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Learning Page Chat, March 18, 2004: Her Story

BjB: |** ANNOUNCEMENT: The Library of Congress Learning Page Chat is starting shortly in the After School Online room. The topic is Her Story. To participate click on the ONLINE tab to the left of the chat window, single click on LeniD and then click on the DOOR icon at the bottom of the screen **|
LeniD: Michael, will you be so kind as to get us started?
MichaelH looks to BJ to check if we're ready
MargaretP: Is this the library of congress her story chat?
ReneeHP: i hope it is
MichaelH: you are fine, Margaret.
MichaelH: Hi, everyone...
LeniD: This is the Library of Congress Her Story chat. Welcome :-)

MichaelH: Welcome to tonight's Library Of Congress Learning Page Chat...
MichaelH: We've got a great topic tonight, so sit right back and let's let Leni take us for a great ride with a lot of resources...
MichaelH: but, first...
MichaelH: let's start with some introductions...
MichaelH: would everyone tell us who you are, grades you teach, and where you're located?
MargaretP: I am margaret p from south carolina and am taking the AAM course through furman university
LynseyB: Lynsey Bullington- 2nd Grade Jesse Boyd Elementary~ Spartanburg, SC
TeresaP: I am teresa, i am a third year first grade teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland.
KimBu: Kim - I teach fifth grade in Spartanburg, SC
MargaretP: i am an assistant principal
ReneeHP: I am a Reading Recovery teacher in Spartanburg SC at Houston Elm
LyndaT: Lynda Truluck, Principal 4K-6th Spartanburg SC
AliceMH: I teach kindergarten at Houston Elementary School in Spartanburg, sC. I am taking AAM.
BonnieHD: I'm BonnieHD and I teach 2nd grade in Anderson,SC at Midway Elementary.
AmericaB: My name is America Barrera. I am a student at the University of Houston. I am from Houston, Texas.
MargaretP: at houston elementary
BeckyO: I am Becky. I teach 3rd grade in Williamston, South Carolina. I am here because I am taking a class at Furman University.
MichaelH is a technology curriculum consultant in southern Indiaqna
LeniD: I'm Leni Donlan, the coordinator of the Learning Page project at the Library of Congress.
ReneeHP: me too
MichaelH . o O ( Indiana )
MichelleT: Hi I'm Michelle I teach high school in Milwaukee
ShannonBa: I'm a third grade teacher in Spartanburg, SC
LyndaT: snow there?
CarolineC: I am Caroline Corder and I teach technology at Midway Elementary in Anderson, SC grades K-5.
LeniD: Welcome to our folks from AAM, and to all our other honored guests!
LeniD: Any more introductions?
JPresslGst10: Hello, I'm Jeannie - asssistant principal
LeniD: Welcome to you all :-)

LeniD: As Michael said, I have much to show you... so settle in and let's get started!
LeniD: In our textbooks and many other reference books, we hear much of the story of our nation through the stories of our men. What contributions have women made to the shaping of our country and our culture?
LeniD: Let's take some time to think about this, tonight....and to think about why it is important to tell the story of ALL our people.
LyndaT: womens sufrage played a big role
LeniD: Definitely, Lynda!

LeniD: Aung San Suu Kyi, the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate said...
LeniD: The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all.
LeniD: Food for
LeniD: A wonderful way to teach about women is through the "stuff" of America's past...through primary sources.
LeniD: Speak up at any time. I will be going FAST...but you can revisit all of these sites after our chat by using the chat log posted on Tapped In and on the Learning Page.
LeniD: Are you ready to see what the Library offers?
CandaceSC: The old expression is : The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that shapes the world.
ReneeHP: yes
LyndaT: yes
MichelleT: yes
LynseyB: yes
MargaretP: sure am
CarolineC: Yes
ShannonBa: yes
JPresslGst10: Any time
KimBu: yes
AmericaB: yes
BeckyO: Yes
MichelleT: ok
MichaelH is

LeniD: Great! Michael will you explain how to view links?
MichaelH: sure, Leni
MichaelH: what leni will do is show links in the chat window...
MichaelH: and to follow a link, just click on the blue in the chat window...
MichaelH: BUT....
ReneeHP: and we visit them?
LeniD: Yes, Renee.
MichaelH: Leni has a lot to show, so don't stray away too long... remember all the links will be in the transcript.
LeniD: That we go!

