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How Do I...? Civilians



HOW DO I...?
Civilian The questions below link to information for civilian Federal employees only.

General Enroll in the TSP?
Change the amount of my payroll contributions?
Make "catch-up" contributions?
Move money from a traditional IRA or an eligible employer plan into the TSP? 
Stop my contributions to the TSP?
Make sure my contributions (and loan payments) continue when I change agencies?
Designate or change the beneficiaries for my TSP account?  
Report a change of address to the TSP?
Get information about spouses’ rights regarding TSP accounts?
Retrieve forms and publications designed for Federal Civilian employees?

Contributions Allocate (i.e., tell the TSP how to invest) new contributions among the various TSP funds?

Transfer (i.e., move) money already in my account among the various TSP funds?
Cancel or change an interfund transfer request?

Loans Apply for a TSP loan?
Document my Residential Loan Application?
Pay back a TSP loan?
Reamortize a TSP loan?

Withdrawals Withdraw money from the TSP while still in Federal service? 
Withdraw money from the TSP after leaving Federal service?

Find my account balance on the TSP Web site?  
Get a Web password to give me access to account information on this Web site and a ThriftLine PIN to access my account information on the ThriftLine? 
Get written verification of my account balance?
Estimate my future TSP balance?