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Welcome to the Division of Dockets Management Federal Dockets Management System (FDMS) Instruction Sheet
How to Search for FDA Federal Register Documents and Dockets

In accordance with the President's eRulemaking Initiative, FDA has transitioned from the FDA Dockets Management System (DMS) to the Federal Dockets Management System (FDMS) located at Regulations.gov (see FR announcing this transition).  This new system allows consumers to more readily access important material, including Federal Registers, Petitions, supporting documents and comments. 

The following information is available to you via regulations.gov (see Instructions below).  You may contact the Public Reading Room of the Division of Dockets Management at 301-827-6860 if you have any questions.

Find a Migrated Docket

  • Go to regulations.gov
  • Type the old (legacy) docket number (ex. 2007E-0001) in the box under the "Search" button and click "Go."
  • The 2007E-0001 docket will appear but with a different number: FDA-2007-E-0104
    • Remember it will have a different number but it is the same docket .
  • Click on the docket id link
  • The old (legacy) docket number will appear in the column Legacy ID

Generate Daily Listings (documents entered into FDMS on a given day)

  • Go to regulations.gov
  • Type "FDA" in the box under the "Search" button and click "Go."
  • Then scroll down till you see "Days Since Posted" on the left side of the page, and
  • Click "Posted Today."

---------- Federal Registers (FR) ----------

Generate a list of the Federal Registers (FR) posted today and open for public comment

  • Go to  regulations.gov
  • Click on Go under More Search Options
  • Under Find and Take Action, click on Go under Documents published today and open for public comment
  • Click on FDA in the left hand corner
  • A list of FR documents will display

Submit Electronic Comments for Federal Registers

  • Go to regulations.gov
  • Click Go under More Search Options
  • Click on your preference under Find and Take Action
  • Check out "User Tips" for submitting Electronic Comments at regulations.gov

More Tips for Searching and Submitting Comments Regulations.gov for FDA Dockets and Documents


Date Updated: July 29, 2008