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FY 1996 Publications

Other CFSAN Publications

A compilation of the some 120 CFSAN publications in FY 1996 pertaining to scientific research and regulatory programs is listed below. Many of the published studies have had a direct impact on consumer protection, such as the development of methods for monitoring contaminants in foods. Other published studies gathered information used in the development of regulatory policy.

These publications illustrate the diversity of CFSAN's scientific disciplines: microbiology, toxicology, analytical chemistry, human nutrition, epidemiology, and consumer studies, just to name a few. Within these disciplines, investigative work covers areas such as pathogens in food, plant toxins, food allergens, reproductive effects, and environmental and naturally occurring contaminants in food. CFSAN research is not limited to protecting the food supply, but also includes the safety of color additives and human skin absorption and metabolism.

In addition to the publications listed below, and for other years, CFSAN scientists have also published over 100 abstracts and made approximately 500 presentations on science and regulatory policy.

You may obtain a copy of a publication by contacting the lead CFSAN author. The author's phone number is available through the CFSAN employee locator. You may also write to the author at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 200 C Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20204.

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First CFSAN Author All Authors Title of Publication Source Journal or Publisher Year Bib Information
Altekruse, S.F. Altekruse, S.F.;
Street, D.A.;
Fein, S.B.;
Levy, A.S.
Consumer knowledge of foodborne microbial hazards and food-handling practices OSAS Journal of Food Protection 1996 vol 59(3), pp 287-94
Amaguana, R.M. Amaguana, R.M.;
Sherrod, P.S.;
Hammack, T.S.;
June, G.A.;
and Andrews, W.H.
Usefulness of cellulase for recovery of Salmonella from guar gum OSAS Journal of the AOAC International 1996 vol 79, pp 853-7
Anderson, D.L. Mackery, E.A.;
Anderson, D.L.;
Chen-Mayer, H.;
Downing, R.G.;
Greenberg, R.R.;
Lamaze, G.P.;
Lindstrom, R.M.;
Mildner, D.F.R.;
Paul, R.L.
Use of neutron beams for chemical analysis at NIST OPDFB Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 1996 vol 203, pp 413-27
Anderson, D.L. Anderson, D.L.;
Cunningham, W.C.
Nondestructive determination of lead, cadmium, tin, antimony, and barium in ceramic glazes by radioisotope X-ray fluorescence spectrometry OPDFB Journal of AOAC International 1996 vol. 79(5), pp 1141-1157
Andrews, W.H. Andrews, W.H. Validation of modern methods in food microbiology by AOAC International collaborative study OSRS Food Control 1996 vol 7, pp19-29
Andrews, W.H. Andrews, W.H. AOAC International's three validation programs for methods used in the microbiological analysis of foods OSRS Trends in Food Science and Technology 1996 vol 7, pp 147-151
Andrews, W.H. Andrews, W.H. Evolution of methods for the detection of Salmonella in foods OSRS Journal of the AOAC International 1996 vol 79, pp 4-12
Andrews, W.H. Andrews, W.H. Report on Food Microbiology OSRS Journal of AOAC International 1996 vol 79, pp 254-61
Angyal, G. Angyal, G. Methods for the microbiological analysis of selected nutrients OFL Association of Official Analytical Chemists 1996 Gaithersburg, MD
Burkhardt, III, W. Watkins, W.D.;
Burkhardt, III, W.
"New microbiological approaches for assessing and indexing contamination loading in estuaries and marine waters" IN Sustainable Development in the Southeastern Coastal Zone OS University of South Carolina Press 1996 F.J. Vernberg;
T. Siewicki (eds) The Belle W. Baruch Library in Science no 20
Burkhardt, W. Atmar, R.L.;
Neill, F.H.;
Woodley, C.M.;
Maner, R.;
Fout, G.S.;
Burkhardt, W.;
Leja, L.;
McGovern, E.R.;
LeGuyader, F.;
Metcalf, T.;
Estes, M.K.
