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Learning Page Chat, February 12, 2003: Civil Rights

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "the civil rights discussion will start in just a couple minutes"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] projects memories agenda.

1. Welcome/Introduction of tonight's topic
2. Introduction of participants
3. Leni discusses Learning Page African American History resources
4. Jackie talks about the film
5. Bennett discusses TIME Classroom resources for teachers to download.
7. Questions for Leni, Jackie, or Bennett

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "I'm a teacher in Pennsylvania and a helpdesk volunteer for TAPPED IN"

BeeD projects Bee's intro.
Barbara Dieu is Coordinator of Foreign Language Dept. and EFL teacher at the Lycee Pasteur, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

LeniD says, "I'm Leni Donlan, the Project Leader for The Learning Page, The Library of Congress."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Hello, my name is Karen Needles. I am a former education specialist from the Library of Congress' American Memory program. Now I am traveling around the country doing workshops on resources available from the LOC and the National Archives"

MarthaP [guest] says, "I am a HS French teacher in SC"

BJ [HelpDesk] looks around the room

DonnaMH [techclass] says, "Donna Hendry, Educational consultant in CT"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is a social studies teacher in southern Indiana

LisaCC says, "I am a 6th grade science teacher in SC."

TeleathaB says, "I am a chorus teacher in SC"

bea [guest] says, "I am a media specialist - elementary - from spartanburg, sc - finally found detach - thanks"

SuzanneMG says, "Iam a high school art teacher in SC"

CindyMJ says, "I'm an 8th grade music teacher in SC."

Robbie [guest] says, "I'm a 7th grade science teacher"

JANIS [guest] says, "I used to be a French teacher."

Gina [guest] says, "I am a Curriculum Facilitator in a junior high in SC"

Patty [guest] says, "I'm a media specialist at a middle school in SC"

Zachary [guest] asks, "Zachary Maddox, English teacher, Spartanburg (SC) High School.

WilliamP says, "I'm a music teacher in New Orleans"

linda2 [guest] says, "I teach 9th grade English in SC"

trudy [guest] says, "I am a language arts teacher in Spartanburg, SC."

cesily [guest] says, "I teach 7th grade language arts, drama, and public speaking in SC."

BJ [HelpDesk] smiles...thanks, everyone.

Robert [guest] says, "I am a Technical specialist."

Bennett [guest] says, "Bennett Singer - I'm editor of TIME Classroom and put together the teaching materials that accompany HBO's "Unchained Memories.""

JOAN [guest] says, "I'm a teacher and educational consultant in New York City"

JanaM [guest] says, "I teach reading and ESL in a Jr. High with Cesily"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "You did a wonderful job Bennett"

Bennett [guest] says, "thanks! It was a fascinating project to work on."

LeniD says, "I agree, Bennett."

BJ [to Michael]: "would you like to start on the agenda?"

BJ . o O ( 1. Welcome/Introduction of tonight's topic )

MichaelAH [to All]: "here's tonight's agenda..."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] projects memories agenda.
1. Welcome/Introduction of tonight's topic
2. Introduction of participants
3. Leni discusses Learning Page African American History resources
4. Jackie talks about the film
5. Bennett discusses TIME Classroom resources for teachers to download.
7. Questions for Leni, Jackie, or Bennett

MichaelAH [to All]: "we are especially honored to have tonight's guests with us..."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "as well as a joint session between the Social Studies forum and the Learning Page"

MichaelAH [to All]: "tonight's topic is African American History"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "we have guests from the Learning Page...."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Time Classroom"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "and Jackie Glover from HBO will discuss "Unchained Memories" with us"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "would you like to start us off with some resources from the Learning Page?"

LeniD exclaims, "Sure...thanks, Michael!"

LeniD says, "One powerful version of the American Dream is that someday, equality for all people in this nation will be realized. Dr. Martin Luther King lived and died for this dream."

LeniD says, "One hundred years after the Civil War, America witnessed marches, sit-ins, boycotts, freedom rides, nonviolent resistance, and rallies."

LeniD says, "The nation's attention was focused on the inequities of racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans."

LeniD says, "Landmark actions - the Brown decision of 1954, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 - resulted."

LeniD asks, "What changes in this nation can we attribute to this era of activism?"

LeniD asks, "Do you believe we have achieved equal rights for African-American citizens?"

LeniD says, "In the Learning Page Community Center for February, we have pulled together resources that you may use with your students to help them understand the struggles in America's past to achieve equality for both black and white citizens. Lets take a look at what is there."

