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Salute to Supporters 2008

The Partnership is a non-profit educational organization that relies on charitable contributions to do its work.  The Partnership is not involved with regulatory or policy matters, it exists to improve public health through research-based, actionable consumer food safety initiatives that reduce foodborne illness.

Our CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS are leading industry and scientific non-profit associations, and consumer groups, that give of their resources and their expertise to develop and execute consumer and media outreach programs.  Many contributing members have supported the Partnership since it was formed in 1997.

The FRIENDS OF FOOD SAFETY EDUCATION are individual companies whose donations to the Partnership help support efforts to engage and energize locally-based field BAC Fighters in educating consumers about the four simple practices that can reduce the risk of foodborne illness.


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Mat Release - Tips For Safely Cooking Up Family Meals


The Partnership for Food Safety has specific tips for consumers on how to safely handle fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of foodborne illness!  

Download and print materials on safe handling of fruits and vegetables here., the website of the Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE), is your resource for Fight BAC! food safety and safe food handling campaign information.

The Partnership for Food Safety Education unites representatives from industry associations, professional societies in food science, nutrition and health consumer groups, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration in an important initiative to educate the public about safe food handling practices needed to keep food safe from bacteria and prevent foodborne illness.


Food is safe once it's cooked, no matter how long you leave it out.

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