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Learning Page Chat, December 5, 2002: America the Beautiful

BJB [HelpDesk] exclaims, "tadaaaaa!"

BJB [HelpDesk] waves warmly to Leni

LeniD exclaims, "Sorry! I had trouble logging on, folks!"

GailGP says, "Welcome, Leni."

LeniD says, "Thanks, Gail."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves

BarbaraSS says, "Hi Leni from Barb in Tucson"

LeniD exclaims, "Hi Michael!"

LeniD exclaims, "Barbara, you made it! Yeah!!!!"

BernieD arrives from nowhere. rosemary follows BernieD to here. BernieD has lost his link.

GailGP says, "Cold, snowy, icy and 18 in Rochester, NY! Brrrrr!"

MicheleR says, "wow...a full room"

LeniD asks, "I have soooooo much to show you...let's get started, ok? Michael, will you do the honors and begin introductions, please?"

MichaelAH [to All]: "Welcome to tonight's Learning Page chat"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "hope no one is snowed in this evening :)"

MicheleR exclaims, "nope...Sunny San Diego!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "we're going to be looking at maps and their impact in teaching history this evening"

LeniD says, "I'm cozy indoors, here in the very white DC area."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "to start off, how about everyone introduce themselves?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to Bernie

BJB [HelpDesk] waves wb to Bernie

BernieD waves back warmly

MargaretSt says, "I'm Peg Stahler. I teach a 2/3 multiage in San Diego."

MicheleR says, "Sixth grade teacher from San Diego, California."

LeniD says, "I'm Leni Donlan, the coordinator of the Learning Page, Library of Congress."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "I'm Michael Hutchison, and I teach social studies in southern Indiana"

GailGP says, "I'm Gail - part-timer at the Library of Congress - recently retired as a school librarian in an elementary School."

Katie [guest] says, "I'm Katie Hutchison, Secondary Ed major at IUPUI..."

BarbaraSS says, "Barb Soto retired 5th grade teacher in tucson, Arizona ..I sub thrree days a week"

BernieD projects AboutB. --------------- I'm Bernie Dodge and I'm a professor at San Diego State University in the Department of Educational Technology. More than you'd ever want to know about me can be found at
I also keep a personal blog at which you will undoubtably find to be the most fascinating thing since Harry Potter. Or not.

LeniD says, "Hi Bernie! Long time no see :-)"

BernieD exclaims, "Hi Leni!"

GailGP says, "Are you THE Bernie Dodge? :-)"

BernieD nods

MichaelAH [to Bernie]: "looks like your fame has proceeded you..."

GailGP exclaims, "Wow - such good company tonight!"

BernieD says, "That and a quarter will..."

MichaelAH . o O ( preceded you... )

LeniD says, "OK..I really do have much to I want you all to fasten your seat belts...hold on tight...and..."

LeniD exclaims, "here we go!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] nods to Leni

LeniD asks, "Ready?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "wait ..."

MargaretSt says, "y"

GailGP exclaims, "Zoom away!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "we need to tell them about projections"

LeniD says, "Not quite yet..."

LeniD says, "The Library of Congress has 4.5 milllion treasures in the Geography and Map Division which takes up a large part of the ground floor of the Madison Bldg...where I work. Wandering through this division is an almost overwhelming experience..."

LeniD says, "there are countless atlasses and rolled maps, globes from many periods in history, shelf after shelf, drawer after drawer of the geographic history of the nation and the world. Many of these map and other resources are digitized and online. Tonight we want to share some of these treasure with you."

LeniD says, "All of these links were collected by our own Gail Petri...for the new Activity online next week...called Zoom Into Maps! You will find it here..."

LeniD says, "Now, tell them about projecting, please, Michael."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "ok Leni"

GailGP -) Just a few of the many, many available!

MichaelAH . o O ( LEni )

BJB . o O ( cybergods are cranky tonight )

LeniD exclaims, "LOL!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] projects project note. --------------- When I "project" an URL, you'll see the website appear in another browser window. This is normal. If you are using a "text client", you'll need to "copy and paste" the URL in a browser window.

