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TSP Fund Information Sheets 


Each TSP participant has a choice of investing in TSP investment funds.  Review the details of each fund to fully understand its potential risks and benefits.

G Fund Government Securities Investment Fund
F Fund Fixed Income Index Investment Fund
C Fund Common Stock Index Investment Fund
S Fund Small Capitalization Stock Index Investment Fund. Click here to learn more about the change to the index that the S Fund tracks.
I Fund International Stock Index Investment Fund. Click here to view the reasons why the change in the I Fund share price does not always correspond to the change in the EAFE Index which it tracks.
L Funds The L Funds are now available. Review the details of the lifecycle funds to fully understand their potential risks and benefits. The July 2005 Highlights and Qs & As are also available to assist you in learning about the L Funds.
Comparison of the TSP Funds This is a chart providing a comparison of the TSP Funds.