Collaborative evaluation of a method for the detection of Norwalk virus in shellfish tissues by PCR OS Applied Environmental Microbiology 1996 vol 62, pp 254-8
Burr, D.H. Doig, P.;
Yao, R.;
Burr, D.H.;
Guery, P.;
Trust, T.J.
An environmentally regulated pilus-like appendage involved in Campylobacter pathogenesis OPDFB Molecular Microbiology 1996 vol 20, pp 885-94
Burr, D.H. Guerry, P.;
Doig, P.;
Alm, R.A.;
Burr, D.H.;
Kinsella, N.;
Trust, T.J.
Identification and characterization of genes required for post-translational modification of Campylobacter coli VC 167 flagellin OPDFB Molecular Microbiology 1996 vol 19, pp 369-78
Calvey, E.M. Calvey, E.M.;
Block, E.
"Supercritical fluid extraction of Allium species" IN Spices Flavor Chemistry and Antioxidant Properties OPDFB American Chemical Society 1996 ACS Symposium Series 660, Washington, D.C., 113-24
Calvey, E.M. Calvey, E.M. Applications of SFC/FTIR and SFC/MS to the analysis of food and natural product components OPDFB Seminars in Food Analysis 1996 vol 1, pp 133-44
Capar, S.G. Capar, S.G. Lead in food occurrence and analytical methodology OPDFB Proceedings of the Second National Conference on Laboratory Issues in Childhood Lead Poisoning, May 18-20, 1995, Atlanta, GA 1996  
Capar, S.G. Capar, S.G.;
Yess, N.J.
US Food and Drug Administration survey of cadmium, and other elements in clams and oysters OPDFB Food Additives and Contaminants 1996 vol. 13(5), pp 553-60
Chambers, T.L. Dettman, H.P.;
Barbour, G.S.;
Blackwell, K.T.;
Vogl, T.P.;
Alkon, D.L.;
Fry, F.S. Jr.;
Totah, J.E.;
Chambers, T.L.
Orange juice classification with a biologically based neural network OMS Computers and Chemistry 1996 vol 20(2), pp 261-66
Cichowicz, S.M. Cichowicz, S.M. Report on analytical mycology and microscopy OPDFB Journal of the AOAC International 1996 vol 79(1)
Collins, T.F. Collins, T.F.;
Black, T.N.;
Rorie, J.I.;
Sprando, R.L.;
Ruggles, D.I.
Developmental toxicity of Orange B when given to rats by gavage OSRS Toxicology and Industrial Health 1996 vol 12(1), pp 45-57
First CFSAN Author All Authors Title of Publication Source Journal or Publisher Year Bib Information
Cook, K.K. Cook, K.K. Determination of selenium in infant formula and enteral formula by dry ash graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with deuterium background correction OFL Journal of the AOAC International 1996 vol 70, pp 1162-66
Cunningham, W.C. Cunningham, W.C.;
Anderson, D.L.;
Warner, C.R.;
Capar, S.G.
Neutron activation analysis at the Food and Drug Administration, OPDFB NIST Reactor: Summary of Activities October 1994 through Spetember 1995 1996 NISTR 5829, pp 75-6
DePaola, A Vickery, M.C.L.;
Smith, A.L.;
DePaola, A.;
Morgan, S.;
Jones, D.D.. Cook, D.W.;
Bej, A.K.
Identification of virulent strains of Vibrio vulnificus in artificially contaminated shellfish from DNA fingerprints generated by arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction (Ap-PCR) OS Proceedings from the 26th Mississippi Water Resources Conference 1996 pp 269-75
Dolan, S.P. Liu, H.;
Montaser, A.;
Dolan, S.P.;
Schwarz, R.
Evaluation of a low-sample consumption, high-efficiency nebulizer for elemental analysis of biological samples using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry OPDFB Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 1996 vol 11, pp 307-11
Dolan, S.P. Liu, H. Liu, H.;
Clifford, R.H.;
Dolan, S.P.;
Montaser, A.
Investigation of a high-efficiency nebulizer and a thimble glass frit nebulizer for elemental analysis of biological materials by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry OPDFB Atomic Spectroscopy 1996 vol 51 (B), pp 27-40
Feng, P. Feng, P. Emergence of rapid methods for identifying microbial pathogens in food OSRS Journal of AOAC International 1996 vol 79, pp 809-12
Feng, P. Feng, P.;
Lampel, K.A.;
Hill, W.E.