You may need to switch from one window to another to see the webpage. DO NOT close THIS window! ---------------

LeniD projects the URL:

Learning Page Features and Activities Section

MichaelAH [SS Forum] checks to see if everyone sees the projection

GailGP says, "Yes in rochester"

LeniD exclaims, "OK...that's where you will soon find the new "Zoom into Maps Activity"...Yeah, Gail!"

LeniD asks, "Before we begin, lets consider the essence of maps. What are they? What do they do? What common characteristics do they have?"

LeniD says, "Most maps have..."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] asks, "latitude and longitude lines?"

LeniD says, "yep"

LeniD asks, "a Title (includes date) - What does the map show?"

LeniD asks, "Orientation - How is this map oriented? In relation to what?"

LeniD asks, "a legend or key- What does it show?"

LeniD asks, "a source - Who created it? For what purpose?"

LeniD asks, "and scale - What distance is measured?"

LeniD asks, "What did I miss?"

LeniD says, "I must be very good, if you can add nothing :-)"

BernieD asks, "The "here be dragons" icon?"

LeniD exclaims, "LOL...yep, may have that, Bernie!"

LeniD says, "Historic maps, as any primary source, may create more questions than answers. They leave us with questions about all of the above points of reference."

LeniD says, "They often lead to further research and engaged learning. They certainly create a sense of wonder and appreciation of another time."

LeniD says, "I'm going to show you a series of maps from the Library's collections, now."

LeniD asks, "Buckle up! Ready?"

MicheleR says, "ready"

GailGP exclaims, "Compass rose is ready!"

MargaretSt says, "y"

LeniD says, "thanks :-)"

LeniD says, "Hometown USA (local geography)"

LeniD says, "Lets start with this map of DC. When I show it, you will encounter MrSID...which provides a wonderful zooming capability."

LeniD asks, "Have any of you used MrSId, before?"

MicheleR says, "no"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] has not

MargaretSt says, "I have not"

BarbaraSS says, "I've never heard of it"

GailGP exclaims, "Once you learn about it, you'll be HOOKED!"

LeniD says, "OK...I'm going to project this map..and I want you to come back to this chat window when you see it."

MicheleR says, "waiting with anticipation"

LeniD exclaims, "We will explain will LOVE it!"

LeniD projects the URL:

The City of Washington

GailGP says, "Ahhh - my home away from home :-)"

LeniD says, "OK...this map of DC is available for your perusal..."

LeniD says, "On the right you see a Navigator view..on the left is the map itself..below the map..."

LeniD says, "are zoom buttons and pixel sizes to select for viewing."

LeniD says, "Use the navigation view to select a "piece" of the map...then zoom in and out and see what is there."

SueMR arrives from nowhere. Sue's Recorder follows SueMR to here. MargaretSt has connected.

LeniD asks, "Are you having fun yet?"

MicheleR says, "it can really zoom in"

LeniD asks, "Yes...much closer than the map itself can show the naked eye. I love this..don't you?"

GailGP says, "I continue to be amazed by the technology - you can see people on the streets, in boats, etc."

MicheleR asks, " would you incorporate this capability within the classroom?"

Bill [guest] has arrived.

LeniD says, "OK...I'm going to move you on to Panoramic maps...sorry to pull you away so soon..."

LeniD asks, "Michele, are you asking how to use this "offline"?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] reminds all that a transcript of tonight's session, with web links will be available

LeniD says, "Panoramic Maps...explore in your state, or in the state you were born in..."

LeniD asks, "Does anyone want to share what they discovered? Would kids be interested in using these maps?"

GailGP says, "I know already that there is a map of my own "hometown" or Fairport, New York."

GailGP says, "Comparing this map to the Fairport of today would be wonderful for students."

BarbaraSS asks, "Leni, will ou give us the URL's for these websies so they can be explored in a more leisurely fashion?"

MichaelAH says: "I think students who were interested in urban planning might be interested in comparing current city maps with past ones"

LeniD says, "And I know there is a map of Santa Monica, CA...where I was born."

