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What Is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a way to receive audio broadcasts through the Internet using an automatic "feed" in a process called "subscribing." You can listen to the podcast from your computer (using free software such as iTunes, QuickTime, or Windows Media Player). Or you can transfer the file to a portable media player (such as an iPod or any other mobile MP3 player). To first subscribe to the podcast, however, you need podcasting software.

Podcasting Software

There are many free or commercial podcasting applications available for download. Here are a few:

How to Subscribe to a Podcast on the FDA Web Site

On the FDA Web site, Podcasts are identified by the podcast icon. To subscribe to a podcast, click on the icon, then copy the URL (the text in the Address line at the top of your Web browser), and paste it into your podcasting application. The applications are all a little different. In iTunes, for instance, you would select "Advanced" in the menu bar, select "Subscribe to Podcast," and paste the URL into the window.

Once you subscribe to a Podcast, new content is automatically downloaded to the podcasting software on your computer as the site updates its information.

Additional information about podcasts [Wikipedia]

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