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Copyright/Permission Requests

In general, there are no copyright restrictions that prevent users from copying and/or distributing content found on the National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC) Web site, provided that all such content is appropriately identified*. NGC's content is available for public use, and we encourage the distribution of our content, particularly for educational purposes. However, please note that content contained within the original guideline and/or the NGC Summary of this guideline may not be used for commercial and/or product endorsement. Please see our instructions on how to cite information.

Please note: NGC does NOT have the authority to grant copyright clearance for the original full text guidelines upon which the NGC summaries are based. NGC seeks and receives permission from each guideline developer whose guidelines appear on the NGC Web site. If you are interested in using/distributing the original full text guideline, you will need to refer to the specific copyright restrictions imposed by the individual guideline developers. For developer-specific copyright restrictions on the original guideline and/or in rare cases, the NGC summary itself, refer to the field heading "COPYRIGHT STATEMENT" at the end of the NGC Summary. You may also want to review copyright restrictions that may be available on the guideline developer's Web site, or contact the developer directly.

Please e-mail us if you have additional questions.

* While most of NGC's content is free of copyright restrictions, exceptions occur in rare instances where individual guideline developers have requested otherwise. Users can refer to the "COPYRIGHT STATEMENT" field at the end of the NGC Summary to determine if such restrictions apply.