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Learning Page Chat, July 31, 2003:

Lewis and Clark

MichaelH: Hi, Leni, how are you?

LeniD: Hello Michael...Good to see you :-)

MichaelH: Good to be here :)

LeniD: We are just about ready to begin, folks...get comfortable :-)

MargoJ: Is this the Lewis and Clark discussion? wondering....

LeniD: Yes, Margo, it is :-)

GailP: Hi there!

JenW welcomes Gail

GailP: Hi Jen!

LeniD: Thank you all for joining us tonight!

MichaelH: Hi, everyone, welcome to tonight's Learning Page Chat.

GailP: Welcome Susan!

SusanGst2: Hi Gail!

MichaelH: Leni has a lot of great resources to share tonight... but let's start with some quick introductions... if everyone would quickly tell us who you are....

DeniseME: I am very new to this. I am director of curriculum and technology for a rural school district in Grafton Ohio

MichaelH: I'm Michael Hutchison, and I'm a Technology Curriculum Facilitator for a school district in southern Indiana

KayE: I'm a Tech Specialist for Deaf/Hard of Hearing teachers throughout FL

MarkAH: I'm a teacher educator from the University of Oregon

JaimeE: Jaime Enochs, San Diego High School English teacher

SusanGst2: Hi I am the educational specialist in the exhibition office at The Library of Congress.

AdrianneH: I'm an asst prof of ed tech at a small university in Louisiana.

JenW: I am a Tech Coord in Corona, Ca (grades K - 8)

MargoJ: I'm a gifted ed. K-5 teacher from Virginia. I've fallen in love with Lewis and Clark history this past year.

WilliamP: Bill Prante, Musician, New Orleans

GailP: I'm a curriculum consultant, retired school librarian, working with the LOC.

RhondaC: Middle School Social Studies teacher from Texas

JeffGst1: Multiple subject credential candidate at SDSU Ed tec 570 student

SteveV: I'm a middle school Language Arts teacher.

SaraAB: I am an 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher from San Diego, California.

LauraAB: This is my first time in a Tapped in Chat. I am a student at SDSU and am taking an online course to be able to use all of these wonderful resources.

JennyL: Hi, I am a single subject major in the BCLAD program. I will teach at Kroc Middle School

JulieJ: Hi..I am a Curriculum Technology Partner with Minot Public Schools

LeniD: I am Leni Donlan, the coordinator of the Learning Page, Library of Congress.

KimH: Hi, I am a Technology Facilitator for Minot Public Schools

PhilipM: Philip Molebash, EDTEC professor at SDSU. Interested in the topic.

CraigN: Craig Nansen, Technology Coordinator, Minot Public Schools, Minot, ND

CarolI: Carol Isakson, I write a column recommending sites for educators for Education Digest

LeniD: Any more introductions?

MichaelH: Leni, I think we're ready for you :)

LeniD: Thanks, Michael :-)

LeniD: We have quite a mixed crowd. I'm really pleased to see you all here.

LeniD: Tonight we will be sharing Library of Congress resources about Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.

MichaelH: Leni, maybe I should tell them about web sites first

MichaelH: Leni will be putting several web addresses up... remember to always come back here for the chat.

MichaelH: we'll generate a transcript and you can always look at the resources later

MichaelH: ok, Leni :)

LeniD: We also want to give you time to tell us what YOU will be doing to commemorate the historic expedition and to ask questions of our experts, Gail and Susan. So let's get going:-)

LeniD: Ready?

MichaelH: think so, Leni

GailP: Fill up the canvas...

JenW claps with anticipation -- very ready

LeniD [smiles]

LeniD: Let?s begin with a peek at the Lewis and Clark Community Center from the Learning Page:

MichaelH: everyone, you can simply click on the blue link to load the page...

LeniD: As you can see, we have a varied selection of resources for your use from all over the Library of Congress.

LeniD: There are lesson plans that pertain to this topic...

LeniD: A bibliography for you and for your students...