LeniD [Learning Page] asks, "Michael, would you explain what happens when I share a web page, please?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "sure"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] projects project note.
When I "project" an URL, you'll see the website appear in another browser window. This is normal. If you are using a "text client", you'll need to "copy and paste" the URL in a browser window. You may need to switch from one window to another to see the webpage. DO NOT close THIS window!

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "We're off to the Civil Rights Community Center, folks..."

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

BJ [HelpDesk] checks to see if everyone got the projected page

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Here you will find links to resources from the Library of Congress that will be of special help as you teach your students about the Civil Rights Movement and about African-American History."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "From The African-American Mosaic, a Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture:"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] asks, "Are you still with me?"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "to..."

JANIS [guest] says, "yes"

DanielO says, "yes"

Gina [guest] says, "yes"

TeleathaB says, "yes"

Vastyne [guest] says, "yes"

Rhonda [guest] says, "yes."

JOAN [guest] says, "yes"

LeniD [Learning Page] exclaims, "Great!"

SuzanneMG says, "yes"

Robbie [guest] exclaims, "still here!"

MarthaP [guest] says, "oui"

trudy [guest] says, "yes"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

linda2 [guest] says, "yes"

bea [guest] says, "I'm with you - trying to add URLs to favorites as we go"

BJ holds up a BIG sign: | the urls will be in the transcript |

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "to these Treasures from the Library of Congress Exhibitions:"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] can share the look, the feel, the experience of the Civil Rights struggle through primary sources.

bea [guest] says, "thanks, BJ"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "For younger students, America's Story offers biographies to help them understand the era and the lives of famous citizens, such as:"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

DanielO says, "wow, how long has this stuff been available? Seems like a lot of this is new to the web."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "The American Memory program produced much of this, Daniel."

BJ . o O ( Leni leads a monthly Learning Page discussion group )

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "It began about six years ago."

Robbie [guest] says, "Many of us SC folks are in a class in which we will develop an instructional plan using image from the AAM collection"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Another resource for younger students..."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "I know your program well, Robbie :-)"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "In the Community Center pages on Civil Rights, you will also find links to several lessons written by and for teachers, such as:"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "and one more..."

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] asks, "Are your heads spinning?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "look"

Gina [guest] says, "yes"

bea [guest] exclaims, "Yes!!!!"

DanielO says, "but in a good way"

BJ [HelpDesk] nods solemnly

LisaCC says, "yes, yes, yes"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Good :-)"

TeleathaB exclaims, "As though they weren't before!"

Rhonda [guest] says, "oh, yes. Not used to so many moving windows."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "The Community Center on Civil Rights offers an annotated biibliography on the topic of Civil Rights."

LeniD [Learning Page] exclaims, "If you have some favorite titles, please share them with us!"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

Bennett [guest] says, "One related resource folks might like to know about:"

Bennett [guest] says, " -- website for a new PBS film on the civil rights activist Bayard Rustin... (a project I co-produced)"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Cool! Let me finish up, and then we'll show that site."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "I'll give you a sneak preview of a new activity that should be up by the end of the week..."

DonnaMH [techclass] will have to look at that list; I've been working on a site in conjunction for PBS on Slavery.

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "From Slavery to Civil Rights: A Timeline of African-American History..."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "which provides an introduction to African-American history that you can share with your students."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "(for your eyes only)"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

JOAN [guest] says, "For a lesson on "Strange Fruit that I wrote for the Jazz series on PBS I used an extensive collection about lynching in American Memory"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "You will find links to information from the Library of Congress and other reputable web sites for each era."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Sounds terrific Joan."

Vastyne [guest] says, "Timelines are great"

Bennett [guest] asks, "Leni, what age level is the new site geared to?"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "All of the materials on the Learning Page are aimed at teachers, Bennett..."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "though activities include materials they can use with..."

Bennett [guest] asks, "Teachers K-12? Or is there more of a high school focus?"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "upper elementary through high school students."

Bennett [guest] exclaims, "I see. Great!"

LeniD [Learning Page] :-)

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Last but not least..."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "the Civil Rights Community Center links to Collection Connections to help you create your own lessons to teach about African-American History using primary source materials available on Library of Congress Web sites..."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Like this Collection Connection:"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "and this one..."

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "about this moving American Memory collection:"

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

LeniD [Learning Page] exclaims, "And with that, please turn the chat over to our other guest speakers, Micahael!"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Thanks for letting me share, folks :-)"

DanielO says, "Thank you LeniD"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "I am going to be Jackie Glover"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "My pleasure, Daniel."

BeeD exclaims, "Fantastic material Leni!"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Thanks, BeeD :-)"

Gina [guest] says, "Thanks Leni"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie is the producer of "Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives""

LeniD [to Gina [guest]]: "You are very welcome."

