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For $25 per pay period, you've got the power to:

  • Sponsor a class of fifteen students from underprivileged areas or homeless shelters to a day at the zoo to see firsthand the spectacular wildlife, and to gain an insight into the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats.
  • Purchase livestock so a family in Africa can be self sufficient for food.
  • Help a group of citizens to meet with legislators on a forest-related bill
  • Empower solutions to global environmental problems.
  • Provide 6 therapy sessions for a senior with a disability.
  • Provide financial aid to a low income student working towards a diploma.
  • Support a knowledgeable person for a semester who visits classrooms in conjunction with the placement of at-risk terrapin in aquariums for student study and understanding. Terrapin are released in the spring.
  • Provide a metal ramp that will allow a wheelchair bound individual to roll from a pier onto a pontoon boat
  • Provide soccer shoes for an entire community's youth
  • Purchase 4 computers with adaptive equipment for blind students.
  • Buy the special material used by two scientists in one day doing the exceedingly complex research that will one day save lives.
  • Provide two electric reels, with rods, that can be used by individuals who do not have the upper body strength to fish or cast without them
  • Provide a highly trained and experienced Hotline Advocate who can offer crisis intervention, information and referrals for victims of domestic violence, their friends and family.

For $15 per pay period, you've got the power to:

  • Fund the printing and distribution of a mailing to Senators and Representatives regarding legislation affecting your national forests
  • Buy a new canoe, helping to replace the aging fleet used by students and researchers in exploring local waterways.26 nutritious food packages containing frozen meats, grocery items, fresh fruit and vegetables worth approximately $35 apiece
  • Save the life of an abused child.
  • Buy a season's worth of gas for the Assateague Coastkeeper boat enabling monitoring of the coastal bays for pollution sources and citizen education.
  • Pay for travel expenses for one disabled person going to pick up their new assistance dog partner.
  • Provide a homebound AIDS patient with groceries for a full year
  • Purchase a two-week stay at camp for a child with disabilities.
  • Buy a hungry preschooler who lives in the slums of Bombay can receive an education and a nutritious meal at our daycare center.
  • Open a student's eyes to the conditions of the world's poor through a short-term mission trip
  • Provide a solar energy system for an entire village.
  • Buy enough essential medicines to treat the common ailments of 1000 men, women and children for five months.
  • Help efforts to configure compounds so that the children can take medicines orally as opposed to injection
  • Equip three classrooms with desk, blackboards and other needed furniture.
  • Provide a scholarship for an underprivileged person to travel to Central America or Haiti to document and witness human rights abuses, then return to the US to work for change
  • Pay for travel expenses for one disabled person going to pick up their new assistance dog partner
  • Furnish a soccer ball for 35 Positive-Choice soccer graduates
  • Maintain a website-answering hundreds of women's history questions from adults and children.
  • Provide one hot food carrier to keep meals being delivered to home-bound elderly hot and appetizing.
  • Offer 25 hard-cover books on grief for parents whose children have died.
  • Make and sustain one school-based mentoring match for an at risk youth.

For $10 per pay period, you've got the power to:

  • Buy new life jackets and paddles for part of the canoe fleet used by school children to explore wetlands.
  • Advocate for fair-trade coffee in some of the largest coffee retailers in the world.
  • Help produce a billboard in the Pacific Northwest urging water conservation and the cleanup of toxic pollutants in order to protect both the salmon and the endangered orca populations living in this region.
  • Help environmental advocates in Nepal draft that country's first standards for water and air quality.
  • Help 8 inner-city youth meet and learn about people from other cultures, while staying in a youth hostel.
  • Provide posters, postcards, and other educational materials at two national park sites to inform park visitors about the threat air pollution poses to our national parks, and steps they can take to help prevent increased pollution in their parks.
  • Provide abstinence brochures for approximately 175 high school students.
  • Improve Medicare coverage for 50 low-income elderly people.
  • Deliver the Delmarva Coastal Bays Map Contest to 4 classrooms challenging students to research an environmental or historic topic and display it spatially as a class assignment, submitting their map to the contest for judging and prizes.
  • Buy hay for Babe, a young elephant living at an animal sanctuary.
  • Provide school supplies for one child for an entire year
  • Provide 18 hours of training in leadership, conflict resolution, cross-cultural sensitivity, and community organizing for a teenager.
  • • Pay 5 month's salary for an adult literacy teacher in South Africa .
  • Provide school supplies, food, and medical care for AIDS orphans in Africa
  • Provide an entire high school with educational and training materials about the U.S. national park system
  • Put wheelchairs under 2 landmine victims in Southeast Asia
  • Provide two hearing aids for low income, hearing-impaired people this year
  • Support a mobile clinic in remote rural area for an entire day.
  • Support for Sexual Orientation in the Workplace trainings designed to combat homophobia and discrimination at work.
  • Provide a student with lunch at school each day
  • Pay for information on specialized gear to be sent to 250 people with disabilities
  • Provide specialized summer recreational programming for 12 children with disabilities
  • Bring a waiting American child together with a loving, lifetime adoptive family.
  • Provide free education sessions for caregivers and families of persons with dementia. Help a student purchase vital books for courses.
  • Buy a video on parenting tips for a case worker to give to 24 at risk families
  • Cover the average cost to a family for one day's lodging in emergency short-term housing.

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