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Registration of Food Facilities

October 2003

FDA Industry Systems

Register a Food Facility Online
Quick Start Guide

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Register a Facility -- Before you begin

Choose the LOGIN button from the FDA Industry Systems page, or the Registration of Food Facilities Home Page to get to the Login page. Login with your account ID and Password. (For help with creating an account see the Create New Account Quick Start Guide.)

Choose Food Facility Registration from the list of FDA Unified Registration and Listing Systems.

Select "Register a Food Facility" from the menu buttons.

Register a Facility -- Step 1

Register a Facility -- Step 2

Register a Facility -- Step 3

Register a Facility -- Step 4

Register a Facility -- Step 5

Register a Facility -- Step 6

Register a Facility -- Step 7

Review the information you entered for this Registration.

If the information is correct, select Submit at the bottom of the page. If the information is NOT correct, select the EDIT button for a section to bring up the corresponding data entry screen.

Register a Facility -- Step 8

Receive your Registration Number and PIN.

Record this information, if you need to modify this registration at a later date, you will need the registration number to do so. If you plan to have another account owner update this registration, you may give this person the registration number and PIN to gain access. Note, however, that providing this person with the registration number and PIN allows them to also cancel the registration.

To view the entire registration in its final form, select "View Complete Registration." To return to the Main Menu, select "Back to Main."

I'm ready to register a food facility

For more information see:

See also Create New Account Quick Start Guide

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