LeniD [Learning Page] exclaims, "What a powerful documentary that is. BRAVO!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, "This project started at HBO. Sheila Nevins, the head of the documentary department at HBO, wanted to make a documentary on slavery."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Yes, I have already ordered my DVD and book."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "During our research, we happened on the WPA slave narratives."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "And knew that these narratives were what we wanted to focus on."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Using actors on camera was a way for us to bring these voices to life and have an audience to be able to make a personal connection with the material."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "Was there one story or one particular person in the narratives that struck you more than anybody else?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, 'There was not one story that stood out. They were all powerful. Each narrative describes a different subject about living during slavery."

LeniD [to MichaelAH]: "Would you like me to show any images from the collection?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Certainly hearing the stories of what it was like being sold or what it was like to be punished by the whip would be things that would stand out for me."

trudy [guest] says, "Yes! but I haven't been getting any images."

BJ [to Trudy [guest]]: "no webpages have been projected...this is all text"

trudy [guest] exclaims, "Thanks, I feel better!"

MarthaP [guest] asks, "What is WPA?"

Robert [guest] says, "Oh, so that's why the images just stopped,"

Vastyne [guest] says, "I have been seeing images."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Some of the stories brought me to tears..while others made me laugh. Excellent choices."

JANIS [guest] asks, "works progress administration during the depression?"

Robert [guest] says, "It was the Works Progress Administration or wpa"

MichaelAH [to LeniD]: "Can you show Sarah Gudger?"

Bennett [guest] says, "Right - between 1936 and 1938, the WPA sent interviewers to record the stories of former slaves."

LeniD [Learning Page] projects the URL:

Robert [guest] says, "It was a way to provide work for writers in the USA."

JANIS [guest] asks, "didn't steinbeck participate in ca?"

MarthaP [guest] says, "Thanks, Bennett that explains"

SuzanneMG says, "It was part of The New Deal which helped all artists become employed while showing pride in our country."

Vastyne [guest] says, "Zora Neale Hurston was a participant."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask about the film or about our research, they can ask them."

Bennett [guest] says, "Interestingly, most of the interviewers were white, but some were African American. They were all instructed to capture the speech patterns and inflections of the folks they spoke with; the interviewers handled this with varying degrees of success, I'd say."

DonnaMH [techclass] says, "many also did research in cemeteries, information that otherwise would have been lost."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "As far as the actors and actresses that you had in the film, did you have to go out and actively select them or did a lot of them come to you and say they'd like to do it?"

DanielO says, "There is an interesting lesson that compares one former slave's account and how it differs depending on the race of the interviewer."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, 'Donna Brown Guillamme, who is based in Los Angeles, and knows many of the actors and actresses in the film and was able to get scripts to them pretty easily."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, 'Once they say the material, many of them signed on.'"

JANIS [guest] asks, "who are some of the actors?"

JanaM [guest] says, "JanaM"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "I think the actors had a visceral experience...and they certainly gave us one."

LisaCC asks, "When will this be available?"

bea [guest] says, "I'm going to show this slave narrative site to my fifth grade teachers tomorrow - they're all doing BioBags for Black history month."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa Williams, C.C.H. Pounder, Jasmine Guy, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Roscoe Lee Brown, Roger Gueveur Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Latonya Richardson, Don Cheadle, Angela Bassett, Michael Boatman..."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "I watched it on HBO last night, Lisa."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Courtney Vance, Alfrey Woodard, and others. Whoopi Goldberg narrated"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "Any other questions?"

LisaCC says, "Will it be available anywhere else? We don't receive HBO."

Robbie [guest] asks, "For what grade levels would the HBO documentary be appropriate?"

TeleathaB asks, "Since I live in the dark ages and don't have HBO, when will it come out on DVD or VHS?"

DanielO asks, "Is there a plan to reair it?"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "I wondered that too, Robbie."

Robert [guest] says, "You could go to and probably find when it would be on again."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, As far as age level, I'm not sure because I'm not an educator. But there are certainly parts of this that even a young child could watch."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "I sat with my six year old daughter and watched segments of it."

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "I taught upper elementary for many years..I would probably show it with a "fast forward" through some parts."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, the film can be ordered on DVD or VHS at"

LisaCC says, "Great thanks for the info on the DVD or VHS."

Bennett [guest] has arrived.

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, go to the hbo website and it has all the air dates."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "Does anybody else have any other questions?"

