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Privacy Act Statement

Authority: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management and other Federal agencies rate applicants for Federal jobs under the authority of sections 1104, 1302, 3301, 3304, 3320, 3361, 3393, and 3394 of title 5 of the United States Code. Other laws require us to ask about citizenship, military service, etc. In order to keep your records in order, we request your Social Security Number (SSN) under the authority of Executive Order 9397 which requires the SSN for the purpose of uniform, orderly administration of personnel records.

Purposes: We need the information requested in this form and in the associated vacancy announcement to evaluate your qualifications.

Routine uses: We use your SSN to seek information about you from employers, schools, banks, and others who know you. We may confirm information from your records with prospective nonfederal employers concerning tenure of employment, civil service status, length of service, and data and nature of action for separation as shown on personnel action forms of specifically identified individuals. We may use your SSN in studies and computer matching with other Government files.

Disclosure: Voluntary; however, failure to furnish the requested information may delay or prevent action on your application. If you do not give us your SSN and any other information required, we cannot process your application.