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Speak Up!

Speak Up! - Share your thoughts

Have you ever voted on something you felt was important? Tell us about it.

Obama did not serve in any military type job and our last 24 did. He is also a bad influence.

My mother voted for Obama !!! He is a good person, and I think that he really cares about the economy and McCain was just trying to be in a challenge against Barack Obama.

I would have voted for McCain... I don’t know what to say but I chose him to be our president.

I would have voted for Obama because he is a lot smarter than McCain and doesn’t have very good views on the environmental situation. Also, McCain wants to follow in Bush’s footsteps, which is a really big turnoff for everyone considering Bush was recorded as one of the worst presidents America has ever had.

If I could vote I would’ve voted for Obama because I know that Obama will make a change and that he will help the poor, the needy, and the homeless. Obama is a great president. I hope he will stop the war and the gangs out here that need help with their life and need to become more successful.

I would have voted for Obama because I think he could make a CHANGE.

I voted for Obama!!!!

I think that I trust Obama to run the country because he's promising all these things and if he makes a promise, he will have to keep it.

I felt good for voting for McCain. He was trying to do the best for the economy. It made me angry and sad to see Obama win.

I would have voted for Obama. He was really open minded and looked like he stuck to promises.

To be honest Obama seems like a fake and doesn't really care about the economy.

I would have voted for McCain, even though he is kind of old, it’s not like he’s 90.

I would have voted for McCain, even though he is older

If I could have voted I would have voted for Barack Obama. I feel that he will be GREAT!

I voted for a Discovery Girls question. Should girls date? I said no, and that it too much stress for girls.

We did this thing at school were there was this website that let kids vote! I voted for Barack Obama. But I still think McCain ran a good campaign!

I think that Obama is [and was!] the best choice for president. I disagree that McCain would make the world a better place. I listened to one of Obama's speeches and it was very powerful. I think I would have had a harder time picking if McCain had been nicer.

Yes, I have voted. I voted for Barack Obama and know I feel good because of that . I hope he does great in office.

If I could have voted for McCain he had great ideas and was against abortion! But Obama is great too!

If I could I would have voted for Hilary Clinton..... She is a wonderful role model! Then she stopped.... So when it all was said and done, Barack Obama was who I stood behind! I really hope for change!! Ha Ha!

I would vote for McCain.

I would have voted for John McCain, just because Barack Obama is fresh and new. Doesn't mean he would make a very good president.

I voted for Barack Obama. He has very good ideas. That is the most important part of life-voting.

Yes I Have, I Voted For Barack Obama!

If I could've voted, I would have voted Obama 110% because he would make a good president in many more ways than McCain. Obama, you rock my world!!!

If I could’ve voted I would have voted Obama and since he won I’m expecting change for the better in the U.S.

I have voted on a lot of thing,s like to stop war, and to help the needy, and also I am too young to vote but I helped campaign for President Elect Barack Obama to help him win! So I felt that this stuff was important because if we don’t do it then who will? Ask yourself, “Am I homeless? Am I hungry with no food?” Then help the people who are and speak up and show what you can do!!!

First, I would stop the war then I would fund a foundation that gives clothes and food to the needy. Also, I would fund schools in need for things like new text books, more books and, more varieties of food for lunches.

I think it's good for us to vote on things in life. GIRLS ROCK!!!

I vote for clubs for girls that show girls that we need to stick together.

No, I haven't. There haven't really been any chances to do so. But I do volunteer and stuff because the world needs to change.

Yes for standing up for what I know is right!!! GO GIRLS :)

No, I never voted on something that important.

No, I haven't.

I am from Lagos, Nigeria. Yes, I have voted, but not out of pressure but because I know it's my right and it also counted. Voting makes you state your mind and feelings. The person you voted for might be elected and it will also make you happy

My grandma told me to vote for Obama but I voted for McCain anyway! Take that grandma!

Standing up for your rights and saying your mind is better because it makes you feel better and have a free mind. Voting is your right so go ahead.

Yes, I have voted for a class representative, secretary treasurer, vice president, and president for my school. It was important because if the wrong person is elected, they might make the wrong decision for our school and something bad might happen.

Yes, I have voted on something that was important. At my school, all grades, 5th-8th grade, vote on a president, vice president, and a secretary treasurer. Once we get back to our classrooms, all of the students that voted before vote for a boy and a girl to be their class representatives.

My class had to vote on 2 class representatives. I voted and so did my friends and my whole entire class. Every class, 5th-8th grade has to choose 1 boy and 1 girl to be their class representatives.

Yes I have, for school president. But that person didn’t win. I hope to run for president next year when I am in 6th grade. I better win!!

Yes, I did vote, my school had a vote and I picked Obama. If someone told you that vote for Mcain or Obama, don’t do what they say, even if it’s a bully, it’s your choice.

Voting for what you believe in or think is right is very important. It gives you the right to express who you are and what makes you, you. We've had a Mock election this year with Obama v.s. McCain. I didn't have the time to vote but I would have really liked to show who I wanted to win the election.

Every one in my class has voted for Mcain but I am an Obama supporter- because he will bring the troops home for at least a year and that is exciting.

No, I didn’t vote but we really, really should stand up for what we believe in like our rights and religion we are girl and we should stand up for each other not just ourselves.

I believe that standing up for what you believe in is very important, it shows who you are!

I voted for McCain but I'm hoping that Obama will make right choices.

Yes, I have voted on "Student Mock Elections". It’s where students can vote for presidents.

Yes, I have. I voted for Barack Obama at my school when they had a mock election. I am in the 8th grade. I think McCain is too old to run. No offense to the people who voted for him- they both have great ideas but I think some of the things that might happen and they were president and I think Barack Obama has a chance and will make a change.

No, Because I am not 18 yet but if I could it would be Barack Obama.

I have voted at my Dance Studio before. We all voted if we wanted to do fundraising for very expensive dance shoes that we need for our Recital. We all voted for fundraising!

To me, both men are great candidates, but Barack Obama has my vote the whole way!

No, haven't voted for something important, but I do believe in standing up for what you believe in and sharing your opinions.

Every year, 3rd through 5th graders have to vote for the vice president and for the president of our school! IT ROCKS EVERY YEAR!

We voted on things like how long class was, activities to do during lunch, less time in class, and to be able to text and be on the phone during lunch. But the vote didn't go through.

Everyone in my science class is for Obama, but I'm for John McCain!

In our school we voted on student council, which are a few students from our school who make descisions for our grade. We the students get to vote them into office!!! It felt great to make a difference!!!

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