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Learning Page Chat, October 17, 2002: Immigration

MichaelAH [to All]: "welcome to tonight's LOC/ Learning Page forum session!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] applauds

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "last session was a great success, and we're looking for the same this evening"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] exclaims, "huzzah!!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "we're all here to learn about great resources that Leni has to share.,..."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "so let's start like we did last time... with introductions from the group"

LeniD says, "What an introduction! Thanks, Michael."

MichaelAH . o O ( don't be shy... tell us who you are... and where you are from )

PaulBars [guest] says, "I'm a grad student at GMU surveying tappedin"

FredSt projects Fred Steinbroner. --------------- I teach Ed Tech at Boise State University, and also run and which are a community of practice for helping teachers and pre-service teachers learn and use the Jigsaw Grouping Method with Web-based Jigsaw Activity.

LeniD says, "Welcome, Paul and Fred."

MichaelAH [to Paul]: "George Mason U?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] projects intro. Keiko Schneider is a Japanese teacher at heart who currently teaches English as a Second Language at Albuquerque TVI. HelpDesk volunteer.

MichaelAH . o O ( home of "History Matters" )

BJB [HelpDesk] waves hi. I'm a teacher in Pennsylvania and a helpdesk volunteer for TAPPED IN

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Hello, my name is Karen Needles. I am an Education Resource Specialist, formerly from the Library of Congress, now at the National Archives."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "I'm a History teacher from France teaching both in french and in english!"

PaulBars [guest] says, "George Mason University - Fairfax VA"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] is a social studies teacher in southwestern Indiana

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "bonjour"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "Bonsoir for me 2AM!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] looks to see if anyone else would like to "enter and sign in please";...

BJB . o O ( poor JP! )

DavidW says, "I'm David Weksler. I work with teachers helping them with technology and math in TappedIn and in real life. I'm in New Jersey, near New York City"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] gets the NoDoz

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "boy, what dedication"

JeanphilippeR . o O ( so happy to be here! )

LeniD exclaims, "We have an international crowd...perfect!"

LeniD says, "Last time we met, I spent a lot of time "showing you around"."

LeniD says, "I'm going to do a quick recap, but then I'd like to really get into the topic of immigration...and how we teach it to our students."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods solemnly

LeniD asks, "So...get ready for a QUICK show and tell! Michael will you remind folks about what happens when I show a site, please?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "sure"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] projects project note. --------------- When I "project" an URL, you'll see the website appear in another browser window. This is normal. If you are using a "text client", you'll need to "copy and paste" the URL in a browser window. You may need to switch from one window to another to see the webpage. DO NOT close THIS window! ---------------

LeniD says, "Thanks :-)"

LeniD says, "Hang on to your seats..."

LeniD says, "Let me introduce the Community Center of the Learning Page...a brand new and exciting endeavor for us:-)"

LeniD says, "We start here at the Library's front door..."

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD asks, "From there, we choose: Especially for Teachers...toward the bottom of the page. Ready?"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "yes, I am here."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods to Leni and Michael

LeniD says, "Here we go..."

LeniD projects the URL:

elizabeth [guest] asks, "do we click along, or does LeniD "drive"?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] exclaims, "LESSON PLANS!"

LeniD says, "Hi, Gail! :-)"

GailGP says, "Hi Leni; Mary Alice and I are here"

MichaelAH [to Elizabeth [guest]]: "Leni projected the page... I can show it to you if you didn't get it"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Hi Gail"

LeniD says, "I'm driving right now...try to stay with me for now :-)"

LeniD exclaims, "Hi Mary Alice!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] shows elizabeth the URL:

elizabeth [guest] exclaims, "sounds good, LeniD - thanks!"

LeniD says, "From the Learning Page we go to the Community Center:"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Hi Mary Alice"

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD asks, "and to immigration...ready?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "let me check to see if everyone is on the "same page""

MichaelAH [to All]: "everyone ok so far?"

LeniD exclaims, "LOL...good idea!"

elizabeth [guest] says, "ok"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] grins from ear to expansive ear

LeniD projects the URL:

MichaelAH [to Gail]: "can you see the page ok?"

GailGP says, "Immigration - wonderful"

KeikoS . o O ( perfect place for Citizenship class )

LeniD exclaims, "OK...take a minute to see what is here. Ask questions if you have them...then the conversation begins!"

