U.S. Food and Drug Administration | Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition | November 1996

Calcium! Do You Get It? -- A Calcium Education Program for Girls Ages 11-14 Leader's Guide

  Introduction Note to Instructor  
  Section I A Foundation For Good Bone Health  
  • Why is Calcium Important?
  Section II Tools for Identifying Calcium in Food and Achieving a Diet with Variety and Balance  
  • What does the %Daily Value Tell You?
  • Serving Size
  • Nutrient Content Claims
  • Health Claims
  • Choosing Food Products
  • The Food Guide Pyramid and Its Links to a Healthful Diet
  Section III Student Activities  
  • Exercise for Life
  • You Can Be a Diet Detective: Don't Guess -- Investigate!
  Section IV Handouts  
  Section V Calcium Sources  
  Section VI Your Comments Help  
  Appendix Activities and Activity Answers  

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