"Developments in food technology: applications and economic and regulatory considerations" IN Nucleic Acid Analysis: Principles and Bioapplications OSRS Wiley &
1996 New York, pp 203--229, C.A. Dangler (ed.)
Feng, P. Feng, P. Microbiological methods used in the assessment of food safety OSRS Bio/Pharma 1996 vol. 2, pp 8-11
Firestone, D. Firestone, D. "Vegetable Oils" IN Authentication of Food OPDFB Blakie Academic and Professional 1996 London, pp 198-258, M.J. Dennis;
P. R. Ashurst (eds)
Firestone, D. Firestone, D. "Regulation of Frying Fats and Oils" IN Deep Frying: Practice, Chemistry and Nutrition OPDFB AOCS Press 1996 Champaign, IL, pp 323-34, E. Perkins;
M. Eirckson, (eds)
Fleischman, G.J. Fleischman, G.J. Predicting temperature range in food slabs undergoing long term, low power microwave heating OPDFB Journal of Food Engineering 1996 vol 27, pp 337-51
Flynn, T.J. Flynn, T.J.;
Pritchard, D.;
Bradlaw, J.A.;
Eppley, R.;
Page, S.
The in vitro embryotoxicity of fumonisin B1 evaluated with cultured postimplantation stage rat embryos OSRS In Vitro Toxicology 1996 vol 9(3), pp 271-9
Friedman, L. Friedman, L.;
Panepinto, L.;
Gaines, D.W.;
Chi, R.;
Braunberg, R.C.;
Terris, J.
"Biochemical indices of stress associated with short-term restraint in Hormel and Yucatan minature swine" IN Advances in Swine in Biomedical Research OSRS Plenum Press 1996 pp 557-70;
M.E. Tumbleson;
L.B. Schook (eds)
Fu, T.J. Fu, T.J. Kinetics of the formation and decomposition of 1,1'-ethylidenebis (L-tryptophan), an eosinophilia myalgia syndrome-associated compound OPDFB Journal of Agricultural &
Food Chemistry
1996 vol 44(5), pp 1224-1229
Fyr, F.S. Jr. Dttmar, H.P.;
Barbour, G.S.;
Blackwell, K.T.;
Vogl, T.P.;
Alkon, D.L.;
Fry, F.S. Jr.;
Totah, J.E.;
Chambers, T.L.
Classification with a biological based neural network OSAS Computers and Chemistry 1996  
Gardner, A.M. Gardner, A.M.;
Andrzejewski, D.
Cleanup method for (17) 2,3,7,8-substituted chlorodibenzo-dioxins/furans in butter OPDFB Laboratory Information Bulletin 1996 vol 12, pp 9-12
Gendel, S.M. Gendel, S.M. Computational analysis of the specificity of 16S rRna-derived signature sequences for identifying food related microbes OPDFB Food Microbiology 1996 vol 13, pp 1-15
Gendel, S.M. Ogretman, B.;
Ratajczak, H.;
Gendel, S.M.;
Stark, B.C.
Effects of sodium saccharin and linoleic acid on mRNA levels of Her2/neu and p53 in a human breast epithelial cell line OPDFB Cancer Letters 1996 vol 120, pp 91-9
Hayward, D.G. Hayward, D.G.;
Petreas, M.X.;
Winkler, J.;
Vista, P.;
McKinney, M.;
Stephens, R.D.
Investigation of a wood treatment facility;
impact on a river ecosystem in Stockton, CA
OPDFB Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 1996 vol. 30(1), pp 30
Hinton, D.M. Hinton, D.M.;
Jessop, J.J.;
Arnold, A.;
Albert, R.H.;
Hines, F.A.