LeniD: To which we invite you to add your favorite titles!

LeniD: We also have gathered the collection connections (which offer an in depth look at specific American Memory collections, as well as strategies for teaching with them) which are related to the Lewis and Clark topic.

LeniD: Don?t miss the resources in the preview of the new Learning Page activity...
Fill Up The Canvas...Rivers of Words: Exploring with Lewis and Clark

MichaelH reminds all to click on the blue link to load this page

LeniD: Poke around a bit...enjoy :-)

GailP: You'll notice that number 1 on the Especially for Teachers list takes you to a preview of the Rivers, Edens, Empires exhibit - this link will be changed TOMORROW to the brand new version!

GailP: Available at:

LeniD: Gail is our "activity" Lady. Gail, your turn...what would you like the group to be sure to see?

GailP: Well, so explore the letters sent by Thomas Jefferson and Lewis/Clark

GailP: and the maps

GailP: Lots of resources

LeniD: The Table of Contents for these resources:

That link is for journals and letters

GailP: Here is a link to maps related to the expedition:

LeniD: Is everyone seeing these pages?

GailP: Thank you Leni, you are so organized.

MargoJ: Yes, they are coming across clearly.

LeniD: thanks, Margo :-)

LeniD: Gail has pulled amazing resources together here. While certainly not exhaustive, it provides a great deal to work with. Poke around after the chat.

GailP: The first item in the list links to letters in the LOC collections written by Jefferson, Lewis and Clark related to the exhibit.

GailP: Maps links to related maps:

GailP: Other Journals provides links to other explorations during the surrounding time periods

MichaelH checks to see if everyone is following along ok...

GailP: Images links to a variety of images in the Library of Congress collections that relate to the expedition:

GailP: And, finally, Resources Outside of the Library link to some of the best sites available for more information related to the Lewis and Clark expedition:

LeniD: This is just a glimpse of what the Learning Page offers. Watch for the completed activity, next month. I think your students will enjoy using the "movies" we will include here.

GailP: It took me weeks to pull these resources together - so I hope you will return to the Resource page and explore them when you have time!

MichaelH: they look great, Gail and Leni!

GailP: Thank you, Michael!

LeniD: Susan, what would you like to share with our audience?

SusanGst2: I want to talk about our wonderful exhibit at

DeniseME: I can only say one thing...WOW!

SusanGst2: This exhibition covers 100 years of the exploration of North America

SusanGst2: This Web site is only a preview of the over 150 items that are in the exhibition.

SusanGst2:The full Web site will be done soon.

SusanGst2: We are also going to offer for the first time a virtual tour of the exhibition in which you will be able to see each item as they appear in the cases...

GailP: This is going to be so wonderful, Susan!

SusanGst2: get close up views and be able to read all of the label text.

LeniD: We can't wait to see this, Susan :-)

SusanGst2:This exhibit has something for all ages...

SusanGst2: from amazing maps, to the only animal to still survive the Lewis and Clark expedition — a stuffed woodpecker called the Lewis woodpecker!

LeniD [smiles]

GailP: Will this exhibit be accessible from the exhibits page?

SusanGst2: This is a great way for students to learn what their part of the country was like 200 years ago.

SusanGst2: Yes. the virtual tour will be accessible from the exhibits page.

SusanGst2: I will be offering tours of the exhibition every week day until it closes on November 29.

SusanGst2: The exhibit is also tour to Omaha, Nebraska and to South Dakota.

SusanGst2: We will also be offering teacher institutes on October 8 and November 1.

GailP: The exhibits page is available at:

MichaelH: Susan will the institutes be in house at the LOC?

SusanGst2: Free of charge! A great way to explore the resources of the exhibition and the Library.

LeniD: If you are in the DC area, please join us for these institutes.

GailP: Yes, PLEASE do!

SusanGst2: The institutes will take place at LOC.

GailP: Or take a trip to the nation's capital!

SusanGst2: We also hope to make them available through taped sessions for those who can't make it to DC.

