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Learning Page Chat, January 16, 2003: Branding of America

MichaelAH [to All]: "Welcome to tonight's Learning Page Chat...."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "our topic this evening is the "Branding Of America", which is a topic of a lot of interest to me as an American History teacher"

MichaelAH . o O ( we just finished discussing advertising in the 1920s in class )

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "as always, let's start this evening with introductions..."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] looks to see who would like to enter and sign in please...

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "Hi, I'm an art teacher in Pennsylvania and a helpdesk volunteer for TAPPED IN"

BeeD projects Bee's intro.---------------Barbara Dieu is Coordinator of Foreign Language Dept. and EFL teacher at the Lycee Pasteur, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Hi ! I am Cindy, a helpdesk trainee for Tapped in."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is Michael Hutchison and is a social studies teacher in sunny southwestern Indiana

LeniD says, "Leni Donlan, here...project leader for the Learning Page, Library of Congress."

PamV says, "I'm Pam. I am the coordinator for a professional development center for teachers."

LeniD says, "It's good to have you all here. Thanks for joining us."

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "looks like everyone has said "hi", so why don't we go ahead... :)"

LeniD says, "Where is everyone from? I'm curious? I'm from DC...where snow has begun to fall."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] was supposed to get heavy snow today, but didn't get hardly any at all

BeeD says, "Sao Paulo, sunny Brazil..."

PamV exclaims, "Tulsa, OK in the 20's here brrrrr!"

LeniD exclaims, "Ahhh...sun would be wonderful! Pam, I know just what you mean!"

LeniD says, "Well...before I begin, let's see how familiar you are with the Library of Congress web sites, please."

BeeD says, "it's been raining a lot lately though..."

LeniD says, "Bee, at least rain is warmer :-)"

BeeD smiles

LeniD asks, "How many of you have been to the American Memory web site?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] has

BeeD says, "I haven't"

PamV says, "Used the Learning Page for workshops..."

LeniD asks, "Cindy?"

LeniD asks, "Pam, which workshops have you used?"

PamV says, "Basics on using the site...the Dustbowl...Jackie Robinson"

PamV says, "Oh! primary source documents is a favorite."

LeniD says, "I'd love to hear more about what you are doing with the lessons...but let me show Cindy where we are on the net."

LeniD asks, "Ready?"

LeniD says, "Let's begin at the Library of Congress' doorstep on the Internet..."

BeeD says, "ok"

BJB [HelpDesk] asks, "everyone here knows about projections?"

BeeD says, "np"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "we should probably tell 'em...."

LeniD asks, "Michael, would you please explain what's about to happen?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "sure :)"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] projects project note.---------------When I "project" an URL, you'll see the website appear in another browser window. This is normal. If you are using a "text client", you'll need to "copy and paste" the URL in a browser window. You may need to switch from one window to another to see the webpage. DO NOT close THIS window!---------------

LeniD exclaims, "Here we go!"

LeniD projects the URL:

MichaelAH [SS Forum] checks to see if everyone sees the LOC web page...

BeeD says, "OK"

PamV says, "OK"

LeniD says, "This is the Library of Congress site. There is a great deal here..but we are quickly going to move to American Memory, then the Learning Page."

LeniD projects the URL:

BeeD says, "got it"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] sees it

LeniD asks, "7 million digital items...amazing, huh?"

BeeD is in awe

LeniD says, "I'm going to whisk you away now to the Learning Page..."

LeniD says, "we call this the Educator's Front Door to the American Memory collection..."

BeeD says, "lovely page"

LeniD says, "because we give you a context for and tricks for using those 7 million resources...and activities, lessons, features to help you get started."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "I like the " learning page ".

LeniD says, "Thanks Bee :-)"

LeniD says, "Thanks, Cindy! Here we go..."

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD asks, "Did everyone make it there?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is there :)

BeeD says, "no pb"

LeniD asks, "Great :-) Pam and Cindy...still with us?"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] asks, "the learning page ?"

LeniD says, "Yes, Cindy :-)"

PamV says, "H"

LeniD asks, "H"? Help? Hi?"

LeniD says, "As you can see, we have:"

LeniD says, "Getting Started, to help you use the American Memory collections and to use the Learning Page..."

LeniD says, "Lesson Plans created by and for practicing educators..."

PamV has disconnected.

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Yes."

LeniD says, "Collection connections which focus on looking in depth at a single collection..."

LeniD says, "professional development, offering workshops via video conference or at the Library...or to use on your own in "self serve" fashion..."

LeniD says, "Features and Activities based on themes with interactive content to use with your students..."

LeniD exclaims, "and the Community Center, brand new this year!"

LeniD says, "I'm going to take you to the latter to show you our Branding of America collection for this month."

LeniD asks, "Ready?"

BeeD exclaims, "fantastic!"

BJB [HelpDesk] waits eagerly

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is ready!