Evaluation of immunotoxicity in a subchronic feeding study of tripheyl phosphate OSRS International Journal of Occupational Medicine, Immunology and Toxicology 1996 vol 5(1), pp 43-60
Hinton, D.M. Hinton, D.M. Strategies for testing the immunotoxicity of chemicals in animals, Section 3.2.4. IN Inter Progr on Chem Safety Environ Health Criteria 180, Principles and Methods for Assessing Direct Immunotoxicity OSRS World Health Organization 1996 Geneva, Switzerland, pp 158-163
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Albert, R.
Reliability of the determinations of the polychlorinated contaminants (biphenyls, dioxins, and furans) OSRS Journal of the AOAC International 1996 vol 79, pp 589-621;
Dioxin 95 (08/95)
Horwitz, W. Horwitz, W.;
Tanner, J.;
Wolf, Wayne
"Nutritional metrology: the role of reference materials in improving the quality of analytical measurements and data on food components" IN Quality and Accessibility of Food-Related Data OSRS Journal of the AOAC International 1996 pp 99-104, H Greenfield (ed) First Internatioanl Database Conference, 09/93 Australia
Horwitz, W. Horwitz, W.;
Whitaker, T.;
Albert, R.;
Nesheim, S.
Variability associated with analytical methods used to measure aflatoxin in agricultural commodities OSRS Journal of the AOAC International 1996 vol 79, pp 476-85
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Albert, R.
Variability of nutrient composition estimates OSRS Food Testing and Analysis 1996 vol 2(4), pp 28-30
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Horwitz, W. Horwitz, W.;
Albert, R.
When is a sample not a sample? OSRS The Referee 1996 p 6
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Albert, R.
Precision in analytical measurements. Expected values and consequences in geochemical analyses. OSRS Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry 1996 vol 351, pp 507-13;
34th Rocky Mountain Conference on Aplied Spectroscopy, Denver, CO, 08/92
Ikeda, G.J. Ikdeda, G.J.;
Michel, T.C.;
Gaines, D.W.;
Olivito, V.L.;
Sapienza, P.P.;
Friedman, L.;
Barton, C.N.;
O'Donnell, M.W.
"Biochemical indices of stress associated with short-term restraint in Hormel and Yucatan minature swine "IN Advances in Swine in Biomedical Research OSRS Plenum Press 1996 New York, pp 543-555
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Hlyka, J.J.;
Senthil, K.R.;
Bullerman, L.B.
Effects of thermal processing on the stability of fumonisin B2 in an aqueous system OPDFB Journal of Agricultural &
Food Chemistry
1996 vol 44(8), pp 1984-87
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Hlywka, J.J.;
Senthil, K.R.;
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Effects of time temperature, and pH on the stability of fumonisin B1 in an aqueous model system OPDFB Journal of Agricultural &
Food Chemistry
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Age-dependent sensitivity of cultured peripheral sympathetic neurons to 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium: role of glutathione OSRS Journal of Neurochemistry 1996 vol 67(2), pp 557-65
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Binienda, Z.;
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pp 876-80
Komolprasert, V. Komolprasert, V.;
Lawson, A.R.;
Gregor, A.
Removal of contaminants from RPET by extrusion remelting OPDFB Packaging Technology and Engineering 1996 pp 25-31
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Keasler, S.P.;
Hanes, D.E.
Specific detection of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis OPDFB Epidemiology 1996 vol 116, pp 137-45
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Safety considerations for ohmically heated, aseptically processed, multiphase low-acid food products OPDFB Food Technology 1996 vol 49(5), pp 242-5
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Performance characteristics of seven nutrition label formats OSAS Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 1996 vol 15(1), pp 1-5
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Hollified, H.C.
Modeling of additive diffusion in polyolefins OPA Food Additives and Contaminants 1996 vol 13, pp 949-67
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Turujman, S.A.;
Bell, S.J.;
Barrows, J.N.;
Bailey, J.E. Jr.;
Mouchahoir, E.G.;
Prescott, S.;
Archer, M.D.;
Oliver, M.;
Reynolds, W.R.;
Nielsen, K.W.
Nuclear magnetic resonance investigations of azo-hydrazone, acid-base equilibria of FD&
C Yellow No.6
OSAS Tetrahedron 1996 vol 52, pp 5691
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