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Other CFSAN Publications

A compilation of the some 138 CFSAN publications in FY 1997 pertaining to scientific research and regulatory programs is listed below. Many of the published studies have had a direct impact on consumer protection, such as the development of methods for monitoring contaminants in foods. Other published studies gathered information used in the development of regulatory policy.

These publications illustrate the diversity of CFSAN's scientific disciplines: microbiology, toxicology, analytical chemistry, human nutrition, epidemiology, and consumer studies, just to name a few. Within these disciplines, investigative work covers areas such as pathogens in food, plant toxins, food allergens, reproductive effects, and environmental and naturally occurring contaminants in food. CFSAN research is not limited to protecting the food supply, but also includes the safety of color additives and human skin absorption and metabolism.

In addition to the publications listed below, and for other years, CFSAN scientists have also published over 100 abstracts and made approximately 500 presentations on science and regulatory policy.

You may obtain a copy of a publication by contacting the lead CFSAN author. The author's phone number is available through the CFSAN employee locator. You may also write to the author at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 200 C Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20204.

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First CFSAN Author All Authors Title of Publication Source Journal or Publisher Year Bib Information
Ali, L.H. Ali, L.H.;
Angyal, G.;
Weaver, C.M.;
Rader, J.I.;
Mossoba, M.M.
Determination of total trans fatty acids in foods: Comparison of capillary column gas chromatography and single-bounce horizontal attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy OFL Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society 1996 vol 73, pp 1699-1705
Ali, L.H. Ali, L.H.;
Angyal, G.;
Weaver, C.M.;
Radar, J.I.
Comparison of capillary gas chromatographic and AOAC gravimetric procedures for total fat and distribution of fatty acids in foods OFL Food Chemistry 1997 vol 58, pp 149-160
Anderson, D.L. Lindstrom, R.M.;
Anderson, D.L.;
Paul, R.L.
"Analytical applications of neutron capture gamma ray" IN Proceedings of the Ninth Internationall Symposium of Capture Gamma-ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics OPDFB Springer-Verlag 1997 Budapest, pp 693-704
Anderson, D.L. Anderson, D.L.;
Cunningham, W.C.;
Capar, S.G.
Neutron activation analysis at the Food and Drug Administration OPDFB NIST Reactor: Summary of Activities October, 1995 through September, 1996 1997 pp 85-86, NISTIR 6000
Andrews, W.H. Andrews, W.H. New trends in food microbiology OSRS Journal of AOAC International 1997 vol 80, pp 908-12
Andrews, W.H. Andrews, W.H. Escherichia coli organisms turn deadly OSRS Inside Laboratory Management 1997 vol 1(1), 31-2
Andrews, W.H. Andrews, W.H. Report on food microbiology (nondairy) OSRS Journal of the AOAC International 1997 vol 80, pp 177-83
Babu, U.S. Babu, U.S.;
Bunning, V.K.;
Wiesenfeld, P.L.;
Raybourne, R.B.;
O'Donnell, M.
Effect of dietary flaxseed on fatty acid composition, superoxide, nitric oxide generation and antilisterial activity of peritoneal macrophages from female Sprague-Dawley rats OSN Life Sciences 1997 vol. 60(8), pp 545-554
Begley, T.H. Begley, T.H. Methods and approaches used by FDA to evaluate the safety of food packaging materials, progress in food contaminant analysis OPA Food Additves and Contaminants 1997 vol 14(6-7), pp 545-553
Bennett, R.W. Bennett, R.W.;
Matthews, R.N.
Attempts to eliminate false positive signals in ELISA-based methods for identificaion of staphylococcal enterotoxins OSRS FDA Forum on Regulatory Sciences 1997 pp 132
Bennett, R.W. Levine, W.C.;
Bennett, R.W.;
Chao, Y.;
Henning, K.J.;
Roger, J.R.;
Hendricks, K.A.;
Hopkins, D.P.;
Gunn, R.A.;
Griffin, P.M.
Staphylococcal food poisoning caused by imported canned mushrooms OSRS Journal of Infectious Diseases 1997 vol 173, pp 1263-1267
Bennett, R.W. Bennett, R.W. Rapid methods for detection of Staphylococcal enterotoxin in canned foods. Continuing education short course (Program #5) Rapid Microbiological Mehods: Money-saving tools for Assuring food safety…. OSRS Institute of Food Technology 1997 section 10
Betz, J.M. Betz, J.M.;
Gay, M.L.;
Mossoba, M.M.;
Adams, S.