LeniD: The American Memory Timeline Feature presentation from the Learning Page is a great place to start...
LeniD: National Expansion and Reform, 1815-1880 - women"s suffrage and more!
ReneeHP: so if I click on this link i go there?
MichaelH: yes
LeniD: Right :-)
LeniD: Traveling on the Overland Trails, 1843-1860 - first person account by Luzena Wilson...
AmericaB: interesting article
LyndaT: I have visited in the AM but not Learning page looks good
MichelleT: I agree
LeniD: The Learning Page is the "front door to AM" for educators!
LeniD: Women in the Union Armies
LeniD: Women's Suffrage in the Progressive Era, 1900-1929
MichelleT: Women in the Union Armies site looks great
LeniD: There's a good deal more in that feature presentation...but you get the idea.
LeniD: Thanks, Michelle.
CandaceSC: Lynda that is a good site for you...suffrage in the Progressive Era
AmericaB: I agree with Michelle

LeniD: And from American Memory...
LeniD: American Women: A Gateway to Library of Congress Resources for the Study of Women's History and Culture...
LyndaT: Love the picture
LeniD: this one takes time for exploring but it's worth it!
LyndaT: this is great for mr as I am working on suffrage, Catherine Chatman Catt wish I had this earlier
MargaretP: the women's suffrage and the 4th site are incredible
MichelleT: I like the table of contents it really helps find key women
MargaretP: why wasn't the women's studies more accessible
LeniD: The last site is truly a portal to "women" from the Library of Congress.
TeresaP: This is a great site. At any point I would love some suggestions on classroom resources for African American Women's contributions to our country.
LeniD: Margaret, are you asking about why it is hard to find or hard to use?
MargaretP: i never saw that when i was searching the library of congress
MargaretP: hard to find
CandaceSC: project or not, this is great stuff...why haven't I learned about this place in other classes? It is a well kept secret.
LeniD: And what can we learn about American women from the photographs of Dorothea Lange?
KimBu: These pictures are stunning!
LynseyB: These pictures are wonderful! So moving.
LyndaT: I have been in and around the LOC and never got to ANY of this
CarolineC: I agree that if you are new to LOC it is hard to search for what you want and need.
ReneeHP: me too
LeniD: :-))) We are trying to make it well all can help us do so!
LeniD: Also in prints and photographs...
LeniD: Pictorial Americana: Women's Right, 1859-1913
BonnieHD: Women had to endure a lot of suffering and take a lot upon themselves.
MichelleT: Incredible
MargaretP: i have used that photograph in language arts class for discussion and writing, but had no idea it was a female photographer
CarolineC: I need African American info.
JPresslGst10: impressive photos!
LeniD: Coming Caroline... :-)
CandaceSC: Maybe one day people will find our lives as fascinating
LeniD: We are living history, Candace...they will :-)
JPresslGst10: Sure Candace
AliceMH: They will, you wait and see.
BeckyO: Is there anything on Native American women?
LeniD: Don't miss the Exhibition - Margaret Mead: Human Nature and the Power of Culture...
LyndaT: I can't wait to get back in these sites when I have time BIG help on my project
MichelleT: I'd like a multicultural view of women in history are there more sites
LeniD: Becky there is a great the end I'll tell you where to find all the resources mentioned.
BeckyO: Thanks!
LeniD: Or Women Come to the Front...another wonderful Exhibition...
BonnieHD: This is a great site.
KimBu: I had no idea!
LeniD: From the Science Reference Service... Women in the Sciences
LyndaT: this looks good
ShannonBa: Are there any sites about women in the civil War?
AliceMH: This is a great tool for those of us who don't live near a big city...
MichelleT: I could get lost in these great resources
AmericaB: these are excellent resources
MichelleT: meaning I would want to spend hours exploring the sites
LeniD: There are, Shannon...again, I'll send you to many more sites before we end.