GailGP exclaims, "Mary Alice created the German Immigration contributions to the Upper Midwest lesson!"

LeniD exclaims, "Hear, Hear!"

PaulBars [guest] asks, "Has 1 reason for the success of immigration in US been the melting pot?"

LeniD asks, "Ahhh...but are we a melting pot?"

PaulBars [guest] says, "IN the US we all conform to certain mores"

LeniD says, "Yes..if we are wise, that is true."

LeniD asks, "Teachers? Do you suggest that the US is a melting pot when you teach about immigration?"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "we use "melting pot" but also "salad bowl" metaphors"

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "I thought the current wisdom was 'tossed salad"

BJB [HelpDesk] nods to Michael

GailGP exclaims, "Mary Alice says: The changes in her community in the last 15 years are significant - interesting and good!"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "In france we are saying that melting pot is not existing anymore in us"

MichaelAH [to BJ]: "great minds..."

elizabeth [guest] says, "we use the same"

PaulBars [guest] asks, "If the melting pot is not existing are we destroying ourselves?"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] asks, "why do you say that JeanPhilippeR?"

LeniD says, "Exactly, JP. My thought as well."

KeikoS [to LeniD]: "A lot of stories say they are coming soon"

KeikoS . o O ( like Japanese immigration )

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "No Paul, migration has changed"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "integration as well"

LeniD asks, "Paul...I don't think we are destroying ourselves. Do you?"

PaulBars [guest] asks, "Do people from Islamic countries coming to America have to conform or will we end up like Israel/Palestine?"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] asks, "How has migration changed?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "because of the origins"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "not european anymore"

LeniD says, "Interesting question, Paul. One of the cornerstones of this nation has been.."

LeniD says, "that it was built by citizens from all over the world."

AlejandroMolina [guest] has arrived.

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] asks, "But there has always been immigration from places other than Europe?"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to Alejandro

GailGP asks, "Welcome Alejandro - where are you from?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "Yes but if you look at the rates..."

LeniD says, "Over time, our government has done a number of things to assimilate newcomers. I'm not sure what the future holds for our immigration policies."

LeniD says, "Hi Alejandro. Welcome."

AlejandroMolina [guest] asks, "I am from Mexico and you?"

GailGP says, "Rochester, NY and Winona, Minnesota"

JeanphilippeR [to Karen]: "looks like the major parts is coming from central america and asia now"

LeniD says, "We are very pleased that you have joined us."

PaulBars [guest] says, "This chat is like immigration, people from all over the US and world and we all sound alike -- assimilation."

MichaelAH [to Paul]: "that's a good point"

GailGP says, "Mary Alice wants to share that the most of the current immigrants are Hmong."

LeniD says, "Interesting."

PaulBars [guest] asks, "What is Hmong?"

LeniD says, "Where current immigrants are coming from depends on where you live... pushes and pulls."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "But in the early 1900s we had a large population of Asians coming to America. If you look at the Immigration laws against Chinese immigration, you will find some of the same economical reasons for immigration"

GailGP says, "Hmong is from Cambodia."

PaulBars [guest] says, "o"

LeniD says, "Right? We have a large Hmong population in Central CA, but I don't know that there are many in DC."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "82% from europe till the 30's!"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Most Asian immigrants came into Angel Island."

GailGP says, "they are the people that helped the CIA during the vietnamese War - Winona is in Minnesota."

LeniD says, "True, JP. In the research I did when I began creating the Feature Presentation on Immigration, I was sometimes surprised."

PaulBars [guest] says, "I guess we will have a lot of immigration from Iraq soon"

LeniD says, "Both at where groups of immigrants entered the country..and where they migrated once here."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "If attitudes continue as they are based on 9/11, I am sure that you will see legislation prohibiting or limiting immigration to people from the Middle Eastern countries."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "The thing is that the new immigration is diverse. No common roots only a dream the american one"

LeniD says, "You may want to view the immigration maps in the immigration feature. Let me show you where it can explore later on your own."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "Thanks Leni Go!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] says, "Last year's incident isn't exactly kind to immigrants"

PaulBars [guest] exclaims, "Incident!"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "I'd like to see the maps..."

LeniD projects the URL:

AmritM has arrived. AmritM's personal recorder (recording) has arrived.

LeniD says, "I skipped the introduction..."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to Amrit

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "hi, Amrit. Welcome"

LeniD exclaims, "Hello Amrit..welcome!"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "I like this poem!"

