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Welcome to the National Cancer Institute's Center for Bioinformatics (NCICB) Open Source Project Site.

This web site, enabled by GForge, is the primary site for collaborative project development for the NCI Center for Bioinformatics (NCICB) and for the NCI's Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid™ (caBIG™).
  • The NCICB plays a lead role in bioinformatics and information technology by building many types of tools and resources that enable information to be shared along the continuum from the scientific bench to the clinical bedside and back.
  • caBIG™ is the cornerstone of NCI's biomedical informatics efforts to work together, leveraging valuable resources to transform cancer research into a more collaborative, efficient, and effective endeavor.
  • NCI's collaborative development is based on standard software practices stemming from the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and incorporating Object Management Group's (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA). More information about NCI's software development methodology, policies and procedures can be found on the Software Configuration Management (SCM) Initiative project page.

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Latest News
Development activity moved to LexEVS project
    Thomas Johnson - 2008-10-16 12:57   -   EVS API (deprecated - see LexEVS)
Due to continued integration of the LexBIG and EVS code bases, this GForge project is being deprecated. All development activity has been migrated to the LexEVS GForge project, located at the following URL:
Forum activity moved to caBIG Knowledge Centers
    Thomas Johnson - 2008-10-16 12:44   -   LexEVS
User community forums can now be accessed through the caBIG Vocabulary Knowledge center at
Forum activity moved to caBIG Knowledge Centers
    Thomas Johnson - 2008-10-16 12:44   -   LexBIG (deprecated - see LexEVS)
User community forums can now be accessed through the caBIG Vocabulary Knowledge center at
Announcing the caBIG Archive Project
    Doug Kanoza - 2008-04-30 12:31   -   caBIG Archive
In order to clean up and consolidate legacy repositories (pre-GForge CVS modules in /share/content/cabig/cvsroot), we have created this project to hold all legacy repositories that have not been accessed in two years and are not already associated to an active GForge project. If you need access to a module here, please send a request to NCICB Application Support ( for assistance.
Software Configuration Management Guildeline Files
    Wayne Wang - 2007-08-06 14:56   -   GForge Working Group
The SCM Initiative Deployment handbook and documents for build and deployments are now available on the NCICB GForge home page. You can see these links in the third box to your right hand side of the screen.


caBIG What's Big this Week
caCORE Infrastructure News!
NCICB GForge Statistics
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NCICB Software Configuration Management Guidelines
Application Deployment Request (Annotated PDF)
Build Instructions Outline (Annotated PDF)
Build Script Guidelines (PDF)
Change Control Handbook (PDF)
Change Request
Database Deployment Request
Deployment Handbook (PDF)
Detailed Setup and Configuration Deployment Instructions (Annotated)
Top Project Downloads
(383,036) CAE
(36,217) September 2006 Face-to-Face Meeting
(26,280) caGrid 1.0
(24,311) ICR WS Monthly Calls
(21,464) Compatibility Reviews
(16,725) caTissue
(16,406) 20060711_14_Joint_Arch_VCDE
(15,735) caArray Portal and API
(13,903) CDE Standards
(13,142) C3PR V2
Most Active This Week
( 100.0% ) caGrid 1.0
( 99.1% ) Compatibility Reviews
( 98.2% ) caCORE SDK
( 97.3% ) caTissue
( 96.4% ) NCICB Build and Deployment Automation
( 95.5% ) caXchange
( 94.5% ) LexEVS
( 93.6% ) UML Model Projects
( 92.7% ) geWorkbench
( 91.8% ) ICR WS Monthly Calls
( 90.9% ) EVS Collaborative Terminology Dev Tools
( 90.0% ) Common Security Module
( 89.1% ) Vocabulary Standards
( 88.2% ) caAERS Application Development
( 87.3% ) Evaluation of Vocab: CTCAE
( 86.4% ) Architecture WS Quarterly Reports
( 85.5% ) caBench-to-Bedside
( 84.5% ) C3PR V2
( 83.6% ) caBIO
( 82.7% ) caArray Portal and API
Recently Registered Projects
(01/13) Familyl Health History
(01/05) ctsDSR
(01/04) CDISC XML Technology
(12/23) caBIG Enterprise Use Cases
(12/19) CCTS Portal
(12/16) End Point References WG
(12/15) Pathology Imaging WG
(12/15) VKC Releases
(12/15) UML_Naming Conventions
(12/12) Stroke_Imaging

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