MichaelAH [to Barbara]: "there will be a transcript generated with the links...we can send you one"

LeniD says, "Barb, the transcript of the chat will have them all :-)"

BernieD says, "I'm looking at Waterbury CT in 1899. I already bought one of these on ebay. Great to see it here, too."

LeniD says, "And without cost, Bernie! :-)"

Katie [guest] -)

LeniD asks, "Was there a question about Indianapolis?"

BarbaraSS asks, "I wonder if there are maps of Tucson, Arizona from different time periods?"

SueMR says, "I am looking at aerial view of Ottawa, Ontario."

LeniD says, "Barbara...there probably are."

LeniD says, "Hold on to your hats...I'm moving you again..."

LeniD says, "Taking the Long View..."

Katie [guest] says, "I clicked on Indiana, and was surprised not to find a map of Indianapolis"

GailGP says, "I have used the Rochester, NY map and also Rochester Panoramic photographs to compare and contrast with students."

BarbaraSS asks, "I would have more ideas about how to use them in the classroom after I had time to play with them . How about the rest of you? Any thoughts?"

LeniD says, "Poke around here...see what you can find."

SueMR says, "I too would want to play with and check our curriculum connections and strands."

LeniD says, "I know goal tonight is to show you what is here...application can come next."

LeniD asks, "Here I find Seal Beach, CA, where I raised my family! What are you finding?"

GailGP says, "Syracuse, NY football stadium - my alma mater."

LeniD asks, "Does this differ from what you just saw? How?"

BernieD says, "Institute Park in Worcester MA where I took many moonlit strolls with college girlfriends."

LeniD says, "You're finding some very interesting places, Bernie :-)"

BernieD says, "Hey Gail... I went to SU, too."

GailGP exclaims, "Hey, Bernie - and when!"

BernieD says, "75-80"

GailGP exclaims, "Oh you young thing!"

LeniD says, "Built in America...poke around a bit. See whether these appear to be "maps"..."

BernieD says, "That was grad school"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] has found some things on Terre Haute Indiana.... home of Indiana State University

LeniD exclaims, "Yeah, Michael!"

MichaelAH . o O ( Larry Bird Tech )

LeniD asks, "Gail, what can you tell us about this collection?"

GailGP exclaims, "I love this collection - tip - you need to know the county!"

BernieD exclaims, "Holy cow! Just found the factory I grew up next to!"

LeniD exclaims, " are on a roll!"

GailGP asks, "There are all kinds of photos - BernieD - where?"

LeniD asks, "We can use these maps to help our students 'personalize' history and geography, can't we?"

BarbaraSS asks, "I could spend hours just exploring all you have shown so far. How can I use it in the classroom...especially as a substitute teacher? any ideas?"

GailGP exclaims, "Photos of all kinds of structures!"

LeniD says, "We can use them to learn about change over time."

GailGP says, "Look for an existing building - or find a photo of a building/structure that no longer exists."

GailGP exclaims, "Bridges, windmills, you name it!"

LeniD says, "I'm going to rush you further ahead...I know you are getting carsick but hold on..."

LeniD says, "Maps of Exploration"

GailGP says, "Elementary students in NY study "structures""

LeniD says, "Take a look at this 1562 Map of America..."

SueMR exclaims, "This is amazing!"

LeniD exclaims, "We think so...I could spend DAYS with these materials!"

LeniD asks, "What does this tell us about knowledge of America at that time? Why might this map have been made?"

GailGP exclaims, "This map is full of treasures!"

GailGP asks, "Leni - can you project the "special presentation" url?"

LeniD says, "At your service, Ma'am :-)"

GailGP exclaims, "Ahhhhhh - maybe even more than you would want to know :-) but many thanks!"

Katie [guest] says, "That'll be the day"

LeniD asks, "This map was produced about 100 years later. What differences can be noted?"

MicheleR says, "love the sea creatures...supporting the myth and legends of the time"

GailGP says, "me too, michael."

LeniD asks, "Any whiplash, yet?"