AmritM exclaims, "hullo!"

LeniD says, "I do, too, JP."

PaulBars [guest] says, "Bye"

GailGP says, "I find it interesting that our community known for being Polish and German is now changing. the most common name in our student database is Vang, which is Hmong and also Norwegian."

LeniD says, "On the left side of your screen are images of ethnic on Native American, please."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] clicks

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "done"

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD says, "Just in case you needed some help :-)"

GailGP says, "we see it"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] checks to see if everyone is ok?

LeniD says, "There is a globe icon on the left. When you click on it, it brings up the map that shows what happened to Native Americans as OTHER groups arrived."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "just fine"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] asks, "Leni, is it not too strong the verb 'destroy'?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "just a question"

LeniD asks, "I don't think it's too strong. What do others think?"

KeikoS . o O ( cool flash animation )

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "The European race did everything it could to destroy the culture of the Native American. Say it like it is"

LeniD says, "The maps are in may want to see if you have that plug in."

MichaelAH . o O ( your browser will tell you if you need to download the player )

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "In France, we are considering that the us population have forgotten what happened... that's why I ask you. Sorry!"

LeniD says, "JP, one of the reasons for this feature is to remind folks of what really happened."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "Yes it's a great thing and a perfect job!"

LeniD says, "We have the documents about government policy, maps, etc. that show this."

LeniD says, "We will be showing where each of the groups in the navigation on the left entered the country...and where they went after they arrived."

KeikoS [to LeniD]: "That is when I saw they are coming"

LeniD says, "Native Americans, of course, are a "case in reverse"...sadly."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] asks, "when will they be completed?"

LeniD says, "Ahh..Now i understand, Keiko! :-0"

LeniD says, "We are working on Chinese immigration, now...hope to have them all finished by January."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] nods and bows to Leni

JeanphilippeR [Helper] asks, "Are you showing the push and pull factors in these pages Leni?"

LeniD says, "I'm trying, JP :-)"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Leni, if you check with Prints and Photographs, they have some great Puck and Judge political cartoons that show the attitude of the U.S. toward Chinese immigration"

GailGP exclaims, "JP - I joined in late but work with Leni at LOC - tell me a bit about yourself!"

LeniD says, "Thanks, Karen."

LeniD says, "Sooo...back to my original question...when you all teach about immigration..."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "I work in France, in a high school but also for the european commission this year"

LeniD asks, "What do you want your students to know and understand? How do you "get them" there?"

GailGP says, "And what is that? The european commission"

LeniD says, "Sounds intriguing, JP :-)"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "European Commission is the government of European Union!"

GailGP exclaims, "Mary Alice and I are still a bit clueless!"

GailGP asks, "JeanPhillipe - How did you find out about this chat?"

LeniD says, "Gail is trying to find the secret to attracting participants to LOC chat :-)"

LeniD asks, "right?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "I'm a Tapped In member and I use a lot LOC website with my students"

GailGP exclaims, "Perfect!"

GailGP exclaims, "How can we spread the word!"

MichaelAH [to JP]: "did you read the post about tonight in MeetMe?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "yes!"

GailGP exclaims, "How perfect!"

LeniD exclaims, "Aha!"

MichaelAH [to Gail]: ""MeetMe" is a good mailing list for TAPPED IN events"

GailGP asks, "How does one get on that list?"

MichaelAH [to Gail]: "you should be able to find a link from the main TAPPED IN page"

GailGP exclaims, "Many thanks!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] says, "give me a sec and I'll find it for you :)"

GailGP says, "Thanks"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] asks, "Can I ask a question?"

GailGP says, "Sure"

LeniD says, "Of course, JP."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] shows GailGP the URL:

JeanphilippeR [Helper] asks, "I went in the interview area and you propose something for september what is this?" LeniD says, "Ahhh...I obviously need to change September to later..."

LeniD says, "I hope to have a project ready this month."

GailGP exclaims, "thank you Michael! I bookmarked it!"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] asks, "What sort of project Leni?"

MichaelAH [to Gail]: "glad to help..."

LeniD says, "In this project, students will follow the Folk Life Center guidelines and will conduct interviews of recent immigrants in their own communities."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] exclaims, "Very interesting!"

LeniD says, "I am hoping that they will produce web sites to share what they learn. We would love to link to these web sites..."

