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Learning Page Chat, July 16, 2003:

What's New for YOU at the Library of Congress?

MichaelH: you are all here for the Library of Congress session?

GailP: Hi Michael - yes - I work at LOC with Leni :-) I'm on vacation in Cape Cod but want to be part of the group!

MichaelH: Hi, Gail... have seen you here at sessions before :)

GailP: I know Leni will have lots of great things to share!

BjB: |** ANNOUNCEMENT: What's New for YOU at The Library of Congress? with Leni Donlan is starting in the After School Online Room (ASO). **|

MichaelH: there will be several of my night class students joining me this evening for this session... hopefully they will know how to identify themselves :)

MichaelH: let's start our session....

MichaelH: Welcome to tonight's Learning Page Chat...

MichaelH: As you may know the Library of Congress, American Memory, and Learning page have a plethora of great resources we can use in the classroom...

GailP: Michael - plethora is an understatement :-)

MichaelH: as we normally do, let's start with introductions....

ErikoGuest18: eriko sato history 140

DonnaH: Donna Hendry, Educational Consultant in CT

MelaniGuest20: melanie miller history 140

BJ: I'm an art teacher in Pennsylvania and a helpdesk volunteer for Tapped In

MichaelH: I'm Michael Hutchison, a Technology Curriculum facilitator in southwestern Indiana

CarrieGuest17: Carrie Vincennes University Hist 140

CarolE: Carol E=Elizabeth High School Social Studies Teacher

SarahSa: Sarah in Boston - I teach tax

GailP: Gail Petri, retired elementary school librarian and now Lib Library of Congress consultant

DavidAC: David Chaim/ Sheltered English Instruction/ Spanish teacher

ReiserGuest15: I'm an MAT candidate at Concordia Univ. in Portland, OR

KimFl: Kim in AZ - online professional development for teachers (ASSET)

BretBi: Bret Biornstad 4th Grade Teacher Vancouver, WA

TiffanyC: Tiffany, special ed. teacher, bethel, maine

CherylC: Cheryl in Caribbean...4th Grade teacher

JohnLi: John - third grade teacher/site technology mentor - San Jose, CA.

GailP: What a wonderful variety of backgrounds!

SarahSa: sort of like the LC

GailP: Welcome Leni!

MichaelH waves to Leni!

GailP: I was ready to take over, but no one can fill your shoes!

LeniD: Hi Gail...welcome to everyone!

BretBi Welcome Leni

MichaelH: Leni, we've done intros... and are ready for the resources :)

LeniD: Moving right along, huh?

MichaelH: yep :)

LeniD: So....let's talk about What?s New for YOU at the Library of Congress!

MichaelH: Leni, I should probably talk to the group about how to look at sites you show tonight...

MichaelH: and you might want to introduce yourself :)

LeniD: Oh! Good idea, Michael :-) I'm Leni Donlan....former classroom teacher, technology director, etc...
LeniD: Current coordinator of the Learning Page project at the Library of Congress.

MichaelH: Everyone, Leni has some great stuff to show us tonight... but remember to come back here after a quick glance at the resource, so you can follow the discussion... there are transcripts available afterwards.

SarahSa: ohh - clicking on the hyperlink works a lot better than trying to cut and paste the URL into a browser window!!

LeniD: That's a little "cookie crumb trail" to help you remember what you see tonight.

LeniD: Let's start here at the Library's front door...

DavidAC: got it. . .


MichaelH . o O ( remember click on the blue link... but come back here to continue the discussion in a sec. )

SarahSa: it looks like I imagine the Taj Mahal might look like inside

DavidAC: Is there a way of bookmarking these pages to one's favorites without leaving this page?

GailP: Some of it really does :-)

LeniD: David, the page I showed first (the cookie crumb trail) IS a general bookmark for what is coming.

DavidAC: Thank you

GailP: And the urls will be in your chat transcript


LeniD: So...looking at the Library's main Web site...let's begin begin exploring the distinct sites that are part of the Library Web family.

LeniD: American Memory is a mother lode for history and humanities teachers. Here you will find more than 7 million primary source items in 100 historical collections....

SarahSa looks eagerly

GailP: And this chat will also be archived on the Learning Page in the Community Center


MichaelH . o O ( remember, you can click on the blue link.... )

SarahSa: public domain? fair use?

LeniD: Here we are at the American Memory main page...

MichaelH: Doug, we're at

DavidAC: WOW! This page is impressive!!

GailP: And you haven't seen anything YET!

LeniD: SarahSa, while it differs from collection to collection most of what you would use this material for in a classroom falls in the fair use category.

SarahSa: thanks

MichaelH: Leni, maybe I should suggest you show the resources, and the folks hang on to the questions for a bit until you have demonstrated all you'd like tonight.

MelaniGuest20: there are some neat things on this page! i like!

LeniD: Our huge effort to put a lot of material up rapidly, has slowed a bit...but there were some excellent resources added this year.

LeniD: This collection was a collaborative effort of the Bancroft Library, University of Berkeley and the Library of Congress
LeniD: The Chinese in Californian:

LeniD: Poke around a is WONDERFUL!