LeniD: For your students... Meet Amazing Americans... Amelia Earhart
CandaceSC: I think one reason why this is so enticing is that we are not far removed from the time period...these people lived within generations from us, not hundreds of years
JPresslGst10: Lynda, this is perfect for your project!!
ReneeHP: wow i wish i hsd known about these when my daughter was doing her research for her paper on womens rights
LeniD: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
TeresaP: Oh these are great for younger students!!
LeniD :-)
LyndaT: lizzie made an impact from what i have read
BeckyO: Is it difficult to find women from a particular region or state?
LeniD: Harriet Tubman
LynseyB: I can't wait to go back and look at Amelia Earhart. What a great site!
LeniD: Zora Neale Hurston
LeniD: Rosa Parks
AliceMH: Have there been any sound recordings I've missed? I haven't seen any?
CarolineC: Thanks Leni.
ReneeHP: this is neat
KimBu: My students will love these!
LeniD: Careful searching will answer some of your questions Becky and Alice..I haven't shown any sound recordings yet.
LeniD: You're welcome, Caroline :-)
CandaceSC: The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing....
ShannonBa: My students would really enjoy researching these sites.
AliceMH: Rosa was a risk taker who acted on the moment
LeniD: From the Learning Page...more activities you can use with your students...
LeniD: The Big Picture...Rosie the Riveter
LyndaT: won't this be great to share with others at school next year
ReneeHP: is watching right now
LeniD: and...
LeniD: Women's Words of Wisdom
AliceMH: yes, great for older students.
MichelleT: Do any of the sites have documentaries?
LeniD: Michelle, we don't have "documentaries" per se...
MargaretP: i love this one
LeniD: but we do have cybercasts, etc.
LyndaT: this kids will LOVE clicking on the pics
BonnieHD: This is really a good site that the children would love exploring!
CarolineC: Words of Wisdom site is very interesting for students.
KimBu: These are awesome!!!
LeniD: Thanks, Bonnie :-)
CandaceSC: Are these the real URLs or temporary assigments? When we come back later, will we find them here?
LeniD: These are the permanent URLS :-)
ShannonBa: These are amazing sites!
MichelleT: I love the women's words of wisdom
AmericaB: great!
BonnieHD: SUPER!!
BeckyO: Can we get back through the transcript?
LyndaT: so we can save as we go?
CandaceSC: Thanks Leni,,,
CarolineC: Good question Candace. I have been bookmarking them. Hope I'm not wasting my time.
MichaelH: yes

LeniD: How about some teacher created and tested lesson plans about women?
LeniD: For middle and high school students...
BonnieHD: That would be good!
MichaelH: you are all fine... let's let Leni continue :)
CarolineC: HOw about for elementary students?
BonnieHD: For elementary?
LeniD: The transcript will have all the can revisit all of these sites from that.
LeniD: Women: Struggle and Triumph
AliceMH: This is a picture I've saved for my project.
LyndaT: this is my kind if site
LeniD: Ladies, Contraband and Spies... (civil war)
LeniD: Stand up and Sing
BonnieHD: This is REALLY a good site!
LeniD: And for younger students...
CarolineC: Leni, have you got one like that on Tubman?
LeniD: A lesson, Caroline? No...sorry :-(
AliceMH: thank you..
AmericaB: I like the lesson
MichelleT: Leni thank you for the high school lesson plans
LeniD: My pleasure, Michelle :-)
BonnieHD: These are all great but anything for Grade 2?
LeniD: Voices for Votes: Suffrage Strategies

LeniD: Don't miss these Learning Page Collection Connections!
LeniD: By Popular Demand: Votes for Women Suffrage Pictures, 1850-1920
LyndaT: I am using several of these pictures for my power point
CandaceSC: What can you recommend fro kindergarten students?
ReneeHP: these are great Lynda
LeniD: Bonnie...America's Library content, with teacher facilitation is probably your best bet for the younger students. Images, however, can be used with ANY age.
JPresslGst10: I'm back! I got caught up in "Words of Wisdom" That was interesting!
LyndaT: we are excited Michael
AmericaB: good question Candance
AmericaB: I was also wondering, what can you recommend for elementary students
BonnieHD: Thank you I'll give that a try.
LeniD: By Popular Demand: Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies, 1789-Present