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD says, "Here we have collected all of the resources from American Memory, from the Learning Page and from America's Library (a site for children)..."

LeniD says, "that connect with the theme of American Products, advertising, etc."

LeniD says, "When we were building this center, we did just what you do with your students..."

LeniD says, "we thought about how we might introduce this topic and what "angle" to take."

BeeD listens attentively

LeniD says, "We decided to look at the topic in this way.."

LeniD says, "Ethnic traditions, the melding of many cultures, the rich natural resources of our nation and the sense of freedom and opportunity that is America all contributed to the proliferation of American products."

LeniD says, "We are looking, in this months community center, at how this proliferation of goods brands America and how it has shaped the nation we have become."

LeniD says, "We decided to focus on the products...and to think about why they appeared, when they appeared, where they appeared, etc."

MaryALice [guest] has arrived.

LeniD asks, "Does that make sense?"

LeniD says, "Hello MaryAlice! :-)"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to MaryAlice

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "welcome, MaryAlice"

BeeD nods

LeniD says, "Good Bee :-)"

MaryALice [guest] says, "sure"

MaryALice [guest] says, "yes"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] shows MaryALice the URL:

LeniD says, "Let me give you a sneak preview of an activity we will soon have on line..."

MaryALice [guest] says, "OK"

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD says, "As you can see, this is still "in process"...but I want you all to be the first to know about this :-)"

MaryALice [guest] says, "could be very interesting. I'm interested in advertising and have been for a long time."

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "the page looks really cool"

LeniD says, "The map on this billboard will point to the diverse products of our nation..."

BeeD says, "so have I"

LeniD says, "such as..."

LeniD projects the URL:

BeeD asks, "buckaroos?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "is that the Levi's jacket?"

MichaelAH . o O ( that you want to project? )

LeniD exclaims, "LOL! Michael!"

LeniD asks, "Where on the map would that come from?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "oh, oh, oh, I know Ms. Donlan!!!"

BeeD asks tentatively California?

LeniD exclaims, "Bravo, Bee!"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "I did not get it."

LeniD says, "Oh, Michael..sorry I missed that waving hand :-)"

LeniD asks, "How about this one?"

MaryALice [guest] says, "still trying to figure out what's going on????

LeniD projects the URL:

BeeD asks, "NY?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "Atlanta, Ga."

LeniD exclaims, "Good guess, Bee...but it's south of there by quite a bit!"

LeniD exclaims, "Michael knows, I'll bet!"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "Atlanta, Ga."

LeniD exclaims, "Yeah, Michael!"

LeniD projects the URL:

MichaelAH . o O ( home of the "Real Thing" )

LeniD asks, "Right, Michael :-) How about these spuds?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "Idaho?"

LeniD exclaims, "Oops...this page tells you where this variety is from...but Michael's right...Idaho is the place we associate with the potato!"

MichaelAH . o O ( except the page says Maine )

LeniD says, "LOL...right..that's where this variety of potato can be found."

LeniD projects the URL:

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "lovely map."

LeniD says, "What we are going to do in this activity is share, through this map, the many products that have shaped America."

LeniD exclaims, "Thanks, Cindy!"

LeniD says, "You, as teachers will decide how you will use this with your students.."

LeniD asks, "will you teach about natural resources of an area? economics?"

LeniD asks, "Will you teach about advertising?"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "sometimes."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "a little."

BeeD says, "I teach EFL...and global issues"

LeniD says, "We will point you to products in the American Memory collections, you will use them as you choose with your students."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "great."

LeniD says, "Bee, you may want to emphasize either the physical geography involved or the world impact of these products."

BeeD says, "I have been doing some advertising as well...but not quite from your angle..."

LeniD says, "The second part of this activity invites your students to share with us."

LeniD asks, "What angle are you using, Bee?"

BeeD says, "the controversial one...:-)"

LeniD says, "That sounds like my kind of teaching :-)"

LeniD asks, "Do you want to tell us more?"

BeeD says, "I have started a page and some EFL exercises on it...but have not finished it yet"

LeniD says, "Would love to see if when you are ready to share :-)"

BeeD asks, "want me to project what I have?"

LeniD exclaims, "Sure!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is excited to see it

BeeD says, "here it goes then..."

BeeD projects the URL:

BeeD asks, "got it?"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "I got it. Thank you."

LeniD exclaims, "Yes, thanks!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] does

LeniD exclaims, "I'm looking at the language activity, Bee. I really like this!"

LeniD says, "You are delving into the meaning of symbols and developing an understanding of persuasive techniques."

BeeD asks, "the warm-up?"

LeniD asks, "What age is this intended for?"

LeniD says, "Yes...the Warm Up."

BeeD says, "high school...11th grade"

LeniD says, "Nice."

MichaelAH [to BeeD]: "very nice!"

LeniD asks, "I'd like to talk with you about linking to this, if you are interested. OK?"