LeniD: I see some streaming video in our future :-)

GailP: The library is now offering many of its events through webcasts.

SusanGst2: The exhibition goes through the time of the transcontinental railroad so there is something for everyone!

LeniD: Do you have any questions?

MarkAH wonders if anyone has any experience with helping middle and high school students to read and study the journals and letters.

JenW: first off -- congratulations -- you should be very proud.

LeniD: Gail...would you like to explain how the LP activity will address that?

GailP: I would be interested in knowing how those of you in the education field might be able to use our Lewis and Clark resources - and also, how can we help you?

RhondaC: I was wondering if any of the resources include the actual sketches of wildlife, etc. drawn in the journals.

LeniD: Thanks, Jen...from all of us.

GailP: My question for you and then my answer!

GailP: Rhonda, let me answer you.

GailP: The library owns letters, but not many of the actual sketches.

GailP: But in our resource links to outside resources...

SteveV: Are the LOC materials copyright-free?

GailP: You can find where many of these sketches reside

GailP: They are in the Beineke Library (Yale)

JenW: For your question, how I as an educator will use this: I am teaching a seminar in November on Onilne Resources about Lewis and Clark and you pretty much just gave me all the information <thanks>

GailP: In addition, some of the links in our outside resource page will help you learn how to use journals and letters with your students.

MarkAH: Are the journals themselves in the public domain? If so, are there downloadable text file versions available?

RhondaC: I wanted to create a PowerPoint to introduce the Lewis and Clark Expedition to my students and include actual sketches and descriptions and challenge students to identify the a way to pique their interest.

LeniD: Steve, the resources on the Library's site are available for your use in an educational setting. However you may want to read about copyright and fair use on the Learning Page:

SusanGst2: P.S. In the exhibition there are some of Clark's sketches. There are also Titian Peale sketches when he went along with the Long expedition.

GailP: Again, look in our resources OUTSIDE of the library.

RhondaC: Thank you for your hard work!

GailP: Whatever I could find that was available online, I included.

MichaelH: Mark, I don't know if it qualifies in "public domain", but the PBS Lewis and Clark site has a searchable index of the journals by date, time period, and author...

GailP: At this point in "history", I don't believe that ALL of the journals are available online. But for the future.....I think they are coming!

HeyMomGst3: Does the LOC material refer to the equip. used by Lewis and Clark? My husband is a surveyor and I'd like to compare to present day.

SusanGst2: Jefferson's instructions (there is a transcript of on the exhibition Web site) is a wonderful resource!

SusanGst2: It talks about the equipment...

SusanGst2: the type of measurements...

SusanGst2: what they were to observe in Nature.

GailP: Check the outside resources. The Smithsonian has a great site about equipment.

HeyMomGst3: That's great, just what I needed

SusanGst2: these instructions served as the blueprint for the next 100 years of exploration.

GailP: Happy to help!

MarkAH: Here in Oregon we are interested in resources such as this to teach students the processes of historical inquiry.

SusanGst2: we have a compass and sextant in the exhibit that went with Lewis and Clark.

LeniD: Jefferson's letter of instruction is included in the LP activity, too :-)

LeniD: I'm curious about how you will teach your students about the implications of this journey, folks.

JenW: We are doing an Online Project -- the participants are becoming their own L&C and keeping journals of their environment and surrounding areas.

DeniseME: I am really thrilled at the quality of this chat and information made available. I can not wait to share it with my teachers when they return this fall. What a wonderful hour you have shared with me and the others. Thank you all for putting together something that can be used right a teachers eyes! Thanks for the great work!

LeniD: Thank you, Denise. I'm glad this will be useful.

LeniD: Jen...where are you doing this?

MichaelH: Will these resources be up on the LOC site indefinitely.... (permanently)?

JenW: Our project is Nation Wide and begins in November.

LeniD: Excellent!

JenW: I loved the information you provided on the need to send letters ciphered -- I had never thought of that.

JenW: It will be a great addition to the project.

