MPC Data Projects

The MPC is the world's leading developer of historical and international census data, and disseminates population data to thousands of teachers, researchers, and policy makers. Each of the major data infrastructure projects is described below.

Integrated Public Use Microdata Series   Other MPC Projects
ipums international IPUMS-I
IPUMS-International is a project dedicated to collecting and distributing census data from around the world.
  NAPP North Atlantic Population Project
NAPP provides access to late-nineteenth century complete-count census microdata from Canada, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.
ipums usa IPUMS-USA
IPUMS-USA consists of high-precision samples of the American population drawn from 15 censuses and the American Community Survey.
  NHGIS National Historical Geographic Information System
NHGIS provides U.S. aggregate census data and electronic boundary files for tracts and counties.
ipums cps IPUMS-CPS
IPUMS-CPS is a project dedicated to integrating and disseminating data from the Current Population Survey.
  IHIS Integrated Health Interview Series
IHIS provides integrated data and documentation from the National Health Interview Survey from 1963 to present.
      ATUS-X American Time Use Survey-X
ATUS-X is a project dedicated to making it easy for researchers to use data from the American Time Use Survey (ATUS).