Chiral GC determination of ephedrine-type alkaloids in dietary supplements containing Ma Huang OPDFB Journal of the AOAC Internationall 1997 vol 80, pp 303-315
Betz, J.M. Woldemariam, T.Z.;
Betz, J.M.;
Houghton, P.J.
Analysis of aporphine and quinolizidine alkaloids from Caulophyllum thalictroides by densitometry and HPLC OPDFB Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 1997 vol 15(16), pp 839-843
Betz, J.M. Daveby, Y.D.;
Aman, P.;
Betz, J.M.;
Musser, S.M.;
Obermeyer, W.R.
The variation in content and changes during development of soyasaponin I in dehulled swedish peas (Pisum sativum L) OPDFB Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1997 vol 73, pp 391-395
Betz, J.M. Betz, J.M. Plant toxins OPDFB Journal of the AOAC International 1997 vol 80, pp 126-131
Biles, J.E. Biles, J.E.;
McNeal, T.P.;
Begley, T.H.;
Hollifield, H.C.
Determination of bisphenol-A in reusable polycarbonate food-contact plastics and migration to food simulating liquids OPA Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 1997 vol 45(9), pp 3541-3544
Blakely, S.R. Brown, E.D.;
Blakely, S.R.;
Babu, U.S.;
Grundel, E.;
Mitchell, G.V.
Vegetable concentrates with canthaxanthin to affect carotenoid bioavailability and superoxide dismutase activity but not immune response in rats OPPSI Nutrition Research 1997 vol 17, pp 989-998
Blakely, S.R. Blakely, S.R. "Research approaches to special preclinical safety and toxicological evaluations" IN Nutraceuticals: Designer Foods III: Garlic, Soy, and Licorice OPPSI Food and Nutrition Press, Inc. 1997 Trumbell, CT; chap. 6; pp 45-44,
Blakely, S.R. Blakely, S.R.;
Rogers, A.;
Hendrich, S.
Symposium : Animal diets for long term nutritional and toxicological research- introduction OPPSI Journal of Nutrition 1997 vol 127, pp 824S-825S
Blodgett, R.J. Blodgett, R. J. "An Algorithm for L(p)-Regression for 1<p<infinity" OSAS 1996 Proceedings of the Statistical Section of the American Statistical Association 1997 pp 24-29
Blodgett, R.J. Blodgett, R.J. Adding functions to ensure regression converges OSAS Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods 1997 vol. 26(5), pp 1203-1214
Bradlaw, J.A. Bradlaw, J.A.;
Wilcox, N.
Executive Summary: Workshop on eye irritation testing: Practical applications of non-whole animal alternatives OSRS Food and Chemical Toxicology 1997 vol 35(1), pp 1-11
Bradlaw, J.A. Bradlaw, J.A.;
Gupta, K.C.;
Green, S.;
Hill, R.N.;
Wilcox, N.
Practical application of non-whole animal alternatives: Summary of IRAG workshop on eye irritation OSRS Food and Chemical Toxicology 1997 vol 35(1), pp 175-178
Bueno, M. Bueno, M. Collaborative study: Determination of retinol and carotene by high performance liquid chromatography OFL Food Chemistry 1997 vol 59(1), pp 165-170
First CFSAN Author All Authors Title of Publication Source Journal or Publisher Year Bib Information
Burkhardt III, W. Goswami, B.B.;
Burkhardt III, W.;
Cebula, T.A.
Identification of genetic variants in hepatitis A OS Journal of Virological Methods 1997 vol 65, pp 95-103
Burr, D.H. Yao, R.;
Burr, D.H.;
Guerry, P.
Che-Y mediated modulation of Campylobacter jejuni virulence OPDFB Molecular Microbiology 1997 vol 23, pp 1021-1031
Calvert, R.J. Sipowicz, M.A.;
Weghorst, C.M.;
Shiao, Y-H.;
Buzard, G.S.;
Calvert, R.J.;
Anver, M.R.;
Anderson, L.M.;
Rice, J.M.
Lack of p53 and ras mutation in Helicobacter hepaticus-induced liver tumors in A/JCr mice OSN Carcinogenesis 1997 vol 18, pp 233-236
Calvert, R.J. Gopalakrishnan, R.;
Weghorst, C.M.;
Lehman, T.A.;
Calvert, R.J., Bijur, G.;
Sabourin, C.L.;
Mallery, S.R.;
Schuller, D.E.;
Stoner, G.D.
Mutated and wild-type p53 expression and HPV integration in proliferative verrucous leukoplakia oral squamous cell carcinoma OSN Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology 1997 vol 83, pp 471-477
Calvert, R.J. Barker, C.M.;
Calvert, R.J.;
Walker, C.W.;
Reinisch, C.L.
