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Key Practices For the Implementation of Successful Telework Programs *

As agency telework coordinators develop, adapt, and expand their telework programs, these seven key practices provide a basic framework for successful outcomes.



  • Designate a telework coordinator
  • Establish a cross-functional project team, including, for example, information technology (IT), union representatives, and other stakeholders
  • Establish measurable telework program goals
  • Develop an implementation plan for the telework program
  • Develop a business case for implementing a telework program
  • Provide funding to meet the needs of the telework program
  • Establish a pilot program


  • Establish an agencywide telework policy
  • Establish eligibility criteria to ensure that teleworkers are selected on an equitable basis using criteria such as suitability of tasks and employee performance
  • Establish policies or requirements to facilitate communication among teleworkers, managers, and coworkers
  • Develop a telework agreement for use between teleworkers and their managers
  • Develop guidelines on workplace health and safety issues to ensure that teleworkers have safe and adequate places to work off-site

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Performance management

  • Ensure that the same performance standards, derived from a modern, effective, credible, and validated performance system, are used to evaluate both teleworkers and nonteleworkers
  • Establish guidelines to minimize adverse impact on nonteleworkers before employees begin to work at alternate work sites

Managerial support


Training and publicizing



  • Conduct assessment of teleworker and organization technology needs
  • Develop guidelines about whether the organization or employee will provide necessary technology, equipment, and supplies for telework
  • Provide technical support for teleworkers
  • Address access and security issues related to telework
  • Establish standards for equipment Adobe Acrobat Version in the telework environment


  • Track participation numbers with a reliable system
  • Collect data to evaluate the telework program
  • Identify problems and/or issues with the telework program and make appropriate adjustments
* Adapted from "GAO-04-950T Human Capital: Key Practices to Increasing Federal Telework" PDF File

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