BeeD says, " problem"

BeeD says, "but would have to finish it nicely"

LeniD asks, "Shall I tell you all about the student participation piece of our upcoming Branding of America project?"

LeniD says, "Right, Bee :-)))"

BeeD exclaims, "yes!"

LeniD says, "We will be inviting your students to share a product from YOUR area..and will create a new map that shows all the submitted products from across the country..."

BeeD exclaims, "super!"

LeniD says, "at the click of a mouse, you can bring up the products submitted from CA, from GA, from HI, etc."

LeniD says, "We think it will not only foster local studies, but will provide a wonderful resource for students that goes beyond the resources of American Memory."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "that is great."

LeniD says, "Perhaps some of you will provide submissions. We expect to have this up and ready for use by March."

LeniD says, "Thanks, Cindy."

LeniD asks, "Now...would you like to see if you can guess some more locations of "products" from the American Memory collections?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] would

LeniD exclaims, "Perhaps I can stump even Michael!"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "go for it! :)"

LeniD says, "OK..."

BeeD asks, "what about M&Ms?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "before we get to the top of the hour.... I should remind anyone who wants a transcript to type their e-mail address so we can send them one..."

LeniD says, "Here's one..."

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD says, "An easy one :-)"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "oh, oh, oh!!!!"

LeniD asks, "Yes, Michael?"

BeeD asks, "Florida?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "Dole Pineapple... Hawaii"

LeniD asks, "LOL...Michael, can you speak loudly for the whole class, please?"

BeeD says, "had forgotten about Hawaii"

MichaelAH holds up a BIG sign: | Hawaii!!! |

BJB [HelpDesk] cheers for Michael

LeniD asks, "Excellent! And the product is...?"

MichaelAH holds up a BIG sign: | Dole Pineapple |

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "it is funny."

LeniD exclaims, "Nice!"

LeniD asks, "How about this one?"

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD says, "ooops...blew can see the text naming it :-("

MichaelAH holds up a BIG cow: || Glidden barbed wire.... || || ummm...Nevada? ||

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "LOL."

LeniD says, "That would be it, oh bright one :-)))"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "sorry, it's the trivia in me coming out :)"

LeniD says, "Let's try one more..."

LeniD projects the URL:

BeeD says, "Greyhound..."

LeniD says, "All right, Bee!!!!!!1"

LeniD asks, "Where is it from?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "Detroit?"

BeeD asks, "East or West Coast?"

LeniD says, "Middle of the country."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "TX."

BeeD asks, "North or south?"

LeniD says, "Good guess, Cindy, but much further north."

BeeD says, "Dakota"

LeniD says, "NE would be closer :-)"

LeniD says, "Good guess, Bee...go north."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Kentucky."

LeniD says, "On the stroke of the hour's end...I'm going to help you out..."

LeniD exclaims, "Hibling, MN!"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "Chicago?"

LeniD says, "Ah...closer, Michael :-)"

MichaelAH . o O ( whoops )

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] asks, "is a big city ?"

LeniD says, "I think you can find many uses for the Community Center on the Branding of America, folks..."

LeniD says, "Cindy, I think it is a smaller city, but confess I would need to look it up to know for sure."

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "let me remind everyone again about transcripts...."

LeniD exclaims, "and hope you will add to our map!"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "would you like to tell them about the next session?"

LeniD says, "Next month, we will be meeting jointly with the SSF forum. Michael, you can do the honors."

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "OK"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Leni and I will be co-hosting a special session on Feb. 12 here...."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "which will be on civil rights, but particularly resources in the Learning Page's dealing with the Slave Narratives"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "(and other LOC resources as well)"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "we'll also have a special guest with us..."

BeeD exclaims, "Ah...I'm on a slavery project right now!"

LeniD says, "The resources from the Learning Page will be about African American history...and will include the Slave Narratives,

Michael :-)"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "TIME Classroom will have representatives here who will discuss teaching resources they have developed for an upcoming HBO documentary"

LeniD exclaims, "Be sure to join us, Bee!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "the documentary is "Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives""

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "I will join you next month."

BeeD says, "I will...super...thanks a lot..."

MichaelAH [to Cindy]: "it's on 2/12, at 8 p.m. Eastern"

LeniD says, "We'd love to have you do so, Cindy."

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Thank you."

LeniD says, "And that concludes this evening's Learning Page chat.

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "as always Learning Page materials are great Primary source materials for the classroom"

BeeD says, "Must go now...before I turn into a's way past midnight..g'night to you all"

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Yes. The Learning Page is good."

BJB [HelpDesk] hugs Bee goodnight

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to Bee

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "bye Bee."

BeeD waves back and disappears

CindyCO [helpdesk trainee] says, "Thank you Leni and Michael. Thank you very much. See you."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is ready to call it a night, too

LeniD exclaims, "Night...out of here!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves

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