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Learning Page Chat, May 20, 2004:

War and Peace

LeniD joined the room.
JeffC waves to Leni
LeniD: Hi Jeff!
LeniD: Hi Gail :-)
LeniD: Hello Tara :-)
TaraCo waves hello
TaraCo: *hello
TaraCo: This is about War and Peace?
LeniD: Yes, Tara. It is.
LeniD: We'll wait a minute or two, and then get started. I have a LOT to share!
TaraCo: I think I'll be stepping out then... Never read it.
JeffC: unfortunately... I have to run... but will stay logged on so I can get the transcript.
LeniD: Tara? We are discussing war and peace in the world...not the book... Were you joking or serious?
JeffC: enjoy all!
LeniD: Bye, Jeff :-)
TaraCo laughs
TaraCo: bye Jeff
TaraCo: I thought you were discussing the book. :-)
LeniD: Guess I got my answer!
TaraCo still laughing---
MichaelH waves
MichaelH: was helping some English students... sorry I am late:)
SusanR waves
MichaelH: Welcome to tonight's Learning Page Chat
MichaelH: as Leni says, she has TONS of stuff to share, so we better get at it!

MichaelH: Leni, shall we start with some introductions of everyone?
LeniD: Please :-)
SusanR is all ears
MichaelH is Michael Hutchison, a technology consultant in southwestern Indiana
SusanR: K to 8 Occasional Teacher from Ottawa, Ontario Canada
LeniD: Leni Donlan, former teacher, currently Learning Page Project Coordinator.
TaraCo: High School Social Studies teacher, Orlando, FL
MichaelH: while everyone ID's themselves... does everyone know about the DETACH command????
SusanR nods
TaraCo: cool!
MichaelH detach makes the chat area bigger... so you can see all the sites Leni has this evening :)
GailP: I work with Leni on the Library of Congress Learning Page - a retired Library Media Specialist from Rochester, NY

LeniD: OK...we're off and running...
LeniD: We all know what loaded topics war and peace are... especially today.
LeniD: Our students are assailed with stories about the atrocities of war, daily.
LeniD: We have more and more immigrant children in our classrooms. Some of them have come to the United States from war torn countries and have personal horrors to overcome.
LeniD: How are your students handling what they perceive to be the conditions in the world today?
TaraCo: Mine are incredibly curious and incredibly judgmental one way or the other.
LeniD: What are you doing on your classroom to help them with their feelings about world conflict?
LeniD: How ...or do... you talk about world conditions and America's involvement in war?
TaraCo: Mostly I've used class time for discussion and Q&A.
LeniD: I'm sure your kids NEED to talk.
TaraCo: I have tried to discuss it throughout the year whenever they want or if key events occur
SusanR: There is little talk at the elementary level here in Ottawa.
LeniD: Good to hear, Tara...teachable moments have to be grabbed.
LeniD: Susan, why is that?
SusanR: I am a substitute teacher. So I don't encounter any discussions or questions
TaraCo: You're right Leni. NEED is the right word
LeniD: Yes :-)
LeniD: Well... there isn't a great deal more that we can do with our students than provide a climate that allows asking and talking.
LeniD: However, we do want our students to know what happened in wars of the past, because we hope it will help them somewhat, as they attempt to understand the state of the world today.
TaraCo nods in agreement.
TaraCo: Truthfully, I wish I had been able to do an activity of some type. But it's hard to make that kind of room near the end of the year in a history survey class.
LeniD: I understand Susan and Tara. True on both counts.
LeniD: We hope their developing understanding will help them begin to think seriously about how they can shape a global peace within their lifetime.
TaraCo: One good thing about this, is that the students are more curious about the war... and the *world* and seem more willing to hear historical discussions that help them understand the current times better.
LeniD: Good observation, Tara.
LeniD: This is about isn't "history" sure makes sense to be interested, Tara :-)

LeniD: Sooo...let's go on tour! Buckle up...
MichaelH has a quick reminder :)
LeniD: Go, Michael :-)
MichaelH: Leni will be showing us a lot of great sites tonight...
MichaelH: just click on the link to go to that page, BUT
MichaelH: remember to come right back here after a couple of minutes
MichaelH: to continue our discussion
MichaelH: ok, Leni!
LeniD: Especially tonight...I am literally going to bombard you with sites!