GailGP says, "Makes me want to brush up on my French! :-)"

LeniD -)

BernieD says, "Seems like there weren't many trees back then."

LeniD asks, "It's a strange map, isn't it?"

BarbaraSS exclaims, "That 1562 map of america is awesome..I need time to read the text that comeswith it!"

LeniD says, "Now look at this map of North America from 1826..."

LeniD says, "Barbara...we will make sure you have the transcript so you can revisit at a reasonable pace."

GailGP says, "Check out the population stats - near bottom of map."

MicheleR says, "boy have we changed those borderlines"

LeniD exclaims, "Exactly! Maps teach about politics, history, a people, the beliefs of the time..they are amazing!"

BernieD asks, "Wonder where this convention of British=pink started?"

BarbaraSS says, "What these maps can teach absolutely would have to get them thinking"

LeniD exclaims, "Agreed, Barbara...that's why we love them!"

Bryan [guest] exclaims, "Hello everyone!"

BarbaraSS asks, "What is British pink?"

LeniD exclaims, "Hi Bryan..welcome!"

Bryan [guest] says, "Thanks"

LeniD says, "While you all are debating "British Pink"...I'll move you along..."

MicheleR says, "guess I've got to brush up on some history"

GailGP exclaims, "Bryan, can you give us a quick intro!"

LeniD says, "Migration Maps..."

LeniD says, "Please do, Bryan."

MichaelAH [to Bryan [guest]]: "yeah, tell us about yoursefl"

Bryan [guest] says, "migration maps are always interesting"

LeniD says, "Very! I'm glad you agree, Bryan."

LeniD says, "Here's the first one..."

Bryan [guest] says, "well, I'm a Geography Major aT IUPUI in Indianapolis"

Bryan [guest] says, "if that says at all where my interests lie"

LeniD -)

BernieD says, "Hmmm.... it doesn't show any casinos."

GailGP exclaims, "Hi JohnLi!"

MicheleR says, "lol"

LeniD asks, "What did they want these children to know?"

MicheleR says, "native heritage"

MicheleR asks, "?"

JohnLi says, "Hello, Gail."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "Indian tribe locations"

LeniD says, "Shame, isn't it, Bernie. Perhaps they didn't offer what we would expect in a well rounded curriculum? :-)"

LeniD says, "Right on, Michael and Michele."

GailGP says, "Would be interesting to see where Casinos are today :-)"

Bryan [guest] says, "interesting that it's mostly southern migration"

LeniD says, "now look at this one..."

LeniD exclaims, "choose any one of these, I should have said!"

LeniD asks, "What do we see here?"

GailGP says, "Zoom in on one of these to read the detail."

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "the map maker's name sort of gives it away"

GailGP says, "June 30th - "First view of buffalo""

MicheleR says, "Diary of exploration"

LeniD -))) I LOVE these maps!

BarbaraSS says, "So do I Leni, so do I"

LeniD says, "For this one, Click on Gallery view here...then poke around..."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is looking at the Lewis and Clark map

LeniD exclaims, "Gallery View may be the biggest improvement to the American Memory collections, yet!"

GailGP exclaims, "Hang on for the "whirlwind" tour! You can go back and see all of the maps later!"

LeniD asks, "Are you properly astounded and amazed at what is here? PLEASE come back to explore further on your own."

LeniD says, "Still much to show..."

MicheleR says, "little time left...let's go for broke"

BernieD asks, "So... there are some new lessons somewhere to wrap around all this wonderment?"

LeniD projects this URL

Bryan [guest] says, "this is all pretty incredible"

LeniD exclaims, "Yes, Bryan, I agree!"

LeniD exclaims, Here comes another..."

GailGP exclaims, "Leni has only scratched the surface!"

SueMR is amazed

LeniD says, "Bernie...we have a Community Center on the Learning Page..this month's theme is Geography and Maps."

LeniD says, "I'll take you there before we finish..."

GailGP says, "At the bottom of the Slave map is the Census of 1860"

LeniD says, "Look at this..."

