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Learning Page Chat, August 21, 2003:

Baseball...As American as Apple Pie

LeniD: Let's make our introductions and explain how chat works...Michael, will you do the honors?

MichaelH: Hi, everyone... welcome to tonight's "Learning Page Chat"... tonight's subject... Baseball!!

MichaelH: As we always do, let's start with some introductions... would everyone please tell use who you are and what you do?

BJ: I'm a teacher in Pennsylvania

MichaelH is a technology curriculum facilitator in a school district in southern Indiana.

LeniD: I'm the coordinator of the Learning Page project, Library of Congress.

NicoleBu: My name is Nicole Butts and I am Multiple-subject credential teacher in San Diego California. I just graduated so I am brand new. I just got a job as a reading intervention teacher at Monroe Clark Junior High.

LeniD: Thanks, Nicole. Welcome!

MichaelH: Nicole, don't worry, we were all "newbies" once... welcome aboard...

MichaelH: right, BJ?

BJ: right!

MichaelH: Leni, I think we are ready...

LeniD: Ready when you are, Michael :-)

BJ: Hi, Josh. Welcome

LeniD: Welcome, Josh. You are just in time!

JoshBr: Hi all

MichaelH waves to Josh

LeniD: Soooo..... What is it about baseball that is so quintessentially "American"?

LeniD: Babe Ruth said, "The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime."

LeniD: Is teamwork a value in America? If so, then baseball is a wonderful laboratory for developing it!

LeniD: In this speech, Jackie Robinson attributes his success to America's status as a "free society"...offering unlimited opportunity to all.

MichaelH: Leni will show us a site... and we can click on the link and access it...take a minute and see it, but don't forget to come back here

MichaelH waves to Mary

BJ waves hi to Mary

LeniD: Welcome Mary and Jeff.

JeffC waves to Leni

LeniD: Unlimited opportunity was part of the American Dream...and was a powerful lure that brought many immigrants to our shores during the 19th and 20th centuries.

LeniD: Jackie Robinson epitomizes "going for the dream"... view this special presentation which was created to commemorate Jackie's achievements and to depict the "color line" in the early days of baseball.

BJ checks to make sure everyone is getting the web pages

BJ . o O ( checks, too )

MichaelH: everyone following along?

LeniD: I hope you are poking around ... there are wonderful materials in this special presentation!

JoshBr: Leni, maybe I missed this, but you can you please give me some context here?

LeniD: Josh, I'm sharing resources from the Library of Congress on the topic of baseball... with the thought that baseball is "as American as apple pie"... we are pondering why that is so.

NicoleBu: Yes, your links are clear and accessible.

JoshBr: Thanks for the clarification.

LeniD: Glad to hear that, Nicole. :-) You are welcome, Josh :-)

LeniD: sooo...
Does the game of baseball mirror society's values?

LeniD: Has the game pushed the limits of cultural norms?

LeniD: I think baseball can be a wonderful vehicle for teaching about America...hope you can agree by chat's end :-)

MichaelH likes the game

LeniD: Let?s take a look at these "baseball" resources with an eye to what they reveal about America and its values...Ready?

LeniD: View these early baseball pictures... wouldn't you love to share these with students to help them link to the past AND understand the game of baseball?

LeniD: How about this threesome...a chance to teach history, sport and language!

LeniD: Trace the origins of baseball through this exhibit...

LeniD: I love that "Pretty Little Pocket Book"!

LeniD: Ready to move on?

JoshBr: I think I still have the "Twiggy" look.

JoshBr: ready

LeniD: :-)

MichaelH :won't touch the "Twiggy" thing...

LeniD: "We Are The Champions" provides highlights of baseball resources at the Library of Congress.

LeniD: Poke around...I'll wait for you, but visit in depth after this chat, please :-)

MichaelH is back...

LeniD: How about baseball songs? What do THEY tell us about American values?

MichaelH: Norworth had never been to a professional baseball game...

LeniD: :-)

LeniD: And of course ... there is nothing like a baseball card collection!

JoshBr: Agreed! Until I discovered legos!

LeniD: Good point, Josh :-)

LeniD: We could spend hours here, alone...but I need to move you along.

LeniD: We seem to be buried in baseball cards...with much left to we go, folks!

JoshBr: Great site Leni, thanks for sharing this one!

LeniD: It's wonderful, Josh...agreed!

LeniD: Give your students a chance to practice THEIR skills ... Batter Up! A game from America's Library.(if you have a flash enabled browser, click and play)

LeniD: I'll give you time for one QUICK game :-)

MichaelH: This is really cool, Leni

MichaelH hit a grand slam...

LeniD: Do you need some baseball lessons?

LeniD: click on the lesson plan link at the top...or scroll down the page.

LeniD: The younger set would like Batter Up...but these lessons would be good for your middle and high school students.

LeniD: Are you stocking your reading corner? Try our the Learning Page baseball bibliography to warm up.

LeniD: There's something for all ages here, folks.

NicoleBu: These are wonderful resources, especially for reading intervention, a lot of students are interested in baseball. Thank you for these teaching tools.

LeniD: We're glad you think so, Nicole :-)

LeniD: A baseball theme might be a great way to introduce your students to the American Memory collections.

LeniD: Suggest these search terms to see what treasures your students can find and share on their own!
(click on "search terms" or scroll down the page)

LeniD: Search terms are a new addition to the community center...we hope they are helpful!

LeniD: Next month...our topic is FLIGHT! We have some wonderful resources to share as we prepare to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright brother's accomplishments :-) Please join us again.

MichaelH: Sounds great, Leni!

MichaelH will be there

MichaelH: BTW: Want to mention how to find out about topics for sessions...etc.?

LeniD: Thanks Michael. Topics and dates for monthly sessions can be found on both the Tapped In calendar and at the front door of the Learning Page...

You can also sign up for the Learning Page newsletter to receive e-mail notifications :-)

LeniD: This monthly note informs educators of new resources on the Learning Page and other Library sites.

LeniD: While I have you here...we are debuting collaborative projects this fall...

MichaelH perks up for that...

LeniD: Make History with the Library of Congress!
Watch for these project to appear:
Interviews with Today's Immigrants...
The Branding of America...
The Great American Potluck (already online)...
and America Dreams (this one is targeted for October release)

LeniD: End of Learning Page plugs. :-) Thanks for joining us!

MichaelH: Great session, Leni!

BJ: Thanks, Leni

LeniD: thanks, Michael. My pleasure, BJ.

NicoleBu: Thank has been an enlightening experience. I appreciate your patience. It was a very good lecture.

LeniD: Glad to hear it Nicole. Join us again, please.

NicoleBu: Will do.

LeniD: Great!

LeniD: I'm going to bid you all good night. thanks again for joining us. See you next month :-)

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