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Learning Page Chat, March 17, 2005:

Her Story: Women's History

Room: ASO

LeniD joined the room.

BjB: |** ANNOUNCEMENT: The Library of Congress Learning Page Chat is starting in the After School Online room. The topic is Her Story: Women's History. To participate click on the ONLINE tab to the left of the chat window, single click on LeniD and then click on the door icon at the bottom of the frame. **|

BJB2: if you see this you're in the right place

CathyAB: Thanks for letting me join you...

CathyAB: Have we started yet?

BJB2: not yet, Cathy

LeniD: our pleasure. We were just giving the stragglers a few more minutes, Cathy.

BJB2: while we wait a moment to see if anyone else is joining us...

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LeniD: You can also make the text larger in the action menu :-)

LeniD: Tonight we will be talking about teaching Women's History with an assist from Library of Congress resources.

LeniD: Diana...I remember seeing news of the snow on TV.

CathyAB: I'm really interested in learning more about LOC online resources...

LeniD: And here we go, Cathy!

CathyAB: Great!

BJB2 recommends that everyone fasten your seatbelts

LeniD: I remember teaching history as the story of "dead old white men"...let's see how that can be changed, tonight :-)

CathyAB: Here in Texas we call it "dates and dead people".

LeniD: LOL, BJ. Is everyone ready? I do go quickly, but a transcript will have all the links I show.

LeniD: Good one, Cathy :-)

LeniD: How do you ensure that your students learn history from many perspectives and hear it through many voices?

BJB2: Leni will be showing urls...

BJB2: when she does, just click on them to open a new window

BJB2: you may need to hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard if you have a pop up blocker

LeniD: Think about my question as we view these resources....

LeniD: The Library of Congress can perpetuate the myth that history is the "story of dead white men" as many of the items in its holdings reflect the impact of men on the nation and the world.

LeniD: However, we also have many holdings that share women’s perspectives and the roles they played in shaping the events of our nation throughout history. Tonight, I’ll be sharing these with you.

LeniD: We’ll start with some of the holdings of the Library’s Prints and Photographs division (you can click on the thumbnails of images to get a larger image to view, print or save).

LeniD: Dorothea Lange’s talent and "eye" are evident as she documents the life of migrant farm workers in Nipomo, CA in the mid-1930s.

LeniD: Her work is a powerful statement about the time. As you view this link, think about how Lange portrays a feminine point of view.

BJB2 checks to make sure everyone got the url

ByronH is there

CathyAB: I’m good...

LeniD: Our nation’s First Ladies played a very important role in shaping the nation. Some have done so through public work and responsibilities, while others have offered more subtle influence. Here they are...

LeniD: This collection of images depicts the struggle for women’s rights.

LeniD: And here are the "Rosie" pictures - images relating to America’s women workers during WW II

BJB2 . o O ( a reminder that all urls will be in your transcript )

LeniD: Votes for Women: The Struggle for Women's Suffrage

LeniD: Many American Memory collections offer "Special Presentations" that provide specialized information about the content of the collection.

LeniD: Here are some of these presentations that help tell the story of American women...

DianaAL: What I absolutely love about the LOC collections is the ability to bring my students very close to primary source documents and let them become their own historians.

LeniD: It is what we love about it, too, Diana.

LeniD: The Northern Great Plains: The Women Pioneers

LeniD: African American Perspectives: The Progress of a People. Read about "Work Among Our Women"...

LeniD: Votes for Women: Timeline - One Hundred Years Toward Suffrage

LeniD: Words and Deeds: Women

LeniD: The following resources are from the Library’s wonderful online Exhibitions.

LeniD: Women Come to the Front: Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters During WWII

LeniD: Margaret Mead: Human Nature and the Power of Culture

LeniD: I asked earlier how you ensure that your students learn history from many perspectives and hear it through many voices. Has anything you've seen thus far inspired some lesson ideas?

BJB2 nods vigorously

LeniD: Good! The resources are only as good as the connections you make for your students :-)

ByronH: I have a couple of teachers that are going through the AAM project that have a great example

LeniD: Do you want to share, Byron?

ByronH: They have divided their classes into different professions (women in politics, journalism, etc.)

ByronH: The students went onto the LOC site and found information about their area and then create a 20 minutes skit demonstrating the advancements of women in their area.

LeniD: Wonderful!

ByronH: On March 31, the students will be giving the skits as a 2-hour play to the public.

LeniD: Local community public, Byron?

ByronH: Yes. I am so proud of these two teachers. :)

LeniD: Fantastic! I hope you will videotape and share the results of their effort.

LeniD: Did you know that a variety of cybercasts are available from the Library? Let me show you some...

LeniD: The History of Household Technology With Constance Carter

LeniD: Native American Women Writers Discuss New Book, Sister’s Nation

LeniD: Globalization and Women in Muslim Societies

LeniD: Resourceful Women: A Library of Congress Symposium

LeniD: Last, but not least ... I’d like to share resources from the Learning Page...
From The American Memory Timeline...
Reformers and Crusaders (1850-1880)
LeniD: Traveling on the Overland Trails (1843-1860)

LeniD: Women in the Union Armies

LeniD: Women Pioneers - another Learning Page Feature Presentation

LeniD: From our carefully vetted Internet Resources (these links go outside the Library)...
Women’s History

LeniD: An activity for your students...
Women’s Words of Wisdom

LeniD: Is everyone still with me? It's mighty quiet out there :-)

ByronH still around

LeniD: Good to know, Byron :-)

BJB2 thanks Leni for the women's words...I needed a quote for the March Newsletter

ByronH: These are great links. I have put together some at our website ( on our monthly features. These will be a great addition to what I have already gathered.

LeniD: I'm glad I could help, BJ. I have many favorites there.

LeniD: Thanks, Byron. There is still more to come...

LeniD: How about some lesson plans?
For grades 6-12...Women: Struggle and Triumph

LeniD: Women, Their Rights, and Nothing Else (grades 9-12)

LeniD: For grades 4 - 6 - Voices for Votes: Suffrage Strategies

LeniD: (I'm poking around your web site, Byron. I see I will have to spend some serious time there!

LeniD: Stand Up and Sing (grades 7-12)

ByronH: Thanks Leni. That is great to hear.

LeniD: Thanks for sharing :-)

LeniD: And now...
More fanfare...
Brand new and making its public premier tonight...
Pages from Her Story

BJB2 applauds!

LeniD: Thanks :-) We would love to hear whether this appears useful and how you might use it.

ByronH: Wow, this is fantastic!!!

LeniD: Thanks, Byron. That's music to our ears.

ByronH: One of the teachers wants to do time periods next year instead of occupations for the skits. This will be a wonderful resource for her to use.

LeniD: Excellent.

LeniD: That’s it, folks! Thanks for visiting tonight.

BJB2: Thanks, Leni :-)

JeffC: Thanks Leni... as usual I enjoyed the sites.

BJB2 . o O ( my head is swimming )

LeniD: Please join us next month at 8:00 P.M. ET, April 21, when we will share resources dealing with Literature and Poetry.

BJB2: coolness.

LeniD: Thanks, Jeff and BJ :-)

LeniD: See you then!

ByronH: Thank you for all of the resources. Hmm, cannot wait until next month.

BJB2 waves goodnight to Leni

LeniD: I look forward to seeing you again, Byron. Night all!

BJB2: Thanks, everyone for participating in the discussion.

ByronH: Nite Leni (and BJ)

LeniD left the room (signed off).

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