well as various research programs being conducted at the Center, and the many scientific articles published by CBER's scientists.

CBER offers research related job opportunities in the form of research fellowships and staff positions.

Use this search form to find research programs at CBER. You can search by name of the investigator or by research topic. Enter your search terms below.


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Updated: January 29, 2007