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Starting a Food Business

FDA Assistance: 1-888-723-3366 (1-888-SAFEFOOD)

FDA's primary focus as a regulatory agency is food safety. FDA does not offer financing or business tips for starting up and maintaining a business. FDA offers information on food safety guidelines and regulations it has established that are required for informative labeling and the safe preparation, manufacture, and distribution of food products.

The Government Network

Many federal, state, and local agencies work together to regulate and monitor the production, packaging, distribution and selling of food products.

Food Law and Regulations

Selected Food Topics

Below are selected web sites that we have found to be most useful to people who want to start a food business.

General Requirements

Food Labeling

Acidified and Low Acid Canned Foods



Pesticides and Chemical Contaminants

Dietary Supplements

Food and Color Additives

Other Useful Web Sites

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