SusanGst2: All of the exhibit resources will be up indefinitely.

JenW: Why is your exhibit ending in November???

JenW: Isn't that when interest will really be peaking???

SusanGst2: Primarily conservation reasons. It will also be traveling for 2 years.

LeniD: Michael...the live exhibit ends in November...but the online resources will remain indefinitely.

JenW: Susan -- but traveling only to the states you mentioned -- correct??

SusanGst2: The Smithsonian will have an exhibition up in 2006 concentrating on the relationship between Lewis and Clark and Native Americans.

SusanGst2: We are still looking for other venues for the exhibit to travel so if you have museum ideas send them to me at

JenW: I am engrossed with L&C information -- on overload I feel.

JenW: but nearly as much as you

GailP: Jen - it is a lovable job hazard!

GailP: Jen, how else could we help teachers?

JenW: Smiles -- get them enthused on how much this changed AMERICA.

GailP: Any suggestions?

JenW: Lots of worksheets is always helpful.

GailP: Ahhhhh

JenW: My students know I love Thomas Jefferson -- so luckily that was my area to jump off of.

JenW: But there is so much more!

DeniseME: With the new state standards alignment with NCLB can you in anyway show how things might align...if possible.

JenW: Yes, standards REALLY help.

GailP: Thanks, Denise!

JulieJ: Thanks to all...these are great resources. ND teachers are working on web quests and lesson plans to make this wealth of information a little more learner friendly. I think most of us agree that looking at smaller parts of the big picture...examine the plants, or animals, or a small portion of the journal...and posing questions that will get them thinking will lead many of them into further discovery...The standards will fit in many areas.

GailP: I understand, having recently retired from NYS teaching.

JenW: Bernie's WebQuests will really help as well.

LeniD: Thanks, Denise. We can deal with national standards if that is helpful.

JenW: We talked of this before -- will this all be available on CD for teacher purchase???

BernieD waves from the back.

JenW wondered if BD was awake or sleeping due to his BIG week of WebQuesting.

LeniD: Hi, Bernie...wish I could have visited your chat, last night!

GailP: Hi Bernie - do you have any Lewis and Clark WebQuests you would like to share?

CraigN: We have a group of North Dakota teachers working with Bernie this week to develop Web Quests on Lewis and Clark (and Sacagawea) and their time in North Dakota.

LeniD: Jen...still an unresolved question...but talk has begun.

DeniseME: Yes...and I know I as an administrator and our teachers...can use any help in that area (Standards) you can provide.

LeniD: Thanks, Denise.

BernieD: HI Gail... there are lots of the actual writers here tonight. I'll let them speak about that.

GailP: Speak on :-)

JulieJ: As our group began we soon found that to make the learning meaningful we narrowed down our WebQuest to a smaller component...the river...the equipment...spending a cold winter night in a wooden fort...and of course...the Native Americans side was a topic of great discussion

CraigN: We (ND educators) are also trying to put resources online dealing with Fort Mandan (where they wintered) and Knife River Indian Village (where Sacagawea was raised) as well as other interesting areas (like a cottonwood grove that was there when they went through).

DeniseME: WebQuests are another very useful teaching tool...Yes to that idea as well!

GailP: My (our) hope is that we can provide you with content links that you can use in creating these WebQuests - are we on the right track?

LeniD: Will someone drop us a line when your WebQuests go online? We would LOVE to see them.

CraigN: We have a VR movie of the inside of an earthen lodge similar to the one Sacagawea was raised in at

JenW claps for Craig -- that must be new, don't remember it from yesterday!!!

CraigN: The rough drafts are online at

GailP: Craig, thank you for sharing.

LeniD: Nice, Craig! Thanks :-)

DeniseME: Yes...and I think if you had a special site where teachers can post them (as they create them) to would be a great spot as well...

JenW: So Gail, Leni, Susan -- what is your NEXT project???

MichaelH: before I forget....

GailP: What would YOU like it to be?

JenW: wow --- I have to stop and thank about that one.