LeniD [Learning Page] asks, "Michael, permission was given for taping the show for educational use...right?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "It's airing at 9:45 (eastern time) tonight on HBO 2"

Robert [guest] says, "I thought all educators had 30 fair use rights."

trudy [guest] asks, "What about copyright for use in the classroom?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, Yes but it is on a five year basis"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "that's for classroom use"

LeniD [Learning Page] says, "Thanks."

trudy [guest] exclaims, "Thanks!"

DanielO says, "Thank you."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "Does anyone else have any questions?"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "The National Archives, located at has over 5 billion primary source documents,"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "many which relate to African American history, to slavery and to Civil Rights movement"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "The Digital Classroom has selected lessons to supplement this theme"

Bennett [guest] asks, "My computer crashed and I missed some of the conversation... but have we had a chance to show people the teacher's site for "Unchained Memories"?"

Gina [guest] exclaims, "WOW!! This is fantastic information!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "I'll project the HBO site for Unchained Memories"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] projects the URL:

Bennett [guest] says, "sounds good; there's the HBO site, as well as"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "I'll let Bennett do the time classroom site"

BJ [HelpDesk] shows Rhonda the URL:

LisaCC says, "Woah! I thought my computer was freaking out when all the websites went up. They look great though."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "You can click on the HBO store link if you want to buy the video or DVD or the book"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "Does anyone have any questions they want to ask?"

TeleathaB says, "No, but thanks for asking."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "When you look at this film and what the film is about and the importance of it, what do you think the legacy is going to be?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, "slavery is subject matter that does not get discussed very often in this country."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "It is a subject that has a lot to do with what this country is today."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "The financial situation and the racial climate in the country"

Bennett [guest] says, "it's"

BJ [HelpDesk] projects the URL:

Robert [guest] says, "Michael , could you explain. Sounds interesting"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Some historians have been so busy revising history, claiming that slavery was not a major reason why we fought in the Civil War. If you look at any of the speeches, newspapers of the time, slavery definitely was a major issue"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "thanks, Bennett"

Bennett [guest] says, "We really wanted to encourage students to conduct their own oral history projects -- that's a big focus of our site."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "This country is what it is today in part because of slavery"

Bennett [guest] says, "Also notes to teachers on how to handle the language of the slave narratives; and discussion questions to guide classes as they watch the film."

Robert [guest] asks, "Do you mean because of the "free" labor?"

trudy [guest] exclaims, "Got it! Wow!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, yes"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] exclaims, "Yes, and when you watch the film, you have to ask yourself, why is it taking so long for the United States to be free of discrimination and bigotry!"

Vastyne [guest] says, "Karen, you are so right. It is America's embarassment."

DanielO says, "Free labor, but also knowledge systems . . . especially the knowledge of how to cultivate crops"

JanaM [guest] says, "It's not just America's embarrassment...other countries have struggled with it too."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "But the United States took slavery to a completely different level."

Vastyne [guest] says, "Of course, we know that. But we live in America"

JanaM [guest] says, "I used to read "Waiting for the Rain" with my students. by Sheila Gordon...that book is about South Africa and Apartheid"

DanielO says, "But slavery in the US WAS really different (and not as harsh, mostly) than slavery in the Caribbean"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] asks, "Have you ever shown "Cry the Beloved Country" or "Cry Freedom"?"

JanaM [guest] says, "It's a good follow up to put America in perspective and broaden the scope."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, these narratives have been housed in the Library of Congress for almost 70 years and it is important that these voices from the past finally get heard. It's part of the story that has not been told, the personal experiences of everyday people"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Jackie says, 'You're learning about these people as individuals, and not just "slaves""

JOAN [guest] says, "It seems to me that to understand slavery it's imperative to focus on the slave clauses in the Constitution, only then can students understand why this was so momentous a struggle -- the Constitution was a very flawed document."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "If anyone would like to contact me personally about the film, they can reach me at"

BJ [HelpDesk] exclaims, "cool...what a great discussion everyone!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "Does anybody else have anything they want to ask Jackie?"

JOAN [guest] says, "Thanks for a great session. Bye."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "I've got an announcement at the next session"

BJ [HelpDesk] says, "thanks, Leni, Jackie, and Bennett :-)"

Bennett [guest] exclaims, "my pleasure!"

CindyCO says, "Thank you everyone."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] exclaims, "FEB 26!!!!!!!!!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] exclaims, "we have another interesting session you might like to participate in!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "We have Joy Hakim joining us for a big session on "Freedom: A History of US"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "that starts at a special time"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "at 7:30 Eastern (4:30 pacific)"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "we have to have a special session ahead of time to make sure everyone knows how to ask Joy questions"

LeniD [Learning Page] exclaims, "Thanks, Michael. That's definitely one NOT to miss!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Special thanks to Molly Hutchison, who typed for Jackie tonight"

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