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Cross-Systems Collaboration

All organizations and systems that engage people who have or at risk of having substance use disorders (e.g., primary care, criminal justice, child welfare) must work in concert to create a fluid continuum of services, including prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support. The Partners for Recovery (PFR) initiative provides a means for organizations in both public and private sector service systems to come together.

PFR work in the area of cross-systems collaboration focuses on fostering meaningful partnerships among the many Federal, State, and local agencies and organizations that serve and interact regularly with addicted populations. These include representatives of the child welfare, criminal justice, education, health, addiction treatment, prevention, and mental health service systems. The purpose of these collaborations is to develop strategies to effectively address the needs of substance-involved individuals.

PFR supports and promotes cross-systems collaboration through events such as the June 2004 SAMHSA Collaboration Forum, which brought together leaders from the substance use disorder treatment, prevention, and mental health systems to develop guidelines and strategies for improving cross-systems collaboration to support recovery.

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