GailP: This is one of the newest collections added to American Memory!

MichaelH . o O ( remember all the sites are in tonight's transcript :) )

LeniD: Here's another new collection...
LeniD: Abraham Lincoln Papers:
LeniD: Be sure to look at the Special Presentations!

LeniD: Another Collaborative endeavor between the Library of Congress, Lee Library, BYU and Utah Academic Library Consortium...
LeniD:Trails to Utah and the Pacific:
LeniD: Westward Expansion has long been a special interest for me...this collection is fantastic! :-)

KimFl . o O ( the collection connection is pretty cool on each of those sites! )

LeniD: KimFl ...Collection Connections are part of the Learning Page project ;-) Thanks for the plug!

KimFl smiles

CarolE: These collections are great!

GailP: In the collection that Leni is showing, if you explore Categories, you'll find some wonderful diaries!

LeniD: This next collection just came online within the last month! Gail was a panelist in professional discussions held when it was launched. Gail, would you like to say anything about your experience or this "gateway"?

LeniD: while I look for the URL which I seem to have left behind somewhere!

MichaelH . o O ( oh oh :) )

DavidAC: These collections are great

LeniD: American Women:

GailP: This women's gateway is terrific - it helps you locate materials throughout the Library Collections. There was a 2 day symposium at the library featuring many famous people (women) and a few not-so-famous ones!

GailP: All of the talks will eventually be online. Valerie Tripp, Justices Ginsberg and O'Connor, writers, filmmakers, etc.

LeniD: Gail is far too modest :-)

LeniD: So that was a VERY brief look at some new additions to the American Memory Web site. Let's move on...

LeniD: Going back to the Library's front door...
LeniD: Let's move on to our Global Gateway:

LeniD: Here we find two EXCELLENT collections...
LeniD: one created in Russian and English - Meeting of Frontiers;
LeniD: one created in Spanish and English - Spain, The United States and The American Frontier: Parallel Histories

LeniD: Gail found some gems about the Lewis and Clark expedition in Meeting of Frontiers:

LeniD: comments, Gail?

DavidAC: I was looking under portals of the new world: I was looking for my country, Puerto Rico: Why is it not there?

DavidAC: Puerto Rico has a 500 year old history!!

GailP: Try this url to find more on the American West:

LeniD: Your concern is heard, David. International collections are the result of collaborations with other nations. More will be published here as these projects are developed.

LeniD: Back to the Library's front door...and on to.... THOMAS, Legislative Information on the Internet:

LeniD: Here you can trace a bill...find out how YOUR elected officials have been voting (or IF they have been voting), how often they attend sessions, etc.

JenW: I love being able to do this

LeniD: The site takes some exploring to become adept, but it is well worth the time and effort for today's citizens.

SarahSa: A great resource - law teachers use it a lot

GailP: Thomas is a vast resource worth exploring - use the links on the left to help you learn how to use the site.

JenW: I also come here before I sign petitions

LeniD: I'm glad you enjoy it, Jen :-) It sounds as though you use it well and often!

BretBi: Great idea Jen

LeniD: The Learning Page has created an activity to help you understand how to used THOMAS...
LeniD: Introducing ... THOMAS!:
LeniD: If you are new to the site, this may increase your comfort level, quickly :-)

JenW: cool --- the scavenger hunt is neat

LeniD: Take a bow, Gail!

GailP: Thanks, Leni. I was a newbie to Thomas - so I hope this helps you all!

LeniD: Let's move along to Exhibitions:

LeniD: Here the Library shares digital versions of the display which can be viewed in DC...often the displays include very rare materials on loan from collaborators country (or world) wide!

DavidAC: I love that quote by JFK!

MelaniGuest20: i love the bob hope info...i have to tell my dad about this site!

LeniD: A very hot exhibit this year will be: Rivers, Edens, Empires

JenW: smiles -- just bookmarked that one

SherryB: The Earth as Art is cool! Great for abstract painting...

LeniD: Though still in preview format, the full version will be available by month's end!

GailP: And it should be exciting - virtual views of all of the material on exhibit

AndrewP: great flash time line presentation did either you or Gail do this one?

LeniD: Exhibits are fascinating. Come back when you have time to poke around.

MelaniGuest20: when you put up new exhibits, do the old ones stay available or do you have to delete them for space?

LeniD: Wish we could say yes, Andrew...but I'm afraid not.

LeniD: They are usually archived, Melani.

JenW: do you make archives of the exhibits available on CD??

AndrewP: so does LOC outsource the creative parts to commercial companies to produce or work within other gov agencies to produce this type of material, it's very well done and professional

GailP: Andrew, we didn't do the flash timeline, but keep your eyes open for our upcoming Lewis and Clark activity.

LeniD: which also uses Flash...

LeniD: Learning Page staff has competent web designers, but we do use contract help with Flash projects. Library wide, most of our work is done "in house" with assistance, where needed, from outside resources.

SarahSa: re Jen's q - available on CD??

LeniD: I don't know of plans for a CD of this exhibit...Gail?

