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L-Soft is the exclusive provider of LISTSERV-brand mailing list management software, email marketing software and email list hosting services for email newsletters, discussion groups and opt-in email marketing campaigns.


LISTSERV is the original opt-in mailing list solution that customers have trusted for more than 20 years. It provides the power, reliability and scalability to manage all types of opt-in email lists.

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LISTSERV launched the email list management industry in 1986 and remains the gold standard. It provides the power and reliability you need to manage your opt-in email lists, such as email newsletters, announcement lists, discussion groups and communities.

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LISTSERV Maestro is a complete email marketing solution, unmatched in its versatility and performance. It allows you to deliver carefully targeted and personalized messages, while measuring all aspects of your opt-in email marketing campaigns.

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ListPlex and ListPlex Maestro email list hosting services give you the flexibility to manage your email newsletters, discussion groups and opt-in email marketing campaigns without hardware, software or personnel investments.

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