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The Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System (TAGGS) is an extensive tool developed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Grants. The TAGGS database is a central repository for grants awarded by the twelve DHHS Operating Divisions (OPDIVs). TAGGS tracks obligated grant funds at the transaction level.

What's New

Several new search pages have been added and grouped under the new Search menu.

  • TAGGS FY 2007 Annual Report - The TAGGS FY 2007 Annual Report is now available on the Annual Reports Page. The annual report contains summary information about the HHS Grants Programs tracked by TAGGS. The annual report is available in Microsoft Word format.
  • TAGGS Advanced Search - The new TAGGS Advanced Search enables a very refined search through more than 500,000 grant awards. Criteria include keyword, award title, recipient name, agency, type, title, recipient name, and many other selections in a variety of combinations. Search results can be output and downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.

  • Abstracts Search by Keyword and Advanced Search - The two new Award Abstract Searches provide a search through more than 85,000 Grant Award Abstracts by keyword or by using the Advanced Search. The TAGGS Abstracts Search by Keyword search performs a full-text search of each available abstract based on the entered keywork. The TAGGS Abstracts Advanced Search enables search criteria such as keyword, agency, type, year, and state to be used in many combinations.