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Learning Page Chat, April 17, 2003: We the People

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Hello everyone."

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "hello Leni"

TrudyFL says, "Hi Leni"

DonaldAR says, "Hi Leni"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Hi Lynn and Topher."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Welcome Don :-)"

LynnGi exclaims, "Hello!"

DonaldAR says, "I'm glad to be part of the conversation tonight."

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "Donald...we are glad to have you here!"

DonaldAR asks, "How shall we begin?"

BJ [Helpdesk] asks, "before we begin the discussion, may I do a little housekeeping?"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Of course, Bj."

BJ [Helpdesk] says, "First, you may want to click on DETACH in the middle right of your screen to make your text window larger and easier to read"

BJ [Helpdesk] exclaims, "second, during the discussion, Leni will be sharing webpages. When a webpage is projected a new window will pop open for's kind of surprising if you aren't expecting it!"

BJ [Helpdesk] says, "We usually start all the discussions with introductions..."

BJ [Helpdesk] says, "I'm a teacher in Pennsylvania and a helpdesk volunteer for TAPPED IN"

TrudyFL says, "I'm Trudy Loop, an instructional technology specialist in Birmingham"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Thanks, BJ. We appreciate your help in getting us started."

BJ [Helpdesk] exclaims, "I know that Leni has lots of great information to share!"

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "Hello, my name is Karen Needles. I am a former education specialist with the LOC. "

Topher [guest] says, "Topher" is an alias for Chris Compston -- I'm a former teacher, author, and consultant for Oxford University Press."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "I'm Leni Donlan, the coordinator of the Learning Page, The Library of Congress."

DonaldAR says, "I'm Don Ritchie, associate historian of the U.S. Senate."

LynnGi says, "Hi, I am Lynn, an instructional technology curriculum specialist with An Adventure of the American Mind, a grant project of the Library of Congress and overseen by the Education and Research Consortium of Western North Carolina."

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "Thanks, everyone. So...let's get started!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Our theme for this session is, "We the People"...and we are very pleased to have Don share the presentation tonight."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "As you know, schools hold a special and historic responsibility for imparting civic competency and civic responsibility."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Beginning in the earliest grades and continuing throughout the educational process, civics education exists to prepare tomorrow's citizens with the knowledge, skills, compassion and virtue necessary to preserve and improve America's constitutional democracy."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "So tonight, we want to provide you with both historical and current resources to help you teach civics, government, and the history of our constitutional tradition."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "I'm going to move quickly through sharing some Library of Congress resources. Then I'll turn the floor over to Don."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Are you ready? :-)"

TrudyFL says, "yes"
DonaldAR says, "Yes."
KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "yes"
Topher [guest] says, "Yes"
LynnGi exclaims, "Absolutely!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Let's start with Alcove 9: Annotated links to Reference web sites (U.S. Politics, Government, and Law"

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "poke around a bit...there are some gems here!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Remember, the links will be in the moving along...."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "American History as Seen in Congressional Documents, 1774-1873"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "and another site from the American Memory collections..."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Declaring Independence, Drafting the Documents"

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Are you still with me?"

BJ [Helpdesk] checks to make sure everyone is getting the projections

KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "yes"
DonaldAR says, "Yes, very impressive"
Topher [guest] says, "This is great stuff."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "And who could forget our presidents..."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "The George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress (Time Line: Colonial Period)"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "And to share with older students..."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Guide to Law Online - an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Welcome, Pam we've already done our introductions but would love to know a bit about you...where you are from and what you teach or your role in education."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Welcome Bruce :-)"

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Ready to move to our next destination?"

Pam [guest] says, "do your students have a difficult time searching this site?"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Pam, the site can be difficult for students. The Learning Page serves as a great "front door"...we are working on some new "how to" pages that should help a LOT."

Pam [guest] says, "Great -- what ages of students, does this work best with?"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Pam, our experience tells us that children from upper elementary through high school can use many of the collections teacher modeling and guidance."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "While tech savvy middle school and high school students often teach their teachers about using the site :-)"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Here's our next stop... Madison's exhibit of handwritten documents from the Madison collection"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "This next exhibition is particularly intriguing to me... Religion and the Founding of the American Republic"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Next...To Form a More Perfect Union: The Work of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention"

DeliaC says, "Welcome, this is my first time using this site so I am not quite sure how this works."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Ahh...we are glad you are here, Delia. When I share a page with you, your browser should jump to the site I'm showing."

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Did you see "To Form a More Perfect Union"?"

LynnGi says, "Pam, the "Religion and ..." would be a great site for our curriculum in our community."

DeliaC says, "Ok, so then I would review the page and share my opinions?

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "Delia, this is more of a "show and tell" session, where we are sharing resources, but you may certainly ask questions and fact we hope you will!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "The next two sites are feature presentations from the Learning Page that fit nicely into the "We the People" theme."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Elections, The American Way"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "and this one... Inaugurations: From George W to George W"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "And some resources for students..."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "A Rare Civics Lesson..."