Detection of mutant p53 clam leukemia cells OSN Experimental Cell Research 1997 vol 232, pp 240-245
Calvert, R.J. Shiao, Y.-H.;
Diwan, B.;
Perantoni, A.O.;
Calvert, R.J.;
Zbar, B.;
Lerman, M.I.;
Rice, J.M.
Polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism analysis for the VHL gene in chemically-induced kidney tumors of rats using intron-derived primers OSN Molecular Carcinogenesis 1997 vol 19, pp 230-235
Calvey, E.M. Block, E.;
Calvey, E.M.;
Gillies, C.W.;
Gillies, J.Z.;
Uden, P.
Peeling the onion: organosulfur and -selenium phytochemicals in genus Allium plants OPDFB Recent Advances in Phytochemistry 1997 vol 31, pp 1-30
Canas, B.J. Canas, B.J.;
Diachenko, G.W.;
Nyman, P.J.
Ethyl carbamate levels resulting from aziodicarbonamide use in bread OPDFB Food Additives and Contaminants 1997 vol 14, pp 89-94
Casterline, J.L. Casterline, J.L.;
Oles, C.J.;
Ku, Y.
In vitro fermentation of various food fiber fractions OFL Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 1997 vol 45, pp 2463
Chirtel, S.J. Field, R.B.;
Chirtel, S.J.;
Redman, R.S.
Effect of substance-P and receptor antagonists on secretion of lingual lipase and amylase from rat von Ebners gland OSAS Peptides 1997 vol 18(2), pp 277-285
Collins, T.F. Collins, T.F. "Testing for reproductive hazards from dermal exposure" IN Dermatotoxicology Methods OSRS Taylor and Francis 1997 Washington, D.C.;
chap. 25; pp 305-313
Collins, T.F. Collins, T.F.;
Sprando, R.L.;
Shackelford, M.E.;
Balck, T.N.;
Ames, M.J.;
Welsh, J.J.;
Balmer, M.F.;
Olejnik, N.;
Ruggles, D.I.
Developmental toxicity of sodium fluoride in rats OSRS Food Chemical Toxicology 1996 vol 33(11) pp 951-60
Cook, D.W. Cook, D.W. Refrigeration of oyster shellstock: Conditions which minimize the outgrowth of Vibrio vulnificus OS Journal of Food Protection 1997 vol 60, pp 349-352
Cook, K.K. Cook, K.K. Extension of dry ash atomic absorption and spectrophotometric methods to the determination of minerals and phosphorus in soy-based, whey-based, & enteral formula (Modification of AOAC official method) OFL Journal of the AOAC International 1997 vol 80(4), pp 834-844
Cunningham, W.C. Cunningham, W.C.;
Anderson, D.L.;
Capar, S.G.
Determination of sodium in biological materials by instrumental neutron activation analysis OPDFB Journal of AOAC International 1997 vol 80, pp 871-882
DePaola, A. DePaola, A.;
Motes, M.;
Cook, D.W.;
Veazey, J.;
Garthright, W.E.;
Blodgett, R.
Evaluation of an alkaline phosphatase-linked DNA probe for enumeration of Vibrio vulnificus in Gulf Coast oysters OS Journal of Microbiology Methods 1997 vol 29, pp 115-120
DePaola, A. DePaola, A.;
McLeroy, S.;
McManus, G.
Distribution of Vibrio vulnificus phages in oyster tissues and other estuarine habitats OS Applied and Environmental Biology 1997 vol 63, pp 2464-2467
Dickey, R. Poli, M.;
Lewis, R.;
Dickey, R.;
Musser, S.;
Buckner, C.;
Carpenter, L.
Identification of Caribbean ciguatoxins as the cause of an outbreak of fish poisoning among U.S. soldiers in Haiti OS Toxicon 1997 vol 35, pp 733-741
Fein, S.B. Scariati, P.D.;
Grummer-Strawn, L.M.;
Fein, S.B.
Water supplementation of infants in the first month of life OSAS Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 1997 vol 151, pp 830-832
Fein, S.B. Scariati, P.D.;
Grummer-Strawn, L.M.;
Fein, S.B.;
Yip, R.
Risk of diarrhea related to iron content of infant formula: Lack of evidence to support the use of low-iron formula as a supplement for breast-fed infants OSAS Pediatrics 1997 vol 99(3), ed. 2
Fein, S.B. Scariati, P.D., Grummer-Strawn, L.M.;
Fein, S.B.
