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Learning Page Chat, January 20, 2005:

Civil Rights

Room: ASO

LeniD joined the room.
BjB: |** ANNOUNCEMENT: The LOC Learning Page Chat on Civil Rights is starting shortly in the After School Online Room. To participate click on the ONLINE tab to the left of your chat window, single click on LeniD and then click on the door icon at the bottom of the frame. **|

LeniD: Let's talk about Civil Rights!
MichaelH: Yep
BJB2 knows that Leni always has a lot of information to share
MichaelH: shall I go ahead and introduce you and the session?
LeniD: I really have a GREAT deal tonight, so we had better get started!
LeniD: Please, Michael.
MichaelH: Ok
BJB2: Mark, do you know how to detach your chat window?
MichaelH: Hi, everyone, Welcome to tonight's Learning Page Chat
MarkAH settles into his role as audience ......with a detached chat window
MichaelH: Leni has a lot of great resources and lesson ideas to share tonight on the subject of Civil Rights, and of course, it is appropriate since we just celebrated the MLK holiday
MichaelH gives Leni the floor

LeniD: Learning about the "Civil Rights"... once meant understanding the struggle of African Americans to obtain equal rights and equal opportunities in the United States.
LeniD: When you teach about "civil rights" today... is this still what is being discussed, or are we talking about a much broader issue?
MichaelH: Leni, I think the groups we consider "fighting" for civil rights have changed, not the struggle itself
LeniD: Yes, I suspect this is true...
BJB2: I think we're still talking about equal rights and equal opportunities, but the cultural groups have expanded
MichaelH: When we were growing up, Civil Rights meant African Americans
LeniD: I also wonder whether, in this post 9/11 world, the US view of civil rights has changed.
MichaelH: oh, absolutely
MichaelH: To me (ok, this is the government teacher in me talking), with the Patriot Act, we all have to concern ourselves with civil rights
LeniD: Do you talk with students about such issues? Does your curriculum allow it?
MichaelH: Leni, I think the focus is changing...
MarkAH . o O ( .... world rights..... )
MichaelH: to African Americans, but also Hispanic, handicapped, gays ... at least in our textbook
LeniD: World rights at the University level, Mark? Does it trickle down to high school and below, I wonder?
LeniD: I'm glad to hear that textbooks are reflecting current thinking, Michael.
LeniD: Well...we can ruminate individually. It's time to show you the promised resources from the Library. Ready?
BJB2 fastens her seatbelt
MichaelH reminds all to take a minute and look, but come back here for more
MichaelH . o O ( all URLs will be in the transcript )
MichaelH: click on the blue link to see the page

LeniD: We have some excellent online exhibitions that offer both context and primary source documents to use with your students...
LeniD: "With an Even hand": Brown v. Board at Fifty

LeniD: The African-American Mosaic

LeniD: American Treasures - Civil Rights

MichaelH checks to see if everyone is A-OK
DavidWe checks his pulse AND BJ's seatbelt
MarkAH nods
LeniD: LOL! Speeding along...
DavidWe smiles ...Keep it under the speed limit, please, Ms. Donlan!
LeniD: I'll tap the brakes when asked :-)
MichaelH: it's ok, Leni,... we can always look at the transcripts
LeniD: I know :-) But I do want to give you a chance to be tantalized!

LeniD: From Abolition to Equal Rights (John Bull and Uncle Sam - Four Centuries of British-American Relations)

LeniD: These special presentations from the American Memory collections are not to be missed...
LeniD: African American History and Culture (don't miss the "Selected items" list!)

LeniD: African-American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship

DavidWe wonders if Leni saw the most recent film about Jack Johnson that Michael told him about
MichaelH watched it
DavidWe . o O ( by Ken Burns )
DavidWe did too
LeniD: I didn't, David. What did you think?
MichaelH: Leni, Samuel L. Jackson was the voice of Jack Johnson
MarkAH: I saw this, but thought that some things were left somewhat mysterious....
MarkAH: ... to the end of his life Jackson seemed to always have money.... he died driving one of "his fast cars."
MarkAH: It was very good... there just isn't time to tell everything of course.
DavidWe agrees with Mark
LeniD: I see...thanks :-)

LeniD: Voices from the Days of Slavery

LeniD: Faces and Voices from the Presentation

MarkAH listens to one of the recordings from this site... Fountain Hughes.
MarkAH: Multi-media resources like this have a huge impact with students
DavidWe agrees
LeniD: Yes, I know. They are a multi-media generation...but seeing and hearing has huge impact on learners of all ages.

