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Michigan's largest public museum of natural history and culture and the state's only land-grant university museum
View a live webcast of the MSU Museum!
Courtesy of MSU News.
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Public Humanities Collaborative
MSU's humanities faculty, students, and community partners have a long history of serious commitment to civic engagement and the land grant tradition of educational opportunity and equity, social responsibility, and the public impacts of scholarship.
Live Web Cam
View a live webcast of the MSU Museum and Beaumont Tower! Courtesy of MSU News.
Wildlife & Natural History Q-line
Find everything you need to know about the critters that live around you.
Division of Vertebrate Natural History
Explore the collections and meet the people in the Division of Vertebrate Natural History
Michigan Stained Glass Census
The Michigan Stained Glass Census is an ongoing project that focuses attention on a long-neglected portion of Michigan's cultural heritage.
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