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Frequently Asked Questions
Concerning request for EINs in the Administrative Database (ADB)

1. How do I process an EIN request?

EIN requests can be processed via DELPRO using the CODE: EIN

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Requesting Office - this would be your IC.
  2. Name - this is the name of the person entering the request.
  3. Phone - office phone number of person entering request.
  4. Bldg, Room, Fax No. - optional fields.
  5. E-Mail Address: e-mail address of person entering the request.
    Note: VERY IMPORTANT! This feature allows a reply e-mail to be sent to the requestor once an EIN has been processed/rejected.

Type in the appropriate numbers for the type of action, type of vendor, and type of use.

EIN/SSN - Type in the 9-digit US Social Security Number (SSN) for an individual or 9-digit taxpayer ID No for Company with spaces or hyphens. If no US SSN, type the 'FOREIGN' in this field. VERY IMPORTANT! THIS FIELD MUST NOT BE LEFT BLANK.

Title - This field can be used for remarks and/or special instructions.

Name - Type in the complete "legal" name of the individual or Company.

Address - Type in the current address as indicated on payroll records for employees or the remit to address for a company. Spell out the names of streets, drives, avenues, etc. as well as the names of cities. Use the proper Postal Service State and Zip Code and/or Country Codes.

Once all the information has been completed, press the enter key to submit your request to OFM.

2. How do I change an Individual's Name or Social Security Number (SSN) in the NIH Vendor File?

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) needs to receive an ADB request for the change, along with a signed letter from the individual, stating their old name/old SSN and new name/SSN, along with a newly completed ACH form, faxed (301) 402-4684.

3. How do I change a Company's Name or Tax ID Number?

OFM needs to receive an ADB request for the change, along with a signed letter from the company stating their old name/new name, old Tax Id Number/new Tax Id Number and a newly completed ACH form, faxed to (301) 402-4684.

4. What is the waiting period for grants to be assigned an EIN?

The waiting period for establishing EINs for grants includes 3-5 business days to obtain the Central Registry's (CRs) approval, and a subsequent 2 business days after CR approval of the OFM to establish the EIN into the NIH Administrative Database. For additional information of establishing EINs for grants, visit the Best Practices for Establishment of EIN website.

5. How do you look up an individual's name or Social Security Number, or company name or Tax ID Number?

If you have access to the ADB Vendor Display (VEN) Screen, look up the Social Security Number by typing a 2 or a 5 for and individual , followed by the Social Security Number.

For a company, type a 1, followed by the company's tax id number. After the SSN or TIN, type 2 question marks, and hit enter. The individual or company information should appear on the screen, if it exists in the ADB.

Example for individual: 2123457899??

Example for company: 1123456789??

If you have access to the ADB Vendor Alpha Search (VAS) Screen, type in the last name of the individual or the company name, and hit enter. A listing of names will appear. Type an asterisk by the name you are search for, and hit enter. The individual or company information should appear on the screen, if it exits in the ADB.

6. Are SSNs required for all U.S. citizens?

Yes, if the individual is an U.S. citizen, they must provide us with their SSN and banking information.

7. If the individual is a foreign citizen without a SSN, what do I do?

When completing your EIN request, type FOREIGN in the EIN/SSN field.

8. If the foreign citizen has a U.S. bank account, can NIH pay the individual electronically?

Yes, ACH information should be provided to OFM at the time of the EIN request, and NIH will make an electronic payment to the individual's U.S. bank account.

9. Is an ACH form required for all EIN requests?

Yes, except if the individual is foreign and does not have a U.S. bank account. Any U.S. citizen who is doing business with the Government should provide us with an ACH form to be in compliance with the Federal Government regulations on electronic payments.  With the exception of Grants.

10. Does a foreign organization/foreign individual need to fill out an ACH form?

No, we currently do not have the capability to pay electronically overseas. However, if the foreign organization or foreign individual have a U.S. bank account, they can provide us with that information so that we may pay them electronically.

11. Does the ACH form have to be filled out by the Financial Institution?

Yes, the financial institution information on the ACH form should be completed by the financial institution. However, in emergency situations, if the company or individual provides us with a voided check (not a deposit slip), we will use it instead of obtaining official signatures from the Financial Institution.

12. Does the ACH form need to be filled out in it entirety?

No, however, we need the Payee/Company Information portion of the form filled out completely, along with the Financial Institution.

13. What is a W-9 and where do we receive a copy of one?

A W-9 is a Tax Payer ID Certification and it is an Internal Revenue Service Form. You can obtain a copy from IRS, or the form can be printed from the OFM website.  Once the W-9 is completed, it can be faxed to the company and returned via fax to us at (301) 402-4684 .

14. What if my EIN request has been processed and a message still reads, 'ACH DATA IS REQUIRED'?

After an EIN request is processed, it may take 1-3 business days to enter the ACH information , however, once the EIN is in the system, you can proceed with any action on your end (i.e. travel order, purchase order, etc.). When a travel voucher or payment is to be processed and the message still reads, 'ACH DATA IS REQUIRED', contact Ratna Bhadra at (301) 402-6031.

15. When I look for an individual or company in the Vendor Alpha Search (VAS), a different person or address appears?

There may be additional addresses for a company, therefore, check the bottom of the screen for the following message: PRESS PA1-KEY TO REVIEW ADDITIONAL ADDRESSES. This will allow you to scroll to the next screen.

16. What does the following message mean: ACH DATA EXISTS, WILL NOT ADD ADDITIONAL ADDRESSES?

Additional addresses will not be processed unless a new ACH form with the correct address is filled out and faxed to (301) 402-4684.








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