LeniD says, "and to help tell the story of current immigration."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "I understand"

KeikoS . o O ( a lot of nice flash work here )

LeniD exclaims, "Thanks, Keiko!"

GailGP exclaims, "And Keiko - tell me about yourself!"

LeniD says, "We use a BELGIAN graphic designer for our web site :-0" LeniD says, "And we talk with her via e-mail, chat and occasional phone calls :-)"

GailGP exclaims, "It is an international effort!"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows intro to GailGP.

LeniD exclaims, "Definitely...and a rather interesting collaboration!"

GailGP exclaims, "We're all of one pot!"

LeniD asks, "Are there further questions? No one has answered my question yet...any takers?"

GailGP asks, "And your question was?"

LeniD asks, "What do you want your students to know and understand when you teach about immigration?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "The reasons leading to that migration first"

GailGP says, "Mary Alice says: I want them to know that all immigrants - not matter when they came here or where they came from - faced the same problems!-"

LeniD says, "Important, JP."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "and after speak about tolerance"

LeniD says, "True on some levels...though they all faced them in different guises."

GailGP exclaims, "Mary Alice agrees!"

LeniD exclaims, "Most important, JP!"

LeniD says, "Good :-)"

LeniD says, "So..why did they come...what happened to them when they got here..."

LeniD asks, "How do we show that we honor our differences? What else?"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] asks, "What were the experiences of those immigrants who came into Ellis Island vs. Angel Island?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "what are the problems for the second generation /integration or not"

LeniD exclaims, "Ah...that's a new one, JP. Good one, too!"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] asks, "What were the immigration laws in the late 19th and 20th century?"

GailGP says, "The second generation question is a good one."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "We have this huge pb in France"

LeniD says, "Karen, I agree. Different groups had different experiences, depending on when they came, where they entered, and the laws in effect at the time."

GailGP asks, "pb?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "with Algerians and Moracans second and third generation..."

LeniD says, "Those immigration laws are cited in the Feature...they had great impact on some groups."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "not from here not from there as we say"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "There were some immigrants who came here just to work and never planned on becoming Americans? Called snowbirds."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] grins. Am I one?

GailGP asks, "Do you like the weather?"

LeniD says, "Not from here, not from there...interesting concept. It sounds painful to me..."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] asks, "You're here Keiko, talking in English acting in a community then do you think you are one?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "To me also very painful"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Enjoyed the conversation tonight. See you all next week."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] says, "well, I am not citizen. No plans."

KeikoS [HelpDesk] shows her three fingers as an alien

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to Karen

LeniD says, "Bye, Karen. Thanks for coming."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Any time. Be sure to check the resources at the National Archives related to immigration."

LeniD asks, "How long have you been here, Keiko?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] says, "since 1991"

LeniD asks, "You do not have plans to become a citizen? Will you return home (to Japan)?"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] says, "nooo"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] says, "this is my home."

GailGP exclaims, "Great to be online!"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "before everyone goes... would you like to announce the next session?"

LeniD says, "Ahh..bye Gail and Mary Alice..thanks for coming..enjoy your treats :-)"

KeikoS [HelpDesk] bows and waves

MichaelAH . o O ( that you'll be doing )

peR [Helper] waves to Gail was a pleasure

LeniD says, "Our time is officially up. Thank you all for coming. We would like you to complete our evaluation form, if you would be so kind."

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "want to tell them what you're doing next?"

GailGP exclaims, "Au revoir! Gail and Mary Alice!"

LeniD projects the URL:

LeniD says, "Just fill in the form when you can, please. It will be up for about 24 hours."

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "OK"

LeniD [to Keiko]: "I would like to hear more. Next time?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "she left Leni"

LeniD says, "Next month our topic will be Holidays ...and we will be talking about analyzing primary sources."

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thanks, Leni"

MichaelAH [to Leni]: "date and time?"

JeanphilippeR [Helper] says, "Thanks a lot Leni"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves to Leni

LeniD says, "November 8 and 22...8:00 P.M. ET"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] smiles

LeniD says, "Thanks! You all created a great discussion."

LeniD exclaims, "Good night!"

AmritM exclaims, "goodnight!"

MichaelAH [SS Forum] waves goodnight to all

BJB [HelpDesk] waves goodnight

JeanphilippeR [Helper] waves bonsoir

BJB [HelpDesk] says, "thanks, everyone"

LeniD exclaims, "Bye!"

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