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agency bullet NGA GEOnet Names Server (GNS)

The geographic names in this database are provided for the guidance of and use by the Federal Government and for the information of the general public. The names, variants and associated data may not reflect the views of the United States Government on the sovereignty over geographic features.

Putting a Name to a Place

Click Here for the OGC Viewer GNS Search Page.

Provides access to Web Map Services (WMS) interface and a high level graphical search. This page works best using Internet Explorer 6.

Click Here for the Text Based GNS Search page.

Provides access to a text based query interface and mechanisms for initiating queries and generating outputs. This page can be viewed by most newer browsers.

Database last update - January 14, 2009

Database next estimated update - January 21, 2009.

New: GNS now offers Web Map services (WMS - and Web Feature Services (WFS - In order to utilize the WMS or WFS Services, you will need a WMS or WFS enabled client.

The GEONet Names Server (GNS) does not contain any data for the United States of America or its Dependent areas. To obtain U.S. data, please access the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) database of names.

Point of Contact: GEOnet Names Server
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phone 301-227-3059, DSN 287-3059

Document last modified January 15, 2009

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