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Publications Introduction
Civilian & Uniformed Services

TSP publications can be found in the following categories:

Booklets Booklets are the best source of detailed information about TSP programs and benefits such as loans, in-service withdrawals, post-separation withdrawals, annuities, and other TSP matters.
Fact Sheets Fact sheets are short documents that are intended to answer the most frequently asked questions about a given topic.
Legal Documents Legal documents provide sample language for retirement benefits court orders, legal processes for the enforcement of a participant's child support or alimony obligation, and a special TSP Power of Attorney.  It also provides a link to the TSP Court Orders and Powers of Attorney.
Tax Notices Tax notices provide participants and beneficiaries with detailed information about the tax laws and regulations governing TSP withdrawals.
Leaflets Leaflets provide brief, user-friendly information about TSP programs and benefits such as enrollment, withdrawals, and matching contributions.  They are often illustrated, and provide easy-to-understand examples.
Miscellaneous Documents These are documents and forms for special purposes, for example, the loan payment coupon, the video brochure, sample language for use in legal processes, and the TSP Financial Statements.
Annuity Materials The annuity worksheet and annuity tables are used for those who prefer to calculate their monthly annuity payment manually. The annuity calculator is also available to assist you.