LeniD: All of these resources (and MANY more) can be found on the Learning Page Community Center - Her Story
LeniD: I suggest you take a look at the last URL... There are additional links as well as the ones I've shared in our chat...
LeniD: Cybercasts, bibliography, search terms, etc.
CandaceSC: What is a cybercast?
LeniD: The Community Center offers this kind of collected material around themes. You may find this helpful.
MichelleT: the last url had 4th grade lesson plans
LeniD: Cybercasts are "captured" video presentations...which are shared from a web page.
LeniD: I'm going to stop let you explore more and ask questions :-)
CandaceSC: No offense but I thought this would be boring and it has been a blast! (educational lingo)
LynseyB: Leni, I can't believe the amount of information you just shared with us! Thanks so much for opening a huge door!
LeniD: offense taken :-)
LeniD: Lynsey, it was great to have the chance to do so.
MargaretP: this was a tremendous help
MichelleT: all of the sites are engaging
LyndaT: I am with Candy I was dreading this
KimBu: This is really amazing, Leni. I can't wait to explore more and share this with my fifth graders. They will love it!
ReneeHP: this has been fun
LeniD: Lynda, I take it that attendance was a class assignment? :->
LeniD: Thanks, Kim.
VirginiaS: Such a service to have all this material available!
ShannonBa: I've found great lesson ideas for my third graders!
LyndaT: yes requirement
LeniD: Margaret, I'm glad this was helpful.
BeckyO: Did you have something specific for Native American women?
LyndaT: I am glad it was b/c this has been an eyeopener that I would have missed
MargaretP: Leni any suggestions on technological innovations from 1876-1920
LeniD: Becky, one of the cybercasts is about or by native american women, I believe...
AliceMH: I look forward to tappin in when it is not a requirement...
BeckyO: OK Thanks
ReneeHP: me too
MargaretP: my searches have not been fruitful
LeniD: Ahhh..Margaret...we just put up a new activity on inventions...
MichelleT: Leni any information on Asian or Hispanic women's contributions?
CarolineC: I have trouble with searches also.
MargaretP: where
JPresslGst10: Thanks Leni! This was very informative!!
ReneeHP: I am hoping that I might help
ReneeHP: I have had problems too
BonnieHD: Are you avaliable for addition help?
LeniD: What in the World is That?
MargaretP: THANKS LENI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ReneeHP: wowo
ReneeHP: that looks good
LeniD: Michelle, write me later...I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.
LeniD: You're welcome, Margaret.
MichelleT: Thank you!
BonnieHD: Anything related to folklore?
ShannonBa: Anything related to the gullah culture?
CandaceSC: if we chat with a librarian at the LOC, will they answer questions like this for us?
LeniD: We have a terrific Folklife Center...and some fanciful material on folklore, as well...again, write to me :-)
LeniD: Sure will, Candace.
LeniD: Ahh...not sure about that Shannon.