JenW: educators would love the option

LeniD: We will mention this to our friends in Exhibits :-)

GailP: It would be a good idea though -wouldn't it!

DavidAC: I just read Nikita Krushev's letter to Kennedy on the Cuban Missle Crisis. WOW

JenW: Gail -- I think an Excellent Idea :)

LeniD: Amazing, indeed!

LeniD: May I move you along?

DavidAC: Please do. Sorry to have taken a bit longer

BretBi: Wow I think my mind has been expanded or blown as we used to say

LeniD: No problem :-)

LeniD: For students (we've seen seven and eight year olds through jaded middle school students have some fun as they learn here): America's Library

JenW: ---we had fun here during cybersurfari!! :)

LeniD: Here, in an engaging, kid-friendly environment, students can "discover the stories of America's past."

LeniD: Ahhh...we had a puzzle from the Learning Page, too...did you find that one? It was answered in Women's Words of Wisdom.

JenW: I remember the baseball one the most

LeniD: That's a very popular activity :-)

LeniD: Last, but certainly not least is the Wise Guide...presented in monthly magazine style format to highlight the treasures of the Library's various sites

JenW: ooooo -- I didn't know about this page

ReiserGuest15: Wow! there are some great things here

GailP: Make sure to check the archives of the Wise Guide

SherryB: cool, April 2003 the contents of Lincoln's pockets

SarahSa: wise guide looks like another public/private collaboration - notes to DDB and 415

JenW: this page is truly UNBELIEVABLE

DavidAC: I love the poster that reads "Are You doing all you can?"

GailP: Scroll across the screen -

SarahSa: On the Homefront:

LeniD: Wow! Such accolades! I'll be sure to share these with the key players in the production of the Wise Guide.

BretBi pauses to catch his breath

LeniD: I want you all to do some deep LIKE the high tech sites, I see :-)))

LeniD: I hate to pull you away...but there is much left to see!

LeniD: Part of American Memory, but worth mentioning on its own is Today in History which provides anecdotal tales about events that occurred on specific historical dates.

JenW: wow -- the LOC was begun on my birthday -- TOO COOL

LeniD: Kids (and adults) never tire of looking up "their" birthday in the archive and discovering what OTHER important events happened on the day they were born!

GailP: Today in History is a great way to introduce students to the varied resources of American Memory.

DavidAC: I totally agree with you, Leni.

Sherry: Yeah, it's the b/w photo collection! My students will love this!

DavidAC: Students are curious to find out what happened when they were born

LeniD: I just got the 5 minute warning folks...

JenW clapping -- GREAT CLASS

SarahSa: the quality of the Walker Evans photo reproductions is excellent

ReiserGuest15: great job on the presenting


LeniD: With a great deal left to show....

CarolE: Thanks for the great ideas

ReiserGuest15: of course

SarahSa: Thank You LeniD!!

BretBi: boy that went fast

CherylC: Thank you LeniD :-)

SherryB: Can we hang out longer? This was so interesting and helpful?

GailP: Look at this great image I discovered today!

LeniD: I've got to at least take you to our project...
LeniD: The Learning Page:

AndrewP: Leni, do you have any spanish material, we, City Colleges of Chicago, have a large Hispanic population and Friday we are launching a Community Technology Center in a predominate Hispanic neighborhood and it would be great to show them material in spanish?

GailP: Spain -

MariaGuest12: this would be good sites to go to for research or for speeches

JenW: Leni -- you do the LEARNING PAGE??

LeniD: When you feel as though you could use some help with American Memory or any of the Library's sites...visit us!

LeniD: Yes, we do :-)


KimFl: thank you very much!!

JenW: I am in AWE!

ReiserGuest15: thanks Leni

BretBi: Yes thank you Leni, Gail, Michael, BJ and all collaborators!

LeniD: Please join us for future Learning Page chats...we hold them every month here on Tapped In!

AndrewP: thanks Leni we will use this to illustrate how distance learning can be interesting to Hispanic youths.

DavidAC: Thanks, Leni

LeniD: Night all...thank you so much for your enthusiasm :-)

DavidAC: I am looking forward to see another wonderful presentation like this one

MelaniGuest20: leni, i'm not a teacher, but this was REALLY educational....can't wait to pass the info on...thanks!

MarianneH: Thanks, Leni, it was a great session

LeniD: OK! Any questions, folks?

MarianneH: What is the general rule on kids using graphics and sounds from LOC?

SherryB: Can we use the images in the Am Memory in a WebQuest?

LeniD: Thanks for all those kind words.

LeniD: Fair use for most materials MarianneH...for a class project, etc, no problem...

MarianneH: What if project goes on the web?

LeniD: On a non-commercial, school web site, you are still okay, but the items should be "attributed" to their source.

SherryB: thanks for the clarification

MarianneH: Former librarian here... always attributed and cited!!

LeniD: Answer applies for you, too, Sherry...unless you are commercially selling the WebQuest in which case you need to carefully research existing rights.

GailP: Bye to you all!

LeniD: thanks, everyone! Bye!

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