JenW: I would like to know more about STATE FLAGS

GailP: Flight is coming up in September!

LeniD: Jen...this is the year of "Making History with the Library of Congress." We will be offering a number of collaborative projects throughout the year.

JenW: April 24th -- LOC's birthday

JenW: is this year the anniversary of flight as well???

SusanGst2: The next big exhibit opens in September on the Wright Brothers

GailP: 100th year of the Wright Flight

JenW: wow -- what a year --

GailP: and a new opening of an exhibit

MichaelH: Jen, you'd be amazed at all the inventions of 1903...

SusanGst2: The Library has all of their photos, diaries, papers, etc.

KayE: There will be a big celebration in Kitty Hawk, NC in December - the actual 100th anniversary.

JenW: I didn't know that -- Thanks KayE

SteveV: Does anyone know of any prof develop opportunities along the Trail that will be open to teachers in all regions?

HeyMomGst3: I was born and raised in Ohio and I married a's gonna be a GREAT year!

JenW CLAPS -- Wonderful Session!!

LeniD: Are there any further questions or comments?

LeniD: We are so pleased you joined us tonight...and hope you will find the Library's resources useful.

MichaelH: Great Job, Leni, Gail, Susan..... and everyone....

AdrianneH: Thanks, it was great!

LeniD: Watch both the exhibit and the Learning page activity..they are still in process.

GailP: And one last great image:

BernieD: Good work, Leni & Gail.

CarolI: Will there be links to the WebQuests under Lesson Plans on the L&C Learning Page?

JenW: Thanks again -- its been great

LeniD: Thanks :-)

LauraAB: Thanks for all your work

LeniD: I'd be happy to talk with Craig, Bernie or ? about that possibility, Carol.

GailP: Thank you all for coming and contributing!

DeniseME: Great! Thanks to you all!

MarkAH applauds

WilliamP: Great job. Thanks

HeyMomGst3: Thanks for all your help

SaraAB: This is all very exciting, I can't wait for the new school year to begin!

BernieD: They'll also be listed at, Carol.

LeniD -))) Neither can we, Sara!

MichaelH: Wow, Leni, you've got people excited about starting school again :)

GailP: And I, the recent retiree, MISS the kids!

JenW: GailP -- so are you on L & C overload yet??

GailP: Never on overload :-)

JenW: If I ever go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and I get a L&C question -- you will need to be my phone a friend.

LeniD: Gail and Susan would do you proud, Jen :-)

JenW: I had a quick question about one of the links if I could.

LeniD: Go, Jen.

GailP: Sure, Jen

JenW: You mentioned a Teacher Activity page -- and Gail said it was on the left column -- but I could never find it.

GailP: In the Community Center, teacher items are on the left.

GailP: I think that is what you mean.

JenW: it was this link


JenW: did I get the wrong page -- perhaps?


GailP: Probably this one - materials most appropriate for teachers (or to use with teacher help) are on the left.

JenW: LOL -- now I see Community Center -- sorry I was BLIND.

JulieJ: Thanks again to all who shared.....this has been wonderful..

LeniD: Jen, the activity is the link you starts with may have had trouble viewing it.

JenW: Yes, I turn off FLASH --

JenW: Thanks so much!! It was AWESOME!

GailP: Jen, the activity Leni mentioned is still in the development stage.

GailP: Much more to come!

JenW: Gail -- you never disappoint -- I look forward to seeing it soon.

GailP: Thanks, Jen!

LeniD: Thanks to Gail and Susan...Michael and Bj...and all of you!

GailP: It has been a great hour!

JenW: BTW -- your Bob Hope pages are very very touching.

MichaelH applauds for Leni

SusanGst2: Thank you, Leni!

LeniD: Night, all :-)

MichaelH waves goodnight...

JenW waves as well

LeniD: Bye!

BernieD waves adieu.

GailP: Bye from Vienna, Virginia!

SaraAB: Bye, and thanks again.

SteveV: Bye.

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