LeniD: Join us on April 15 ( day!).... When we share resources about Explorers and Exploration.
LyndaT: I will be back
ReneeHP: me too
AliceMH: Go Kim
MichelleT: sounds great
CandaceSC: That is truly amazing...we have such wonderful resources here, we do not need any LArts Series!
ShannonBa: Me too!
LeniD: Thanks for joining us.
TeresaP: thank you for all the useful information. I will take them back to teachers at my school.
ReneeHP: lol
LeniD: And thanks for your great enthusiasm...makes all the work, worthwhile :-)))
KimBu: Thanks again
LyndaT: thanks for putting up with several of us from Spartanburg
AmericaB: Thank you Leni,
AliceMH: Thank you.
MichelleT: Is the session ending?
LynseyB: Thanks for all the work!
ReneeHP: thanks
ShannonBa: Thanks Leni!
LeniD: I'm willing to answer more questions...we end at 9:00 ET.
CandaceSC: This may become such a hot place to be on Thursday nights...there may not be anough room.
BonnieHD: There is so much information out there. You have truely helped me see it can be found. Thank you.
CarolineC: This has been extremely helpful. I didn't know all this info was available and so appealing for my students. Thanks Leni.
LeniD: You are all very welcome :-)
ShannonBa: This session has been very insightful!
LeniD: I'm glad to hear that, Shannon.
BeckyO: Do we automatically get the transcript?
CandaceSC: What do we have to look forward too, new sites, collections, etc.?
BonnieHD: Do you happen to know any sites on literature?
LyndaT: when we go to the learning page what is the easiest way to get to sites on womens suffrage
LeniD: Yes, Becky, if you are a registered participant.
MichelleT: My practical sources of information for teachers and students to use in their classes
BJ: Yes, Becky. When you log out you'll get the transcript in your email
LeniD: Candace...I'll be showing sites around the theme mentioned.
LeniD: Lynda...go to the link for the Her Story community center
MichelleT: I am grateful for all the wonderful resources thanks Leni
LeniD: You are welcome, Michelle :-)
AliceMH: I like Mother Teresa's quote
LeniD: Yes, that is a good one, too, Alice.
JPresslGst10: This is great Leni, Thanks for your time!!!
LeniD: Any further questions?
LeniD: My pleasure.
LyndaT: when we get to the learning page, i can never get where i want b/c i don't know where to start- lesson plan,activities ???
LeniD: Lesson plans are just that...they come with teacher materials and directions.
LeniD: Acitivities are interactive and engaging and useful for shorter class an introduction or a "hook"..
LyndaT: so how do we get to places such as those demonstrated tonight
LeniD: does that help?
CandaceSC: I find more information on Native Americans under "Indians"...any other suggestions, big collections I am missing?
LeniD: Lynda, all that was shown tonight is in the community center, Her Story.
LyndaT: thanks for a great job and tons of great info
JPresslGst10: Any past transcripts on Abraham Lincoln?
LeniD: Candace, there are some amazing resources about Native Americans.
LeniD: Send me some e-mail and I'll share them with you.
CandaceSC: Lynda, did you scroll down the page to all the links listed?
LeniD: Not specifically, JPresst.
LeniD: You are welcome, Lynda.
VirginiaS: I just found the "Community Center" with the links to your past topics. That will be helpful!
MichaelH: Leni, there are a couple good Lincoln collections, though
LeniD: Excellent!
LeniD: Yes...there are wonderful materials on Lincoln...just not in our chat transcripts.
BonnieHD: These materials are in the LOC but not in chat transcripts?
CandaceSC: I have to say this is the best hour I have spent in the class!
AmericaB: where is the community center?
LeniD: The chats focus on the themes of the Learning Center...I don't recall a chat I conducted that concentrated on Lincoln or presidents.
AmericaB: I can't find it
LeniD: Community Center
CandaceSC: Uh...oh. I forgot this transcript was going to the professor....
LeniD: Part of the Learning Page web site...
AmericaB: ok thank you
LeniD: You're welcome!
LeniD: Our time is about over...any last questions?
MargaretP: Thanks Leni and Good Night. You have been more than helpful. I can't thank you enough
LyndaT: you have been very patient have a great week-end
MichaelH: Oh, Leni, I have someone I'd like to introduce you to when the session is over...
CarolineC: Thanks for all the info.
ReneeHP: thanks this was fun
DanMF: When is your next session Leni-- I came in late
ShannonBa: Thanks Again!
BeckyO: Thanks for the info!
AliceMH: I'll be tapped in again soon.
LeniD: Next session is April 15, Dan.
MargaretP: thanks michael for the guided entry
CandaceSC: Thanks
DanMF: Thanks
AmericaB: Thanks for all this information,
LeniD: Come back, ya'll:-)
CandaceSC: And thanks BJ
BonnieHD: Thanks again and thanks for offering to continue to help with questions.
DanMF left the room (signed off).
JPresslGst10: Thanks!!
LeniD: You are all very welcome. Good night :-)

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