Bryan [guest] says, "it's pretty amazing to see the contrasting black colors used in there... I bet those guys would love GIS"

LeniD asks, "Starting from this map...What can you learn about the geographic regions of the US?"

Bryan [guest] asks, "are these geomorphic maps?"

LeniD asks, "What can be learned about CAs environment from this map? Would this be effective for student learning? Why?"

GailGP exclaims, "These are links to photos that would be of definite interest to the science/environmental teacher!"

LeniD asks, "Are they, Bryan?"

LeniD projects this URL.

Bryan [guest] says, "well, that's what I am seeing in Indiana... Dunes at different stages in their life.."

Bryan [guest] says, "that's great"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "can I stop you for a second?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "have just a couple of things to bring up"

LeniD says, "Yes, Michael. :-)"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "first, we'll put a copy of the transcript on the SS Forum listserv"

LeniD says, "and on the Learning Page :-)"

LeniD exclaims, "Marsha!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "ok, BJ has one other announcement..."

BernieD waves to incognito Marsha

meme [guest] says, "Hello Leni.....didn't get enough last night. Had to come back for another fix."

LeniD -)

BarbaraSS asks, "Is this a one hour session? Will there be more on maps?"

MichaelAH [to BJ]: "any problem if Leni runs long (if she wants to go on???)"

LeniD asks, "Is anyone following us here, BJ?"

LeniD says, "I'm happy to go on for another 10-15 minutes, if some of you want to stay."

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "no problem, Leni"

LeniD exclaims, "We are far from finished!"

MicheleR asks, "artsites?peace project?"

LeniD says, "Thanks, BJ"

GailGP exclaims, "Leni, that is an understatement!"

LeniD says, "Take a look at this Booklovers Map of the United States..."

GailGP says, "Are you all zooming into your own states? :-)"

LeniD exclaims, "The map format is used in many disciplines, as we can see!"

LeniD says, "And this one..."

LeniD asks, "Is this a map? Why or why not?"

MicheleR says, "definitely"

MicheleR says, "mapping out history"

LeniD says, "I think so, too :-)"

LeniD says, "And now, just for curiosity...lets visit some unusual maps..."

GailGP says, "These were created by a 15 year old."

GailGP says, "trying to help her sick brother "learn" history."

LeniD exclaims,"These are so unique!"

MicheleR says, "a fifteen year ...very talented"

LeniD says, "Folks...I apologize for rushing you so...1 hour is not enough time to do justice to the collections online."

LeniD says, "I skipped the transportation maps and military maps...and skimmed over the rest."

MicheleR says, "thank you for the taste"

LeniD says, "Please visit the Community Center of the Learning Page..."

BernieD says, "Amazing."

GailGP exclaims, "We hope you will stop back and visit again - the maps!"

BarbaraSS says, "Yes, one hour IS just skimming, but it is a great sample. We hae a notion now of what is there"

LeniD exclaims, "Sorry about that!"

SueMR says, "Thank you! My connection is weak tonight. We are having problems with our ISP tonight. However, I do see tremendous potential."

LeniD exclaims, "Good!"

GailGP exclaims, "We are so glad to hear that!"

LeniD says, "Have fun exploring."

BernieD exclaims, "Great stuff, Leni. Thanks for the tour!"

GailGP exclaims, "Once you start.... hard to stop!"

MargaretSt says, "Thanks so much."

LeniD says, "If you have time, Please take a moment to submit an evalpation of tonight's chat.

Bryan [guest] says, "Thank you! :)"

BarbaraSS says, "Exploring what you've introduced is one of those things I like to do early in the morning...seems like connections work better then"

LeniD exclaims, "Thanks so much for joining us!"

MicheleR says, "thanks again Leni and Gail"

GailGP exclaims, "You're welcome Michele - stop in again!"

LeniD exclaims, "It was fun...we will be back in January to talk about "The Branding of America"...please join us!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to all

SueMR says, "Thanks again"

LeniD says, "Bye :-)"

MargaretSt exclaims, "Be careful on the roads!"

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