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Unicode 5.0 Cover

Welcome! The Unicode Consortium enables people around the world to use computers in any language. Our members develop the Unicode Standard, Unicode Locales (CLDR), and other standards. These specifications form the foundation for software internationalization in all major operating systems, search engines, applications, and the Web.

News & Announcements

Recent releases:

"Unicode enabled us to give the local sense to ... our users..." — Shai Agassi

"Unicode 5.0 is a lifeline for scholars..." — Deborah Anderson

"Unicode is fundamental to the work of the W3C..." — Sir Tim Berners-Lee

"Unicode ... has become an essential component of world literacy..." — Charles Bigelow

"Embrace Unicode, don’t fight it..." — Tim Bray

"[Unicode] helps Google accomplish its mission." — Vint Cerf

"Unicode est la contribution la plus importante de ces dernières années..." — Bernard Desgraupes

"Version 5.0 is a great milestone for the Unicode Standard..." — Bill Gates

"Without Unicode, Java wouldn’t be Java..." — James Gosling

"Unicode... is already a key standard for internationalization." — Nick Jones

"...Unicode has underscored the Internet’s truly global character." — Brendan Kehoe

"For ... research in the field of ancient Greek, Unicode is a godsend..." — Donald J. Mastronarde

"Unicode... is a solid foundation for e-business in a global economy." — Steve Mills

"... ensuring computers worldwide work seamlessly in everyone’s language." — Larry Page

"Unicode 5.0 ... a new milestone in the definition of the standard." — Bertrand Serlet

"Unicode... the most widely adopted software standard in the world..." — Richard Mark Soley

"Justsystems ... welcomes the publication of Version 5.0." — Kazunori Ukigawa

"Modern programs must handle Unicode..." — Guido van Rossum

"Unicode is marvellous." — John Wells

"Unicode marks the most significant advance in writing systems since the Phoenicians." — James J. O’Donnell

"Unicode... one of the most important global standards in digital typography." — Charles Bigelow

"UTF-8 [is the IETF’s] preferred default character encoding..." — Brian E. Carpenter

"Javaコミュニティーの一員として、私はユニコード標準第5版の刊行を大いに歓迎する。" — 風間一洋

"As a member of the Java community, I greatly welcome Unicode 5.0." — Kazuhiro Kazama

"...the best tool I know to help bring understanding between people of different cultures." — Donald. E. Knuth

"...will likely impact the way the world interchanges information for centuries to come." — Joel Lee

"...respecting the diversity of traditions and cultures." — Shigeki Moro

"ユニコードを基盤技術とすることにより、将来の仏教研究は急速に発展することを確信する。" — 師茂樹

"...future research in Buddhist studies will rapidly develop based on Unicode infrastructure." — Shigeki Moro

"Unicode 5.0 provides the characters required by the Japanese e-government." — Makoto Murata

"Unicode is a vital part of the effort to make computing global." — Rob Pike

"... for truly international communication and commerce." — Guy L. Steele Jr.

"...for over a decade Japanese computer users have enjoyed the benefits of Unicode..." — Kazunori Ukigawa

"Apple has been supporting Unicode since the beginning..." — Bertrand Serlet

"...we will support Unicode in all of our products." — Shai Agassi

"The path W3C follows to making text on the Web truly global is Unicode." — Sir Tim Berners-Lee

"...Unicode plays a central role in [Google’s] efforts..." — Vint Cerf