LeniD: Let's begin with America's Revolutionary War...
GailP: The great thing about the chat is you will receive a transcript with all of the urls
TaraCo smiles about that
MichaelH reminds all that all the sites Leni is showing us will be in the transcript for the session, too :)
LeniD: From the Library's incomparable map collections...
The American Revolution and Its Era: Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies 1750 - 1789
GailP: And the maps are "clickable" so you can zoom in and see them in great detail!
LeniD: Don't miss this special presentation...

LeniD: Roger Fenton's Crimean War Photographs (the first look at war through a photographic lens)...

LeniD: The Library is a major source of information about the Civil War...
A Civil War Soldier in the Wild Cat Regiment
LeniD: Take a look at the letters in the Special Presentation, History of the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865
GailP: Leni is showing a "brand new" collection now!
LeniD: Yep :-)
LeniD: Those letters make this long ago war very "real" for students.
TaraCo: I was just going to say that I love the letters!
LeniD: Agreed!
LeniD: a timeline...
GailP: The timelines are especially helpful to "set the stage" for your students.
LeniD: and Civil War Maps...
LeniD: The Learning Page Timeline of American History feature presentation...Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861 - 1877
LeniD: This section of the feature provides great context and background information...
LeniD: Civil War Photographs
LeniD: Don't miss this favorite...great for teaching visual literacy and/or point of view...
Does the Camera Ever Lie?
LeniD: Civil War Treasures from The New York Historical Society
Take a look at the Special Presentation: Before, During and After the Civil War.
LeniD: Women's Activities During the Civil War...
SusanR: Gardner sometimes rearranged the elements in his photographs
LeniD: Isn't that fascinating, Susan?
SusanR: and the words that accompany a photograph may also influence the way we "read" the picture.
LeniD: Definitely! Photos are GREAT for teaching point of view, though until we point that out, kids seldom think of this.

LeniD: Let's leave the Civil War behind, now...
The Motion Picture Camera Goes to War...The Spanish-American War (first war to be captured on film) & The Philippine Revolution

LeniD: and now...World War I...
The Learning Page Timeline of American History feature presentation...Progressive Era to New Era, 1900 - 1929 - U.S. Participation in the Great War (World War One)
LeniD: American Leaders Speak: Recordings from World War I and the 1920 Election - a Learning Page collection connection....
LeniD: A Closer Look at the Stars and Stripes (a special presentation)
LeniD: These newspapers of the era help bring history home to kids, too!
LeniD: For European Recovery: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan (Exhibit)

LeniD: Are you all still with me? Any major whiplash, yet??? :-)
MichaelH is here :)
LeniD: Good, Michael :-)))
TaraCo: I'm here, and very thankful for you Leni
LeniD: Glad to hear it, Tara. Do you want to speak or shall I keep going?
GailP: Sorry I keep coming and going - technical difficulties....
LeniD: Welcome back, Gail :->
GailP: Thanks, Leni
GailP: I think the cicadas are interfering with the computers!
LeniD: LOL, Gail :-)
MichaelH: Yeah, Gail, but we won't have to worry about them for 17 years after today :)
TaraCo: LOL at the cicadas Gail!
TaraCo: I miss the cicadas :-(
GailP -) We are surrounded
LeniD: We'll be happy to send you some, Tara!
TaraCo: I've got requests into my Mom and some friends!
TaraCo: so far all I got is a t-shirt

LeniD: Let's move on to World War II...
LeniD: The Learning Page Timeline of American History feature presentation...Great Depression and World War II, 1929-1945
LeniD: Rosie Pictures: Select Images Relating to American Women Workers During World War II
TaraCo: oooh! cartoons! thanks! I, and my students love them
LeniD: did you hear that, Gail? :-> We are working on a new activity on cartoons, as I type!
LeniD: And this Cybercast‚ Rosie the Riveter: Real Women Workers During World War II
That's a great piece to share with your students.
LeniD: Women Come to the Front: Journalists, Photographers and Broadcasters During World War II
GailP: Let me find another cartoon site for you...
TaraCo: Leni, please let me know when you finish the cartoon activity, please
LeniD: Will do, Tara!
LeniD: Here's a collection that has special meaning to me (California native that I am)...
Born Free and Equal ...Ansel Adam's photo documentary of life at Manzanar.
LeniD: And one of our new exhibits... Churchill and the Great Republic
LeniD: Great for high school, Michael!
MichaelH: yes!
LeniD: More streaming content for you.... Peal Harbor Oral Histories
TaraCo: rock on! oral histories
GailP: Just for the record...There is a great Bill Mauldin site - and this is the WWII section with cartoons
LeniD: Thanks, Gail!
TaraCo: yes, thanks!
LeniD: Tara, if you like oral histories...
After the Day of Infamy: "Man-on-the-Street" Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor
LeniD: Tara is anxiously awaiting the activity, Gail!
LeniD: Susan, you are mighty quiet. Are you keeping up?
SusanR: just barely ...
SusanR: amazing resources
LeniD: It moves VERY fast, Susan...but you will get the transcript and can visit all at your leisure.
TaraCo froths at the mouth in anticipation
GailP: The wheels of creativity spin on...
LeniD: LOL!