A longitudinal analysis of infant mortality and the extent of breastfeeding in the United States OSAS Pediatrics 1997 vol 99(6), ed. 5
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Feng, P.;
Swaminathan, B.
Amplification methods for detection of foodborne pathogens IN Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques: Application to Disease Diagnosis OSRS Eaton Publishing 1997 pp 171-181, Boston
Feng, P. Feng, P.;
Fields, P.I.;
Swaminathan, B.;
Whittam, T.S.
Characterization of nonmotile Escherichia coli O157 and other serotypes by using an anti-flagellin monoclonal antibody OSRS Journal of Clinical Microbiology 1996 vol. 34, pp 2856-59
Feng, P. Kauppi, K.L.;
Tatini, S.R.;
Harrell, F.;
Feng, P.
Influence of substrate and low temperature on growth and survival of verotoxigenic Escherichia coli OSRS Food Microbiology 1996 vol. 123, 397-405
Feng, P. Fields, P.I.;
Blom, K.;
Hughes, H.J.;
Helsel, L.O.;
Feng, P.;
Swaminathan, B.
Molecular characterization of the gene encoding H antigen in E. coli and development of a PCR-RFLP test for the identification of E. coli O157:H7 and O157:NM OSRS Journal of Clinical Microbiology 1997 vol 35, pp 1066-1070
First CFSAN Author All Authors Title of Publication Source Journal or Publisher Year Bib Information
Firestone, D. Firestone, D.;
Mossoba, M.M.
"Newer methods for fat analysis in foods" IN New Techniques and Applications in Lipid Chemistry OSAS American Oil Chemists' Society Press 1997 pp 1-33, Champaign, IL
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Gaines, D.W.;
Chi, R.K.;
Smith, M.C.;
Braunberg, R.C.;
Thorpe, C.W.
Interaction of aflatoxins as measured by their biochemical action on rat liver slices and hepatocytes OSRS Toxic Substance Mechanisms Journal 1997 vol 16(1), pp 15-41
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Dang, N.L.;
Fry, F.S.;
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Wekell, M.M.
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Comparison of sorbitol MacConkey and hemorrhagic coli agars for the recovery of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from brie, ice cream, and whole milk OSRS Journal of AOAC international 1997 vol 80, pp 335-40
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Kennelly, E.J. Chung, M-S.;
Kim, N-C.;
Long, L.;
Shamon, L.;
Ahmad, W-Y.;
Sagrero-Nieves, L.;
Kardono, B.S.;
Kennelly, E.J.;
Pezzuto, J.M.;
Soejarto, D.D.;
Kinghorn, D.
Dereplication of saccharide and polyol constituents of candidate sweet-tasting plants: Isolation of the sesquiterpene glycoside mukurozioside 1Ib as a sweet principle of Sapindus rarak OSN Phytochemical Analysis 1997 vol. 8, pp 49-54
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Kim, C.S.
Increases in levels of fatty acids in rat brain regions following 3-nitropropionic acid administration OSRS Neuroscience Letters 1997 vol 230(3), pp 199-201
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Lawson, A.R.;
Begley, T.H.
Migration of residual contaminants from secondary recycled poly (ethylene terephthalate) into aqueous ethanol and heptane food simulating solvents OPDFB Food Additives and Contaminants 1997 vol 14(5), pp 491-498
Komolprasert, V. Komolprasert, V.;
Lawson, A.R.
Considerations for reuse of poly(ethylene terephthalate) bottles in food packaging: Migration study OPDFB Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 1997 vol 45(2), pp 444-448
Komolprasert, V. Komolprasert, V.;
Lawson, A.R.;
Begley, T.H.
Migration of residual contaminants from secondary recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) into food-simulating solvents, aqueous ethanol and heptane OPDFB Food Additives and Contaminants 1997 vol 14(5), pp 491-498
Kraeling, M.E. Kraeling, M.E.;
Bronaugh, R.L.
In vitro percutaneous absorption of alpha hydroxy acids in human skin OCAC Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists 1997 vol 48, pp 187-197
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Bronaugh, R.L.
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McCarthy, S.A. McCarthy, S.A. Evaluation of the Lister test method for the quantitation of Listeria monocytogenes in seafoods OS Journal of Food Protection 1997 vol 60, pp 424-425
First CFSAN Author All Authors Title of Publication Source Journal or Publisher Year Bib Information
McKenna, C. McKenna, C.;
Klontz, K.C.
Systemic allergic reaction following ingestion of undeclared peanut flour in a peanut-sensitive woman OSAS Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology 1997 vol 79, pp 234-236
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