LeniD: You can find webliographies and bibliographies such as these...
LeniD: African American Sites in the Digital Collections

LeniD: Brown v. Board of Education Webliography

DavidWe: There's a rich resource
LeniD: Most definitely!
MichaelH: Chantara, Brown vs. Board is an important court case that said that schools could not be separated by black and white students...
ChantaratP: Yes, I agree but there are more mis imderstand and practice, particularly in the difference culture like , China, and Southeast Asia.
LeniD: Chantarat...such problems exist in many places, don't they?
ChantaratP: Sorry for me the terms Civil Right is new indeed, it is support be difference definition, is it?
MichaelH: Chantara, we basically would describe this as a fight for equal opportunity and equal standing in society
DavidWe: If I can add to Michael's a time when there were laws that required different people to use different public facilities.
MichaelH: traditionally, this would be seen as a fight for African Americans, but, today we would also look at women, those who are Hispanic, Native American, homosexual, and so on...
ChantaratP: can it be compare with Gender disparity, as UNESCO declaration in Dakka ?
DavidWe: Yes, I think we can, Chantarat
LeniD: I agree, David and Michael. We were discussing what "civil rights" means a bit earlier, Chantarat.
DavidWe: Leni, do you know, off the top of your head, a web site about the Japanese internment during WWII (Executive Order 9066)?
LeniD: David, the Japanese American section of the Learning Page feature presentation on Immigration discusses such content. We also have a lesson on Japanese Internment.
ChantaratP: so that I used to work with UNESCO , BKK , and to implement this concept to school in Thailand, but there is some mis understand and practice and I mention earlier.
MichaelH: well, Chantarat, the issue of Gender equality is a major one in this country as well

LeniD: If you are looking for images to introduce or reinforce lessons, the Library's Prints and Photographs Division offers..
LeniD: Sources for Images on African American History

LeniD: You may not know about this collaboration...
the Library and other partnering organizations are collecting and preserving thousands of personal stories, oral histories, photographs, and personal artifacts documenting the Civil Rights Movement in America...
LeniD: Voices of Civil Rights

LeniD: The Library offers excellent in-house lectures and programs... many of which are subsequently offered online as streaming video cybercasts...

LeniD: W. Ralph Eubanks Discusses Memoir: Ever is a Long Time: A Journey into Mississippi's Dark Past

LeniD: Langston Hughes and His Poetry

LeniD: Historians Discuss Images of Early African American Life

DavidWe: I'm impressed, Leni. You and your colleagues at LOC have really been doing some work.
LeniD: We work with such wonderful's a work of great love.

LeniD: From the Learning Page...

LeniD: Ethnic and Multicultural History (a collection of carefully selected links to resources outside of the Library)

LeniD: From Slavery to Civil Rights (an interactive timeline)

LeniD: And one some of you saw recently, when we discussed political cartoons...
It's No Laughing Matter

DavidWe smiles
DavidWe claps
DavidWe likes cartoons
LeniD: I'm glad you like that, David. We have had some very good feedback about this activity :-)

LeniD: If you are looking for lesson plans to use with your students...
For middle school to high school...
To Kill a Mockingbird

DavidWe: My niece, Justine, is here and she is reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" right now in 8th grade.
LeniD: Maybe she can tell her teacher about this lesson, David.

LeniD: And for high school students...
After Reconstruction

LeniD: From Jim Crow to Linda Brown

LeniD: Jackie Steals Home

LeniD: Rounding the Bases

LeniD: Two Unreconciled Strivings

LeniD: Most of what I've shown thus far is for teachers to use with their students or for their own edification. Would you like to see resources that you can send students to on their own?
MarkAH nods
SusanR nods as well
SusanR . o O ( just finished watching Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson on PBS )
LeniD: Susan, we were talking about that earlier.

LeniD: From America's Library...
Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. Was Born

LeniD: John Brown Took Harpers Ferry Hostage

LeniD: Frederick Douglass

LeniD: Harriet Tubman

LeniD: Langston Hughes

LeniD: And...folks our time is just about up. Sorry!
MichaelH: Does anyone have any last second questions for Leni?
LeniD: You can find all of these resources and more in your transcripts and in the Learning Page Community Center on Civil Rights...

MichaelH: Next chat, Leni?
MarkAH: These are wonderful resources... thanks ever so much
LeniD: You are welcome!
MarkAH: I have been taking screenshots so I can pass them and this transcript along to our planning group
LeniD: Join us next month for a discussion of the Civil War...
February 17. 2005, 8:00 P.M. ET
MichaelH: can't wait for that one :)
ChantaratP: Thanks Leni your discussion is very good, indeed,
DavidWe: Thanks, Leni
MarkAH: And thanks to Bj and Michael
MichaelH: Glad you could join us Mark
SusanR: Thanks for the outstanding resources
LeniD: You are all welcome. Good night!
ChantaratP: and bye, bye, everyone
MichaelH: Nice to see you again, Chantarat
MarkAH waves bye
ChantaratP: me too Michael
LeniD left the room.

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