LeniD: Moving to the more recent past... Witness and Response: September 11 Acquisitions at the Library of Congress
GailP: This is a very moving exhibit... And something that your students will be able to relate to...
SusanR: I am lost in cyberspace
LeniD: Yes...this is their history.
LeniD: Hang in there, Susan!
GailP: Sadly...
TaraCo: I'm trying to push my co-workers to get our curriculum further along next year. Maybe I can use the 9/11 site to help entice them.
MichaelH reminds everyone about the transcript :)
GailP: There is a lot of material there to
GailP: You can do with it what you find appropriate...
SusanR: still checking out the cartoons

LeniD: And some treasures not to be missed...
LeniD: The Most Famous Poster...
And songs of the war...
TaraCo: I use the archives powers of persuasion posters every year.
GailP: The whole topic of "Uncle Sam" could be a lesson in itself...
LeniD: The story behind America's unofficial national anthem, God Bless America...

LeniD: For you AND your students....
The Veterans History Project from the Library of Congress Folklife Center....
GailP: This is an opportunity that you can get involved with at the local level...
LeniD: It's an amazing, meaningful project!
GailP: Right on, Leni
LeniD: Another activity from the Learning Page...
Zoom into Maps: Military Maps
GailP: Dear to my heart...
LeniD: Yep :-))
LeniD: For the younger set...
A jigsaw puzzle activity from the Learning Page - Rosie the Riveter
GailP: There are a number of other puzzles related to this activity - other topics...
LeniD: This next activity from the Learning Page presents an opportunity to talk about what we can do at HOME to help the war torn world... On the Homefront
GailP: And you can certainly connect this activity with what is happening today... in your own communities...
LeniD: Exactly :-)
SusanR: Completed the puzzle!!
LeniD: Congrats, Susan! :-)
LeniD: Memorial Day is fast approaching... from Today in History...
LeniD: Gail, I'll hold onto Today in History while you are on the "homefront"...
GailP: The resource page combines all of the images...
LeniD: Thanks, Gail...
LeniD: galloping back to Today in History...
LeniD: From the WiseGuide‚ Battle Hymn of the Republic
Also from the WiseGuide‚ The Tuskegee Airmen

LeniD: As you can see...
LeniD: Gail and I could go on like this for hours!
GailP: So many wonderful resources....too little time
LeniD: Yep!
LeniD: Know that these links for you and your students, and many more, can be found in the War and Peace community center from the Learning Page...

LeniD: We hope you will join us on June 17 for our last chat of the 2003-2004 school year...
Summertime! Find out about the leisure pastimes of Americans through primary sources from the Library of Congress.
TaraCo: thanks much ladies!
TaraCo: this has been a real treat
SusanR: wonderful resources... thanks Leni
LeniD: If you are going to NECC, please come visit us in New Orleans!
MichaelH applauds
GailP: Thanks Michael
LeniD: Thank you for joining us...
MichaelH waves
GailP: It has been a pleasure...
LeniD: You are all very welcome...thanks so much for being here :-)
RachelW: Wow, that was really wonderful! Bye
TaraCo: thanks again ladies, have a great night--see you in June
LeniD: Any last minute thoughts or questions before we take your leave?
MichaelH would love to go...
GailP: In the "summer mode"
LeniD: Looking forward to that, Tara!
LeniD: Wish you could, Michael.
SusanR: Thanks again for the whirlwind tour!
LeniD: you are welcome, Susan.
MichaelH waves good night
MichaelH . o O ( night )
LeniD: Good night!
GailP: Night to you all

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