LynnGi says, "Yes, this site is great! We at AAM have constructed curriculum by using this site."
LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "Click on the's really lovely!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "and back to another Learning Page activity... American Political Parties Past...a matching exercise"

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Is everyone getting the sites?"
KarenSN ["Primary Source Heaven"] says, "yes"
LynnGi says, "Yes."
DonaldAR says, "Yes."
TrudyFL says, "Yes"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Here's one of my favorites..." For and Against... political humor"

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "I'll bet THAT got your attention!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "And for the younger set... I Spy...Grays Ferry"

LynnGi exclaims, "This is GREAT!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Which one did you like, Lynn?"

LynnGi says, "For and Against"

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "Ahhh...I love that one!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "Michael...welcome!"

MichaelAH . o O ( totally forgot about the time change... )

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "from Americas Library... Thomas Jefferson"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Adoption of the Bill of Rights"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Presidents Scavenger Hunt"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "All of the resources I just shared (and more) can be found in the Learning Page community center...We the People."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "And coming very soon...aiming for early next week, we will have a new activity...Introducing...THOMAS!"...not quite ready for prime time, yet."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "It will introduce the THOMAS Web site (Legislative Information on the Internet) an AMAZING site for teachers of civics and government..."

LynnGi exclaims, "I have heavily used the America's Library section in drafting curriculum. The kids love it!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Lynn, what grades do you use it with?"

BruceAM says, "Wow! I can see you've put a lot of work into these pages...these aren't "your father's web pages"..."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "You are right about that, Bruce :-)))"

LynnGi says, "I design curriculum for grades 3 through 12 and have used it for all said grades."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Ahh...good to know, Lynn."

MichaelAH [SS Forum] can easily see how Thomas would work well with his senior government students

Topher [guest] says, " I have been taking a course on citizenship at the Massachusetts State House. As I look at these wonderful materials, I realize that many of the adults in my class will be just as interested as students in your classes. I can't wait to share."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "You are so right, Chris."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Don, perhaps you would like to reintroduce yourself to those who came in late."

DonaldAR says, "I'm Don Ritchie, associate historian of the US Senate."

DonaldAR says, "You can also access it via THOMAS."

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Did you all get it?"

DonaldAR exclaims, "The Senate may be in recess, but it's web site is still up and running!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "It's lovely, too, Don. The seal is gorgeous (the web designer in me notices these things). :-)"

DonaldAR says, "The Senate Historical Office now receives daily inquiries from students who search the site and have additional questions with the Historical minutes, oral history project, etc.."

LynnGi exclaims, "What a site!"

BruceAM says, "I like the way you make it very accessible and "browsy"

DonaldAR says, "We are now posting full transcripts of oral history interviews with senators and senior Senate staff."

DonaldAR says, "The interviews give a more personal glimpse of the institution."

DonaldAR says, "For instance, Jesse Nichols was the first African American clerk in the senate at a time when Capitol Hill was still segregated."

TrudyFL asks, "what year and where was he from?"

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "Real "insider" stories!"

DonaldAR says, "He was born in Mississippi and came to Washington in the 1930s."

DonaldAR says, "And served on the Finance Committee from 1937 to 1971."

TrudyFL says, "wow"

DonaldAR says, "We find that students often want some explanation of events or issues."

DonaldAR says, "So we try putting out information in small chunks."

DonaldAR says, "Such as this day in history, etc."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Good idea...especially for web savvy kids."

DonaldAR says, "But I am impressed with the range of programs available through the LC."

DonaldAR exclaims, "I wish they were available when I was a student!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "So am I, Don...I find something new every day! :-)"

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "We are working hard at the Library these days at making the resources more accessible to all our users."

DeliaC asks, "Where exactly do you find all of these items?"

LeniD [Library of Congress] asks, "Delia, is your question to Don, or to all of us?"

DonaldAR says, "At the Senate Historical Office we have been collecting material for the past 25 years, but the Internet gives us an opportunity to share it more widely."

DeliaC says, "It is for everyone."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Most of the resources I shared are from the Library of Congress Web sites."

Topher [guest] asks, "One of the key elements of democratic government is the free press. Don, can you tell us something about the role of the press in covering the Senate?"

DonaldAR says, "Actually, the media has also been making good use of the web site."

DonaldAR says, "They usually want statistical information, and we provide many lists."

DonaldAR says, "Our objective is to provide straightforward information so they can get the story right."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "It's an excellent place to do your research BEFORE the interviewing."

DonaldAR says, "Sort of the same way we approach students and teachers."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Agreed, Don."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "folks...the next chat is in the wings...."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "sorry to bring this to a quick conclusion..."

DonaldAR says, "Please feel free to contact the Senate Historical Office via our web site if you have any other questions."

BruceAM says, "Thanks, I like the way these sites bring primary source material to the students."

LynnGi says, "This has been a great informative session. Thank you."

TrudyFL says, "Thanks Leni and Donald...lots of useful information I can pass on to our teachers"

Topher [guest] exclaims, "Thanks to you both!"

LeniD [Library of Congress] exclaims, "thanks for joining us!"

DonaldAR says, "It was my pleasure."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "Don...we very much appreciate the expertise you shared."

LeniD [Library of Congress] says, "We will leave you here, folks. Good night..thanks for joining us."

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